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Question: I am having a debate with a friend about wrestling and whether age and height can beat weight. So how would a 240 pound 4 foot ten inches 11 year old do against a very skinny 17 yr old boy who weighs 120 pounds at 6 feet. Assume maybe same skills for both and the fat kid is strong for his age ? while the skinny guy is not a wimp. Can you also explain best strategy for victory for the 11 yr old and for the 17 yr old ? I am thinking the fat kid's advantage would be to push and shove the older boy off his feet and maybe be able to pin him by sheer mass. In a body checking contest the skinny older boy would struggle to hold his own against the much heavier boy. Also the fat kid would be hard to move and damn hard to lift off the ground ? while the lighter 17 year old would be pretty easy to be lifted for say a bodyslam. All of this would be pretty demoraliksing for the older boy. Being picked up off the ground by a 5th grader alone would be pretty humiliating for a guy in the 12th grade. On the other hand the older boy would still probably be stronger and certainly quicker with longer limbs. Also he would be more experienced and maybe more intimadating to a much younger kid (although a 240 pound 5th grader may be not so stressed by a high school senior who was half his weight despite being a foot taller). Also I think most skinny 17 year old guys are self concious about being light and would be very keen not to lose to a much younger fat kid.
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