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Women, why do you want to be stronger?

Question: I read many things here about stronger women and mixed wrestling between couples. It is higly interesting and surprising that many people have experience about it. I didnt make any strenght test or wrestled with my wife, but I want to try it. I want to ask women why they may want to compete their husbands/boyfirends in such a way (I will share the results and posts with my wife). Thanks...
Created by: confused man at 08:13:40 PM, Wednesday, June 02, 2010 EDT


He enjoys being weak and beaten in wrestle.
I am a sadist and want to hurt him.
I dont want to be stronger, it is just a coincidence that my husband is weaker.
I have doubts about being hurt by him, so I want to defend myself against him.
I want to get more self-coinfident.
We have a better sex life when I use my strenght and show my muscles.

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