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Stronger sex?

Question: My girlfriend works out a lot and she developed a huge muscular body. She is much much stronger than me or all my guy friends. She likes to show her muscles and embarass the guys. She and her 2 girlfriends are all gym rats and they like to intimidate guys with their incredible strength. They wrestle and dominate the guys who dare to challenge them. They trully believe that women are the stronger sex. My girlfriend said that the girls in her class are much stronger than guys, also her mother is a lot stronger than her father. I started to realize that we are not the stronger sex anymore. Women are becaming superior more and more. So what do you think? Who is the strongest sex?
Created by: peter77 at 10:31:13 PM, Wednesday, August 31, 2011 PDT


Men and women are equal.
Men are stronger, but the gap is closing.
Men are way stronger.
Women are much stronger.
Women are stronger.

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