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Female Muscle vs. Male Muscle #3

Question: My last poll was created over five years ago. In all that time, it is overwhelmingly clear that most people believe a female bodybuilder is stronger than a male bodybuilder. The results weren't even close as more than 50% believe the FBB would not just overpower the male, but totally dominate him. The last two polls had the combatants starting at equal positions. What if the male was given the advantage? Situation: A male bodybuilder is allowed to start a wrestling match with a female bodybuilder by positioning himself behind her and placing her in a full nelson. What would the FBB do? Don't forget to comment!!!
Created by: chrispoll1 at 11:34:54 AM, Sunday, May 29, 2011 EDT


She would attempt to power out first but would fail and submit.
She would be seriously injured or knocked out.
She would easily escape the hold and potentially break or dislocate his arms with the her power.
She would struggle but manage to escape the hold with difficulty.
She would submit from the pain.

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