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Success in America is not as simple as hard work

Question: Y0u come from a very poor family.For generations, your family has lived on welfare SSI; etc. You have abilities that go beyond what your family is capable of. You make money, but in order to really succeed you have to do the unthinkable, otherwise, your family is going to hold you down from you reaching your potential. I had to put mine in assisted living facility. Because their problems they inherited for generation were rubbing onto me. When you come from generations of poor, and then you are making money. But success is not earned until YOU make some difficuolt choices. Success in america is not simply hard work, but you have to make tough decisions you dont want to make. It can be anything from finances to relationships. In my case, I had to do this. Because when families go thru generations of poverty, they develop dynamics that are unqiue to their situation.
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