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Is Marta a Slut?

Question: This girl is the definition of a 25 cent hoe. But its time for the truth to be told. She has cheated on every boyfriend that she has had...sometimes more than once. She does to parties and makes out with any guy. She dates more than one guy at a time. She tells one guy that she has had sex over 40 times and then tells another guy that she is a virgin. She also has no thumb. Is she a slut? Tell the truth!!
Created by: Truth at 05:29:00 PM, Thursday, June 29, 2000 EDT


Definately a Slut
How dare you say that about someone
No she isn't a slut...she's my friend
She was with me last night...and she was
She was with me last night...and she was
She's just confused, leave her alone
Super Skank
What's her number
Who cares
Words cannot decribe what a tramp she i

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