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Attention all female humans and all male humans!!! Does this REALLY TURN YOU ON?

Question: With all that has been said and written about female superiority over males (women are constantly making this claim right here on these boards!!!), and with all that has been said and written about female control over males (these same ladies are claiming women are now taking control over men), does it turn you on SEXUALLY to imagine, or to see, a female animal capturing, killing and then eating (DEVOURING!!!) a male animal? In other words, does it turn you on SEXUALLY to see a male being overwhelmed in any way by a female (in this case, BEING DEVOURED BY HER!!!)? Such a brutal dispatchment of the male by the female is a natural occurrence in the animal kingdom that goes on 24/7 all over the world. Perhaps a male animal (e.g. a frog) was about to mount (mate with) a female of the same species but then was suddenly SNATCHED AND GOBBLED UP IN ONE GULP by another female with a voracious appetite. I read a comment right here on these boards from a woman who stated that when a female animal catches and eats a male animal, among the first organs she eats are his penis and his testacles whereupon she closed her comment with the word 'OUCH!!!' Whether you are a male or a female, does either the thought or the sight of a male being devoured by a female (e.g. a female lion eating a male deer) REALLY TURN YOU ON?
Created by: MALE HUMAN at 07:55:47 AM, Wednesday, July 07, 2010 PDT



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