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Are really all gymnasts stronger than me?

Question: I've always been tall and thin. I'm 6'2'' and weigh 125 lbs at the moment. I do not play sports, but I'm healthy. My friend now claims that each gymnast girl at his college was physically stronger than me! I am 25 and have seen many times before, the smaller males are stronger than me. I'm a foot taller than most girls gymnasts. But really any of the little girls should be stronger than I am! Do you believe that too? To make you an impression of me: I can bench press 90 lbs, can do four chin-ups. Are really all gymnasts stronger than me?
Created by: kastanie26 at 04:28:13 AM, Sunday, June 24, 2012 EDT


I think so.
None is stronger.
Some are stronger.
The strongest is stronger.
Yes, definitely.

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