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This website... What has it become?

Question: A simplistically pleasant layout, a thoughtful premise, and a whole lot of potential. What happened? I'm new here, but I can only hope that at one point, this small-time website housed decent, respectful individuals. This web-zone is coated with layers upon layers of sexism and misandry, brimming with the most detestable of characters, specifically, grotesque caricatures of female supremacists that I am ashamed to occupy the same earth with. Every other poll is a man-bashing, sadistically domineering portrayal of the most disgusting human characteristics. Don't even get me started on the comments sections... Never in my life have I read so many foul, ignorant, sexist, slanderous comments. Is this site for real? Do my eyes deceive me? Or is this just one big practical joke? I hope to whatever God is real that it is the latter.
Created by: repulsive site at 02:35:54 PM, Sunday, July 08, 2012 EDT


I believe that women are superior, and the masochists on this site are on to something.
I haven't really noticed it or given it much thought.
I know exactly what you're talkIng about. It disgusts me too.
Most of the \
This site is just full of masochistic guys. Don't waste your energy on them.

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