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african-american women

Question: Some discussions I've seen claim, that african-american women are strong both physically and mentally. Where I live, I've never met one, but some really do look big and impressive on tv-shows. As I'm not very big guy (5'9'' 140lbs) or strong(11'' biceps, benchpress 105 lbs, biceps curls 22 reps with 10 lbs) I wonder, would it be rare or common for a black woman to match me at wrestling or fighting. What do You think? Can You name as example any celebrity ladies that would be at my level or even stronger? Thank You all for replies ;-)
Created by: pzb at 08:10:40 AM, Sunday, January 15, 2012 EST


Even many teens would be stronger
Many average women and some teens would be stronger
Maybe some XXL women would be stronger
Only some athletes might be stronger
Some average women would be stronger

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