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tall amazon vs fbb

Question: i want to know who will win wrestling match if tall amazon wrestles with fbb . If tall Josephine anderson(6'6'' and 158 lbs) takes on Tina Lockwood(5'5'' and 195 lbs) in a wrestling match,what will be the result of match? give the poll and tell the reason for your answer (poll).
Created by: tall13 at 03:50:26 AM, Wednesday, September 28, 2011 EDT


Josephine beat the hell of Tina's ass,scissors tina wiith her long legs,lifts and powerslams tina and finally knock out Tina in the wrestling ring!!
Tina beat the hell of Josephine's ass,scissors Josephine with her massive muscled legs,lift and powerslams Josephine and finally knock out Josephine in the wrestling ring!!

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