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A question of reality: does it take money to make money?

Question: I hate to be a cynic. But it seems to me that money over brains and education is the key to success. When I went back to my high school reunion, those who were the most successful weren't the best student, but they came from a family of money.The straight A student in my class, who won the academic decathalon has a yrs worth of college and works as a pharmacy technician because he came from a poor family. True we live in a country where we can all we can be if we work to the hilt, but they are the minority
Created by: whuddyano at 02:39:26 AM, Monday, August 09, 2010 PDT


I was poor and worked my way to the top
it takes money and brains. maybe those dull students werent motivated
this applies to mainly men because women can marry into wealth
true, you have to have money to make money
You are right. If you are poor, you stay poor. If you are rich, you stay rich. middle class will always remain middle

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