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For ALL TEENAGE GIRLS who have boyfriends: Are your biceps bigger than his biceps are?

Question: I am a guy who has very small biceps (and I am not ashamed to admit that fact, either!!!) so thank goodness for me that I have alluring attributes (such as my height and my good looks) to attract ladies' attention. I already had many girlfriends and I would have to admit that at least 90% of those ladies have bigger biceps than I have. My biceps measure only 10 inches unflexed and they measure only 11? inches flexed even though I am six feet tall. I weigh slighty over 125 lbs (under 130 lbs). On the other end of the spectrum, my girlfriend stands only five feet (FIVE FEET AND NO INCHES!!!). That means SHE IS SHORT!!! However, she is BIG!!! She weighs 60 lbs more than I do. Her biceps measure 15 inches unflexed and they measure 17 inches flexed (WAY BIGGER THAN MINE!!!) perhaps minus an inch to account for the extra fat she has on her upper arms (STILL WAY BIGGER THAN MINE!!!). Her forearm muscles are also WAY BIGGER THAN MINE!!! Needless to say, she already proved she is stronger than I am (which is why I have always felt safe, secure and protected while being held in her arms!!!). Are your biceps (or your biceps AND your forearms) bigger than your boyfriend's biceps (or his biceps AND his forearms)?
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Yes. My biceps AND my forearm muscles are bigger than my boyfriend's biceps AND his forearms.
Yes. My biceps are bigger than my boyfriend's biceps.

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