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If Women Ruled The World..........

Question: Do you think the world would be a better place if women were running things?
Created by: truthseeker at 06:35:16 AM, Sunday, October 19, 2003 PDT


Biology, Physiology, Sociology, Psychology, Communications, Interpersonal Relations, Parenting Skills, Academic Life, Managerial Ability, and more ? the verdict is in: Males are clearly the weaker sex!!

AronOct 19 2003 9:57pm

Look around and you will see that women are already taking charge.

SueNov 07 2003 11:50am
Latest studies conclude that women are better managers than men. The world is changing, and the feminine leadership style is more appropriate for modern times.

CathyNov 11 2003 10:27am
If women were in charge the status and interests of men would be marginalized. I dont see how that would improve things.

JamesNov 21 2003 8:36pm
Left up to our own devices, men are usually up to no good. Perhaps if women had the authority to keep men in check, we would all be better off.

PeteNov 21 2003 10:53pm
We already do rule the world!

MelissaNov 29 2003 10:28am
It is about time us men wake up and admit that men we do a really terrible job in ruling our world and allow women to take over. After all it would be impossible to do a worse job in ruling our world than what men do.

MelDec 07 2003 11:15pm
Women don't want or need power. They prefer to be cared for and protected. Their place is in the kitchen and the bedroom.

AnonymousDec 12 2003 5:21pm
That may have been true thirty years ago, but nowadays things are different. The women of today are better educated and more confident. We are competitive and acheivement oriented. A lot of experts are now saying women actually make better bosses than men.

AnnaDec 13 2003 7:56pm
I think it is obvious that women are gradually gaining control. A female president is in the forseeable future. If it works out, maybe that will become the new standard.

MonicaDec 25 2003 11:33pm
Radical feminists advocate a future without men. Mary Daly wants a world where men have been eliminated and women reproduce by parthenogenesis. Sally Miller Gearhart thinks the planet can survive only if men are reduced to ten percent of the population. Is that what we want?

AnonymousJan 02 2004 9:45am
What we need is a world where decision-makers are compassionate, intelligent, and morally sound. I for one would feel much safer and more secure knowing our future is in the hands of women.

DougJan 09 2004 5:57pm
Women already rule the world, or at least well on their way. I think they will be totally in charge within a couple of generations.

H. ReddingJan 13 2004 10:43pm
Do I think the world would be a better place if women were running things? Well, we are going to find out very soon.

VanessaFeb 06 2004 11:47am
There needs to be another section - wouldn't make a damn difference. History tells us through Queen Zenobia of Palmyra and Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt that women can be just as ruthless and short sighted as men. Cleopatra killed her own younger brother to secure the throne of Egypt for herself as well, and Julia Domna and Agrippina engineered the acclamation of the two of the worst Emperors of Rome, Nero and Elagabalus.

Juan Seguin, TexanFeb 09 2004 2:01am
I think women are already in control of things, they are just doing it in very subtle ways. But it is starting to become more obvious.

ByronFeb 10 2004 8:29pm
My boss is a woman, in fact my last 4 bosses have all been women. Maybe they are in control.

PeteFeb 15 2004 4:43am
The overwhelming majority hereis in favor of a world run by women. If that is a reflection of how people think, it won't be long before this actually becomes reality.

SarahFeb 16 2004 10:06pm
Women are taking control a little at a time. In the meantime, they are running things from behind the scenes, anyway. It is subtle, but effective.

SteveFeb 20 2004 9:23pm
Yes, and I wouldn't it be nice if it were acceptable for men to wear dresses and skirts so women could see their legs and do such things as whistle at them and make rude comments.

CarolFeb 20 2004 11:14pm
In the future women will be calling the shots, and for men to be relevant they will need to be compliant. Men will do whatever it takes to earn our approval.

MarcieFeb 24 2004 2:03pm
I don't know what planet Carol is actually living on, but women are doing those things now. They are whistling at men and making rude comments all of the time, but apparently it escapes Carol's and other female dommes notice. How convenient for her side. And as for what Marcie had to say, I am relevant now, whether her ignorant and sexist comments say so or not.

MikeMar 19 2004 12:23pm
Men should feel complimented by attention from females. You should be thankful a woman finds you attractive, and enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully you are good looking enough to compensate for your fragile male ego and cave man intellect.

MckinnleyMar 19 2004 7:16pm
Mckinnley may be under a woman's thumb without an opinion of is own, but I am not. My ego does not run me, despite your female supremacist protest- ations. What is good for the goose, should be good for the gander as well, but apparently there are people in this world who can accuse someone of being a chauvinist and then turn around and do the same thing and justify and rationalize their "arguments". Women can be wrong too. And what is this argument about feeling complimented by attention from females? What has that got to do with whether a person is sexist or not? The whole point is if it's wrong when men do it, it's wrong when women do it. Too see it any other way is something a ten-year-old might understand. As far as Mckinnley goes, there is no gender attached to your name, so I don't know whether your argument is actually coming from a woman or a man.

