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women, have you bigger muscles thn guys you know?

Question: i workout very hard 6 days a week to stay in shape but my muscles become bigger and harder and now my body is more muscular than almost all the men i know . i am 36 and i find it's weird for a woman to be stronger than a lot of guys but i am very proud of my muscular body and i even would like to get bigger and stronger muscles because i like love being muscled although i am a woman ! Are there other women in the same situation ?
Created by: mumusport at 10:33:38 PM, Sunday, April 17, 2011 PDT


i have as much muscle than my guy friends
no, all the men are stronger than me
no, but i want to become more muscular than guys
yes i am far more muscular than all guys around me
yes i am more muscular than almost all the men i know

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