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My 8 Girlfriends

Question: I have 8 live in girlfriends who are sisters, who are between 6 ft 4, and 6 ft 9. all of them are above 300 pounders, very pretty, and extremely muscular, yet feminine.. and they can all lift excessive amounts of weight, I seen each of them lift the front end of my car. I am a male, 5 ft 3, 124 lbs, I can barely lift a 40 inch analog TV, from back in the 1990s. it really is fun with them, they carry me around, they hold me down and cuddle, and they made kids with me. a few times they even made me dress like a female, on their laps, showering me with affection. the most embarassing moment I ever had. They're also white collar professionals, in their line of work. Nicole, Ashley, Sandy, Rose, Linda, Anne, Andrea, and Pam. they actually chose me, and forced me to go home with them, they carried me, when I became afraid, they said they love me and they wouldnt hurt me, they said they want to be my girlfriends. they actually drove me back home, and after that, I called them back up lol What do you think of this ?
Created by: AndrewAce81186 at 05:16:09 PM, Saturday, February 25, 2012 EST


I should attempt to leave
Its good that I live in a matriarchial household, where women make the decisions, where women are the roll models and boss

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