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How come

Question: some girls legs are very strong. I work out at home (90% upperbody)so I am very muscular and strong in my upper body. I got in a adduction abduction leg wrestle with my wife who used to dance but does not exercise that much now. I could only beat her when our legs were close together. When our legs were set wider I could not budge her and she eventually spread my legs apart. Her legs were stronger with a wider stance. It was a eye opened because her upper body is skinny and very weak so for her to beat me with her legs was very surprising to me. She gloated and made fun of my weak legs.
Created by: muscularchest at 07:00:46 AM, Tuesday, February 22, 2011 EST


It is common that guys have very strong upper bodies but not so strong legs
Too many guys work out their upper body but neglect legs so they stay weak
Women have just as strong legs as guys
Women have stronger legs then guys think
Women legs are naturally stronger when more of the hips are used
Women legs are stronger for the same bodyweight
Your legs are weak for a guy
Your are just upper body strong and lower body average or weak

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