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Average woman is 5`4 and 165 lbs. Is she really fat??

Question: Average weight for a 5`4 woman is 165. That means a 5`8 female is 180 lbs. And a 5`1 woman is 140 lbs. Now the question is are they fatter or more muscular? Well my personal experince, my girlfriend is 190 lbs and very strong.I had a woman as a personal trainer who was 5`8 185 lbs, and built like a tank. Yes women are getting bigger, but in my opinion, it is because women are getting stronger. It is true we are getting fatter, however, we havae seen a 25 lb increase in avergae weight. And I will go out on the limb to say that much of that weight gain is muscle rather than fat. Because fat weighs little, whereas muscle is like 80% of our body weight. AM I right?
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