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Weirdest MTV Video Music Award Moment.....

Question: Okay, so there was some strange shit goin down at radio City Music Hall. Of all the weirdest moments, which wins top honours?
Created by: rhonda69 at 05:40:36 AM, Friday, September 08, 2000 EDT


Drunk Marky Mark trying not to slur his words.
Fred Durst onstage w/Christina sans eye contact
Jennifer Lopez' Headband
N'Sync, Christina, and Britney actually SINGING
Seeing Christina Aguilera and Britney together
Seeing how short Chynna is next to Survivor guy
Seeing whether Chynna is in fact a drag queen
three words: MIDGETS. ON. SCOOTERS.
When crackhead Whitney Houston came onstage
When that guy from RATM invaded the Scenery

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