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Girls do you like to flex your biceps?

Question: I'm 19yearold girl, ex gymnast and still keep up the strength training, weights and keeping fit. I love flexing my muscles and showing off - biceps and abs in particular. I love the way it has inspired other women to work out and get fit, toned, ripped and strong aswell as impressing guys and turning them on hehe. How many other fitness and muscle girls are there who love to show off their sexy muscles? Please share your experiences in the comments area! Thanks! oxoxox
Created by: Chloelicious at 10:13:39 AM, Saturday, October 01, 2011 EDT


I dont have good biceps but I have great abs to flex
I flex after winning a playfight, wrestle or armwrestle
I flex all the time, I love the attention.
I flex and let guys feel how hard they are.
I flex in private and enjoy the feel of my biceps.
I flex only for my boyfriend/partner.
I flex to intimidate.

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