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A 4'10, 257-lb obese woman bench pressed 175 lbs (15 TIMES!!!). What % of tall skinny men (6 ft) can she outbench?

Question: Those who say obese women are not strong don't know what they are talking about. I am a tall skinny man who was outlifted by a short obese woman so I know exactly how it feels to be outlifted by an obese woman. According to medical charts, she (the 4'10, 257-lb obese woman) is considered to be MORBIDLY OBESE!!! However, after I asked her to flex for me, I felt those huge, massive, rock-solid biceps of hers, even underneath all of her fat. I could tell right away that she lifts weights on a regular basis. In fact, her upper arms are bigger than my thighs!!! I couldn't raise even half off the bench press rack what she managed to bench press fifteen times (15 reps). That's because I am so skinny (she is more than double my weight) that I look just like a bamboo rod compared to her even though I am well over a foot taller than she is. I know for sure that she is easily capable of lifting me right over her head!!! Considering her incredible ability to bench press 175 lbs (FIFTEEN TIMES!!!), even at her midget-short stature of only 4'10, what percent of all tall skinny men (who are exactly 6 feet tall) do you think she can outbench?
Created by: Manoutlftdbywmn at 07:17:26 AM, Thursday, July 22, 2010 PDT


A: 10%
B: 20%
C: 30%
D: 40%
E: 50%
F: 60%
G: 70%
H: 80%
I: 90%
J: 100%

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