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How inferior are males? Are women superior? Should we castrate males like we do dogs?

Question: How should a man be treated? How inferior are males in comparison to females, dogs, rats, and other animals? You decide. ALSO. Please write a brief description of what you voted and why you made that decision! Write a short summary on how inferior you think men are, and what should be done to them. THANK YOU!
Created by: Puppytruck at 07:40:28 PM, Monday, July 09, 2012 PDT


A: Superior humans. They should have their way with everything.
B: Respectable human beings. Equal to women.
C: Sub-human. Inferior to women. They should be put in their place but not physically harmed.
D: Dogs. Men are animals, and should be neutered and trained, like pets.
E: Rats. Men aren't just animals, but they are vile animals. They should be stepped on, crushed, and killed like rats. Castrate them all.
F: What can be lower than rats? I'll tell you what can be lower than rats. Men. Men are lower than rats.

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