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Girls how do you start a fight with a little puny man?

Question: I`m a girl who has beat up lots of disgusting puny guys. BUT SISTERS I never start a fight. Let him hit you first.. I provoke it by getting personal eg: remark of his lack of muscles, poke him or, if applicable,remark about his ugly face. He gets mad and swings at me. Then I move in and destroy him! I LOVE IT!!!I was in a bar the other day, this little weenie miget sat next to me. It was the bewitching hours, so I remarked about his ugly face. He got angry and shoved me, then I bulldozed him!! I know plenty of girls just like me! What do you do to provoke a fight with little weenie jerks!?
Created by: ok..... at 07:50:28 AM, Thursday, November 11, 2010 PST


Ill just beat him up!
make remarks about his weenie body
poke at him
remark about his awful attire
somethin else
trip him

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