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Tall skinny guy REALLY TURNED ON by short fat girl way bigger and stronger than he is:

Question: When she was my girlfriend, I stood 6-foot-1 but I weighed A MEASLY 125 LBS while she stood only 4-foot-11 but she weighed AN INTIMIDATING, MASSIVE 190 LBS!!! She beat me at armwrestling. She downed me and pinned me, easily beating me in a wrestling match. She easily outlifted me in weightlifting (in the clean-and-jerk), lifting a big, heavy barbell over her head THAT I COULDN'T EVEN GET ABOVE MY THIGHS!!! Whenever I would lose to her, I would get A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION while she would get MOIST AND JUICY!!! Weird? Or not weird?
Created by: TALLSKINNYGUY at 02:03:19 AM, Saturday, April 14, 2012 PDT



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