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Is mixed wrestling real???

Question: I see a lot of videos on youtube nowadays where women dominate men in mixed wrestling matches. I also noticed that a lot of guys submit when girls apply headscissors or bodyscissors on them. I personally think it is fake cuz it's pleasing for both the guy being trapped in girls' legs and us who get to watch it. I mean what guy (unless you're gay) would resist a hot chick wrapping her legs around him? What are your opinions?
Created by: real or fake at 06:37:25 AM, Saturday, July 16, 2011 EDT


I bet it is fake up to the point where the guy lets a girl wrap her legs around him, but it is real that he can't get out of it once she has him trapped.
I think some are fake and some are real.
No, Mixed wrestling is fake and it is there to help guys jack off.
Yes. Mixed wrestling is real. Some girls are strong enough to actually make a guy submit.

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