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Ladies, are you physically stronger than me although I am a man

Question: I am a peaceful person and hate fighting. Especially I would never be able to hit a girl, cause I am a gentleman. However, during the last week I have been wondering if a sporty girl would theoretically be able to own me in a fight. I am a 31yrs old guy, 5'9'' ft tall and weigh about 180 lbs. So, I am neither short nor a slim guy. However, I am working out very rarely and am rather kind of couch potato. Furthermore I do not have a strong bone structure. For example my knees are somewhat weak and can easily dislocate. It is not a true handicap but it makes me slower because I have to pay attention on it so that I can't make movements that are too hectic or too uncoordinated. Uncoordinated moves and hectic moves could dislocate it. That means I could not kick very well and not very quickly. Another consequence is that if someone kicks me at the knee or even somewhere at the leg that it may be dislocates. I am not an experienced fighter and my arms are not very powerful either. When I saw some sporty teenage cheerleaders and all the powerful kicks they were doing I just thought that by using these skills in a fight against me they could easily own me. I especially think that girls rather tend to kick in a fight then to hit, what would make it particularly dangerous for me. It is just a hypothetical question. So do you girls think you could own me in a fight? Could you explain why?
Created by: tiroll77 at 01:33:06 AM, Wednesday, October 20, 2010 PDT


I am stronger than you, although you are a man
I am weaker than you

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