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Hell? No!

Question: Suppose you're a Christian, and it turns out you're right and go to Heaven. But your best friend is either Buddhist, Hindu, athiest, agnostic, or to some of you more conservative, gay or lesbian, and goes to hell because they had a different system of beliefs. S/he is a good person besides the fact that s/he wasn't raised to believe in Jesus. What do you do then, little ones?
Created by: PandaDance at 05:46:02 AM, Wednesday, July 26, 2000 EDT


Dance with the Pandas
Feel sorry but too scared to do anything
Figure they deserve to burn for not believing
Form a Union for Nonbelievers
Make fun of your friend
Petition Jesus for a change of policy
Tell God he's a cruel bastard
Tell God to go fuck himself
Turn your back on God for being unjust
Wallow in self-righteousness

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