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Am I weaker than the average female?

Question: In the past I've asked about the strength of female celebrities, and accepted that I'm probably weaker than most as their rigorous workout routines cause then to be stronger than average, coupled with the fact that I'm a male who don't work out. But is the average female adult stronger than me? I'd define average as 115-130# and 5'5-5'7. I'm rather scrawny (yet flabby) and have noticed many females have the same size arms as me. I stand 6'1, 180 pounds with 13.5 in biceps.
Created by: rodzod4 at 08:16:45 AM, Monday, August 22, 2011 PDT


No, you are a little stronger than the average female
No, you could destroy the average female
Yes, the average female could destroy you
Yes, the average female is a little stronger
You and the average female are the same strength

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