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Whos stronger me or this muscle woman?

Question: Hello i am a young boy 15 years old 5'10 161 lbs i go to the gym for 14 months but i am alot stronger and bigger than the boys at my age. At my gym there are a fbbs and i liked them so much oneday one of them asked me if i can help her with her training i was shy but i accepted after we finished she suggested to take me home and my gym was away from my house about 45 mins so in the car we were talking about the competetions and power , suddenly she asked me if i want to test my power against her i was really confused but she said \
Created by: Bastians at 02:01:51 AM, Monday, August 01, 2011 EDT


I am strong for my age
she was tesaing me
Shes a weak

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