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do women truly beleive thay are physically stronger&can beatup males.

Question: if you are a female of eny age,let us know if women truly beleive you are realy stronger&better fighters&smarter.and if you do,and live in arizona then I would like to compeat with you in ether,boxing,kick boxing,wrestling,or no holds street fight.unless you don't realy beleive you are truly superior.get back to me at see how women realy feel about them selfs&if eny women has the guts to compeat with a male.
Created by: keith at 10:40:59 AM, Saturday, February 05, 2011 EST


no males are to strong &women don't stand a chance
women will allways be weak&scared of males
yes women are better fighters&stronger.
yes women are better fighters&stronger&I would like to compeat with you or eny male.

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