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Cure for Sexual Addiction / Obsession

Question: I am a tall, handsome, fit, Straight, Italian male with an incredibly high sex drive. I am truly addicted to sex and can't get enough. I want it all the time, think about it always and am obsessed with sex. I get so horny my balls hurt. If I do not have a partner I masturbate. I masturbate 1 - 4 times a day, every day. I seek out females to have sex with, I only want them for sex though, especially kinky & fetish sex, vanilla sex is boring. I know I have a problem and need a solution. My testicles have been in overdrive all my life. This is no joke poll.
Created by: FXME67 at 09:44:01 PM, Tuesday, February 08, 2011 PST


Chemical Castration
Give in to my addiction and have fun
Nullo - remove penis & testicles
Penectomy, keep balls and suffer sexual frustration with no dick
Physical Castration

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