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Are home based MLM businesses the future of employment?

Question: The economy is in lousy shape. And from my observation, people arent going going back to the traditional workforce. Instead they are starting their small multilevel marketing home based business, such as shaklee, Amway, JuicePlus and others. Some my question is, are home home based MLM businesses the future employment? Im not marketing my product here. But I was laid off last year after 20 yrs with the sam company. I thought there was no hope until I became a distributor for one of the above companies and I am making almost as much money as I did in my former job with less effort. And I used to have a pretty good salary. I also noticed many people doing the same. So again, I am asking, are MLM home based businesses the future of work in america?
Created by: USAcitizen2010 at 09:49:06 AM, Friday, May 21, 2010 PDT



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