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A poll for high school girls in their first retail job (dealing with shoplifters)

Question: Many high school girls take their first job working retail in a mall. If you caught a guy shoplifting in your store, what would you do?
Created by: penpal at 08:31:40 AM, Friday, March 09, 2012 PST


I'd chase him down, catch him, arrest him, and call the police. I'd do this by myself, it would make me a hero, and even get me on the news- a teenaged girl apprehending a shoplifter without help.
I'd chase him down, catch him, arrest him, and rub in his face without mercy how he got caught by a high school girl before calling the plice to take him to jail.
I'd inform someone else, but take no further part.
I'd pretend I saw nothing. It is not worth the risk of being injured or sued.

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