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Can't take a shot

Question: I was boucing for a friend and got into a scuffle and knocked a guy out with one punch. Someone saw this and invited me to try boxing. In my sparring and found that I could really deliver a knock out punch but found I can't take a punch either. I am very muscular and strong in my upperbody and can really hit hard in close. Problem is when I get hit my legs get all rubbery and disconnected with the rest of me. I am open for second a third shots. I knocked a couple of lower skilled guys out but found I was straggered from some basic shots too. I was told I have no base and need to and improve conditioning. Then I went up against a skilled female boxer. I was reluctant to hit so I went on the defensive. She could hit and her lower center of gravity and her leg drive kept pushing me into the ropes. I would push her off with my much stronger upperbody but she kept coming back. I was sucking wind and she caught me with a good upper cut and I my legs were gone. Dazed and my legs shot I could not escape or grab onto her. I was knocked out cold with some follow up shots. Later she told me I was too easy to push around and I need to strengthen my legs and improve conditioning. Why can't I take a punch. Is it my legs, jaw, skills, conditioning or all of the above.
Created by: new boxer at 07:38:11 PM, Friday, May 13, 2011 EDT


Improve skill and conditioning,
She just caugh you with a punch right on the kisser
Stonger legs and better conditioning are more important then big upperbody muscles in boxing
Strengthen you neck more
You can't just go on the defensive without the skills
You can't just rely on a powerfull upper body against a skilled boxer
You got to hit her next time
You must have a glass jaw

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