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A 5`9 woman will be physically stronger than a 5`4 man

Question: Is a taller woman physically stronger than a shorter man? If she is only an inch or two taller, not neccessarily. however, if we are talking about a 5`9 woman, who is non anorexic and a 5`4 man with compatible weight, I would say the woman is significantly stronger. The problem is though, there are very few men under 5`5. And there arent many women 5`9 or over who dont starve themselves. So it hard to get an accurate study. But I believe, all things being normal, a woman of 5`9 should be stronger than a 5`4 man.There are ppl who deviate from the norm ofcourse. A 5`4 man with a very small build man may find that 5`9 woman way stronger than he. Hence a 5`4 man who works out might be stronger than the 5`9 woman. And should mention a 6`0 man of a very small build might be weaker than a 5`4 woman. But again, all things being normal, she will be stronger!! What do you think am I right?
Created by: djdjdj2011 at 04:02:06 AM, Friday, January 14, 2011 PST


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