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Girls, Upper or lower body for men

Question: I don't think most women care about a mans legs. I mean rarely workout my legs but have pumped up my upper body. All my Girls friends love my body. I admit I am very strong and muscular above the waist but my legs are a bit skinny, hairy and weaker then my girl friend. Thing is all my previous GF's did not care about my legs and just raved about my top half. Should I care about my legs then? I just wear board shorts and no one see them except my GF in bed. Girls opinions please
Created by: sticklegs at 05:35:36 PM, Thursday, October 27, 2011 EDT


A muscular upper body is what get my attention.
Don't wear short dude and work on your legs.
I like nice muscular legs more then muscular arms, shoulders and chest
No, legs matter too. Get balanced
No, nice legs are more important on a man then a sexy upper body.
Skinny hairy legs rock
A man just needs to be stronger in the upper body, women don't mind having stronger legs
I agree, I love guys with muscular upper bodies and don't think about their legs much.
What your woman thinks counts the most
You are right, its a man upper body that makes him sexy

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