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would it be ok if......

Question: If you could kill someone you really really hated how would you do it??
Created by: spookykid at 06:29:37 PM, Wednesday, August 16, 2000 EDT


chop off their arms and legs and make them bleed to death
de-gut them outside on your neighbors porch and frame them
gouge out their eyes with a spoon and make them eat it
grab a water-gun and fill it with gasoline and run after your victim and spray them then accidentally light them on fire...oops!
Make it fast and not too painful
sing britney spears and the backstreetboys to them until they commit suicide
take them outside, tie them up, hang them upsidedown form and tree and slit their throat
tie them up, lock them in your closet and feed them rotten pepperoni and make them die from food poisoning

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