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Attn small men. Beaware of the Law Of Attraction

Question: I wont argue you guys are small and weak. You want to be small and weak though, so it happened. I am firm believer in the law of attraction. We always receive our intermost desires. One little guy on this site desire to get the beating of his life from some large lady! That too will happen! We always get what we desire, despite that it may not be in our best interest. Desires can be healthy or unhealthy. Knowing and identifying your desires are critical to your wellbeing! Do you know that most murder victims masochistic desires to be victimized? Your drawn to your desires.THEREFORE becareful what you ask for....
Created by: roomguest at 03:47:49 AM, Sunday, May 09, 2010 PDT


I am going down the same pathway to my eventual doom!
I am going to change my thinking

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