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Did she outlift me? You be the judge!!!

Question: This is A TRUE STORY!!! No matter what else you may read about small weak men and big strong women, I am NOT making this up!!! Shortly after I first met my girlfriend, she came over to my apartment. We started talking for awhile and then we both headed for the bedroom where I had a 110-lb barbell set. I was curious and wanted to find out once and for all how strong she is so I politely invited her to lift weights with me in the bedroom where I kept my barbell set. She didn't know beforehand that I was going to do this. The barbell, with discs in place, weighed 88 lbs. I figured that 88 lbs would be quite a bit for my 5 foot 1 girlfriend to try lifting over her head even though she is quite large in size (190 lbs) for her short stature. I never attempted to lift 88 lbs over my head in front of my girlfriend but I figured that I would have no trouble at all impressing her by easily lifting 88 lbs over my head (no problem for most guys) because I am a guy while she is a girl and I am 6 feet tall (while she is only 5 foot 1) despite my being quite small in size (140 lbs) for my tall stature. At this point, I was confident that I could impress my girlfriend by outlifting her (I couldn't even imagine being outlifted by her). She went first. To my complete surprise, she easily lifted that 88-lb barbell from the floor up over her shoulders, pausing only briefly before she easily lifted it over her head. Then she lowered it back to her shoulders and then, as I continued to look on, utterly astonished, she easily lifted it over her head a second time (just as easily as she did the first time). Then she put the barbell down. She walked over to me and then she looked up at me and then, in her cute, girlish way, she said to me: 'Now let's see you do it!' I walked over to the barbell and then I lifted that same 88 lbs from the floor but then I suddenly found myself struggling hard, barely getting it over my shoulders. Then, during my attempt to lift it over my head, I was struggling even harder, barely managing to get it over my head. Still, I realized that she easily lifted it over her head twice from her shoulders so when I tried to lift it over my head from my shoulders a second time, just like she did, I couldn't do it. It went up a few inches and then, THAT WAS IT!!! I suddenly became embarrassed. My girlfriend feels that she outlifted me even though she knows I also lifted it over my head. She said to me: 'You did it only once while I did it twice!' What do you think? Do you think she outlifted me even though I also lifted it over my head? In other words, do you think my girlfriend proved she is stronger than I am?
Created by: Small&Weak&Tall at 06:23:16 AM, Sunday, July 18, 2010 PDT



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