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Question: If females are the superior race GENETICALLY as has been cited many times on this site, swiftly followed with pictures of MASSIVE muscly women as PROOF... Would it be fair to say that this concept of a muscly woman actually subverts the idea given that many of these women inject steroids (artificial testosterone, or MALE GROWTH HORMONE) and those that do not inject it force their bodies to produce levels that far exceed the normal levels in female physiology, thus altering their chemical make up to be more like a man's. This also means all you little submissive men are actually homosexuals in denial...
Created by: eihc at 05:09:05 AM, Tuesday, June 28, 2011 PDT


i dont understand cos roids have ruined my life
no im a wombman and this is insulting!
no, im saying no becos i have latent homosexual feelings towards muscly roided up women
what tge hell...
you should have a phd in human psycology you sexy easter island head you

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