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Question: I AM 14 this girl who is 2 years younger than me is alot taller and more developed than me (in terms of puberty) she started when he was 9 i started when i was 13 about a month befor my 14th so im in the early middle stages. so i thought i was stronger but she i about twice as strong i tried to let her sit on my shoulders (cut a long story short) I FAILED she did the same to me and walked around laughing aying your lighter than paper . thinking i was a fluke a challanged her to lift me in other ways she could lift me in almoast everyway including above her head (althogh she dose struggle with that one) i could only piggy back firman carry and bear hug any way we wretled ect shewon every test when i sat on her shoulder i got a masive erection she took the piss for beig weaker than her ( in a friendly way) but then on day lifted me over her shoulder for like 10 minutes when we had her friend with us we were walking around and i was rrude to her so she scooped me up over her shoulder i was stuggling but he was laughing i shouted put me down she didnt he kept on waalking around i had a massive erection . anyway she has overpowerd me many times mostly in privert but a few times in public. i know she is massivly strong and i am shocked a 12 year old girl can be far more developed (in puberty) far taller and far stonger than a 14 nearly 15 year old boy. IF YOU AT WHAT AGE DO YOU THINK YOU COULD BEAT ME UP FROM (WOMAN AND GIRLS ONLY) PLEASE ANSWER HONETLY
Created by: jak3 at 05:41:39 AM, Tuesday, May 10, 2011 PDT


16 or more
i could beat you up from 9

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