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What do women really think of armwrestling?

Question: What do women really think of armwrestling? In my experience I've only ever come across one woman who has shown any interest in armwrestling! Her name was Yvonne and she always claimed that she could beat her husband (who was a builder) at armwrestling! She was in her early 40s, slim, around 6 foot tall and pretty strong. She liked to test her self as she put it. Taking that aside. Every other woman I've met (as a friend or otherwise) doesn't share Yvonnes enthusiasm about armwrestling. Many just think it is ridiculous or pointless, often rolling their eyes at even the thought of two people locking up on a table. What has been the womens reaction around you when a match breaks out, do they stay and egg people on, engage in armwrestling themselves or roll their eyes and leave the room shaking their heads? Come on ladies tell us what you really think about armwrestling - do you like to compete, watch or just see it as completely pointless? Opinions please So what do we reckon from a womans (not a mans) take on armwrestling? It's impossible to cover every angle here, but here are the choices
Created by: nnnnnnnn at 04:21:50 AM, Monday, August 23, 2010 EDT


depends upon the woman
great fun to watch and compete
great fun to watch only
roll their eyes, and walk off during a match
stay and watch but moan about it

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