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Tall thin male (6'1; 125 lbs) SEXUALLY AROUSED after he is easily outlifted by short stocky female (4'11; 195 lbs)

Question: I am a tall thin guy. I stand 6'1. I weigh 125 lbs. A short stocky girl who stands only 4'11 and who weighs 195 lbs boldly challenged me to a weightlifting contest. I immediately accepted her challenge. I was convinced I could easily win against her because I am 14 inches taller (I am over a foot taller) than she is. She says I am way too skinny to have any kind of a chance against her despite my much greater height over her. In fact, she said she singled me out because, as she said to me: \
Created by: Tall and Thin at 05:00:06 AM, Monday, November 29, 2010 PST



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