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Girls: Test your strength vs Glenn do you match up?

Question: Happy New Year! I've shared a little about myself in some other polls last year and estimated that I might be stronger than maybe 60-70% of women, but I thought I'd start a poll with some real tests to see if that guess is accurate. So here we go: I'm a skinny but athletic 6'2?, 150lbs, my biceps when flexed measure approx. 12? around and I've just tested myself to see how many times I can bicep curl a 20lb dumbbell (with one arm). I managed 15 before my arm gave out (I was doing them with decent form too - don't cheat :)). So ladies, pick the answer that describes you and then make a comment telling me how you compare to me. Am I weaker than you? About the same? What about compared to other women you know? Why not test them and post their results for some fun? I know I'm weaker than most guys, so guys don't come on here and state the obvious ? I already know I'm a bit of a wimp...
Created by: GlennStorm1 at 08:57:41 AM, Friday, January 13, 2012 PST


I am about the same as you in bicep size and number of curls I can do
I can curl 20lbs more than 15 times
I cannot beat your bicep size or do 15 curls of 20lbs
I cannot beat your bicep size or do 15 curls of 20lbs, but I reckon I'm stronger anyway!
I have bigger biceps than you AND can curl 20lbs more than 15 times
I have bigger biceps than your 12? arms
I'm male so don't qualify for the poll, but desperately wanted to vote...

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