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Do you find muscle on a girl a turn on or not?

Question: I met a girl two weeks ago and I soon found out that she is very muscular. She is 19 years old and I am 3 years older. When I first saw her body I just stared. She was full of muscle, huge biceps (I measured afterwards and they were almost 16 inches big), 6-pack abs and thighs and calves that could kill a man. I was turned on like never before in my life. She flexed her biceps in front of me and made me touch them. They were rock hard I could not budge them. Seeing her immense muscles in front of me made fantasize about her strength. She saw it in my eyes and challenged me to an armwrestling match. She put my arm down with no effort. Then she said to me to use both arms and I still was no match for her. Since then she showed me here strength in many ways, by lifting heavy weights, lifting me and wrestling. In fact I never seen such a muscular body in my life before, especially not on a girl. Everyday I am turned on more and more cause of her muscularity and immense strength. So my question is guys, do you find muscular and strong girls a turn on or not?
Created by: someguy27 at 04:40:46 AM, Thursday, June 16, 2011 PDT


I dont know.
No. I find it gross. Muscle do not belong on a girl.
Yes. I think it is OK.
Yes. It really a turn on. I cannot resist a muscular girl.

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