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Would I have any chance to defend myself in a fight vs Beyonce Knowles

Question: I am a peaceful person and hate fighting. Especially I would never be able to hit a woman. However, I am wondering if a sporty girl like Beyonce Knowles would theoretically be able to own me in a fight. I am a 34yrs old guy, 5'9'' ft tall and weigh about 160 lbs. So, I am neither a short nor a slim guy. However, I am working out very rarely and am rather kind of couch potato. Furthermore I do not have a strong bone structure. For example my knees are somewhat weak and can easily dislocate. It is not a true handicap in real life but it makes me slower cause I have to pay attention on it so that I can't make movements that are too hectic or too uncoordinated. Uncoordinated moves and hectic moves could dislocate it. That means I could not kick very well and not very quickly. Another consequence is that if someone kicks me at the knee or even somewhere at the leg that it might dislocate. The same might happen if someone tried to jump me. I am not an experienced fighter and my arms are not very powerful either. When I saw the video ?ring the alarm? where the incredibly beautiful Beyonce Knowles was beating and especially kicking around in such a wild and powerful way, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. The same applies for her dancing and swinging her powerful legs in other videos like baby boy. It made me thinking if she used these skills in real fight against me, a coach potato and not in the best health, I would not be able to defend myself at all. Although she is a bit shorter than me (she is 5?7?) there is no doubt that due to all the workout and dancing she does she has more power in her whole body. I think she would even own me in boxing due to her arms are surely stronger than mine. But she would particularly dangerous due to the fact that she is much faster than me and because of her stronger legs. Her very strong dancer legs vs my vulnerable legs. If she really started attacking me with kicks I could only try to run away. I can already hear my bones crushing I am realistic and know that she has more power than me but I am even wondering if I had any chance against her, for example to manage to defend myself for a couple of minutes or if she if she could beat me up within seconds? What do you think? Could you explain why? Or am I maybe wrong and she is not that much stronger than me?
Created by: tirro1 at 01:01:07 PM, Wednesday, July 28, 2010 EDT


she would beat you up easily
she would beat you up within seconds
You would be able to beat her
you would be able to defend yourself for a while

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