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What do Big Strong women EAT?

Question: My late girlfriend, who died in a plane crash in 1994, was an experienced weight lifter, mountain hiker. Has climbed the highest peaks. She was huge in size(6`1 240 pounds). She was a third generation millionare and a certified modern day high preistess. Nevertheless she still wanted to work as an attorney. She loved her size and ate lots of protein to maintain it. Therefore she ate everything that moved.What was startling to me, she claimed that humans taste like gummy chicken. As if she really knew?? This leads to my question. What do unusually large powerful women eat to maintain?
Created by: Okdoodle222 at 04:01:54 AM, Wednesday, April 06, 2011 PDT


All veggies
Anything that moves, but no people.
Anything that moves, including people
Anything that moves, including people with 13 helpings of fruits and veggies
Big Macs
They eat just like the rest of us. Its their genes
They should eat you for starting such a dumb poll

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