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Ladies, does your man become sexually aroused when you prove to him that you are stronger than he is?

Question: I am a very thin, very weak man who is undoubtedly weaker than most women. I certainly proved weaker than most of my girlfriends. However, I am slightly taller than the average man but I am still too small, too weak and too thin to be capable of matching the physical power of most women whether it be in the arms or in the legs (I am certainly no match for at least 90% of all women when it comes to the latter -- THEIR LEGS!!!). I shamelessly admit that I become SEXUALLY AROUSED whenever a lady in general, or my girlfriend in particular, proves to me that she is physically more powerful than I am whether by wrestling, armwrestling or weightlifting. I also shamelessly admit that I am way too scared to legwrestle a woman which is why I never dared legwrestle my girlfriend (or any woman) whose legs are obviously bigger and stronger than mine. Each time I found myself outclassed by a woman, I was in such heat that I was barely able to control myself!!! Quite a few of the ladies who proved to be stronger than I am got wet after they realized that they are stronger than I am. Ladies, does your man get hard (and do you get wet) whenever you prove to him that you are stronger than he is?
Created by: ManWkrThanWomen at 10:29:47 AM, Tuesday, July 27, 2010 PDT


No. He doesn't get hard and I don't get wet.
No. He doesn't get hard but I get wet.
Yes. He gets hard and I get wet.
Yes. He gets hard but I don't get wet.

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