MikeMar 21 2004 4:28am
With women in charge, there would be less hostility, things would be more peaceful. Women are kind and nurturing, men are aggressive and confronational.

ValMar 21 2004 5:19pm
First I really want to say that whoever said a womans place is in the kitchen and the bedroom.... You are an idiot. And thats being nice! And to James, how said that if women were in charge, mens status and interests would be marginalized. How the F*ck do you think women feel when men think they have the power? Women would do just fine running things.

EmilyMar 24 2004 9:55pm
Perhaps the interests of men need to be marginalized. It would keep you boys out of trouble. Your lives would be more productive and happy if kept on a short leash.

SueApr 23 2004 10:02pm
Women have been getting opportunity for the first time in history. Naturally, with education available to women for the first time, the world will change in many ways. Our competence and smarts now pay off with rewards. Accordingly, women who succeed will slowly move away from the traditional feminine model. I believe I am a normal girl, but I do things routinely my mother's generation never even dared. Don't you think that in a few generations, women will regularly initiate the pursuit of the male. Correspondingly, men will not view women as feminine prey, but as equals or superiors depending on the women and the man. There will be a lot more mix of roles and activities, so the old forms will be less relevant. I think we should repair the education of males because the present imbalance favoring females is due to the overcompensation favoring girls in the schools. Women are mothers of sons too, and I know that we don't want our children to be disadvantaged in the way things currently are set up. Still, the world will be changing as women take a more actve part in the public sphere and interact with men in a more self-confident way. Much of the former models for gender specific behavior are based on the dependency of women upon me. When that melts away, the model for interactive behavior will also change. It is hard fo rme to imagine that we will have so much gender specific behavior patterns in the future. The genetic hardwiring, however, will persist and things won't change as radically as some say (or fantasize). The "take over" talk is not realistic.

ValerieMay 03 2004 5:53am
Yes, Shirley...we're not idiots. Most everybody knows about copulins these days. I'm always careful during foreplay so I don't get an overdose.

HHMay 13 2004 10:11am
How does a man prevent this?

AnonymousMay 13 2004 1:57pm
Become a monk.

AnonymousMay 17 2004 8:54am
Religion and politics of the ancients knew about copulins. That's why women were excluded from power--because of fear. Now that women are almost to the same level as men, nothing can stop women from using their God-given hormones to regain power.

TammiJun 03 2004 10:17am
Some people believe that a female dominated society would be all sweetness and light. It might be more sweet and more light than what we have today but I would not bet on it. As women come to control education, business and politics they will naturally feel that they are doing a superior job and will want to ensure that their leadership is not threatened. It is very likely that they will encourage a view of masculinity that defers to the feminine and that defines aggressive male behavior in a highly negative way. Some of this is already happening. I don't know much about copulins but I do know that males are exposed to high levels of estrogen in the environment and that level is not likely to go down. Because their odds of success will be greater, girls will be given preferential opportunities over boys. Young women will become accustomed to having leadership roles and will not be inclined to defer to males. Males on the other hand, will have to learn that success means matching the female ideal. In the future, the ideal male will be smaller, less muscular, less hirsute, with wide eyes and an obivious desire to please. Look at the ads that show male models, the steroid enlarged hunk is giving away to the sensitive type. If heavy testosterone traits are penalized by society (not in some slave fantasy but in daily life) then the medical profession (which will soon be mostly female) will soon discover a hormone defect to explain it-- say testerone overproduction. If you think that is silly look at the history of what the male medical profession has done and said about female hormone imbalances. The future will be female dominated but in a very ordinary way that makes it all seem that it could never be otherwise. Men will accept this new role and, eventually, forget that they ever had the advantage over women.

HistorianJun 04 2004 1:42pm
One other thought about testosterone. If the society approved of doing it, a brief course of testosterone blocking agents in the teen years would result in a men being the same height and weight as women when they were full grown. It is the pulse of adolescent testosterone that makes males heavier and stronger than girls. With the erasure in the advantage of size, who really doubts that females would not wind up leading all aspects of society.

HistorianJun 04 2004 1:51pm
Forget about all that testosterone blocking agents stuff, just castrate all boys before puberty. Basically, that is what you are saying. That would ensure placid, timid, and small males. As for preferential treatment towards girls, thats already been happening the past twenty five years. Schools have been catering to girls needs and adjusting curriculum and grade scales to suit girls talents. Young boys have to break away from mother to establish their own identity as masculine, so they are more likely to be willful towards adult women. Most teachers are female and misinterpret this behavior, labeling boys as "problematic". The single or divorced mothers of many boys today don't understand this behavior because being male is not their experience in life, and they often don't have an appreciation of anything masculine. There is a whole generation of young boys being unnecessarily drugged on sedatives. These young boys are already damaged beyond repair, so society will cast them aside as redundant. And most boys today have no male role models (a father) in their daily lives, so they have no understanding of their own role or place in society. Add to all this a very "hostile" feminist movement that pushes the agenda that everything male is evil and bad, no wonder that boys are lagging behind their sisters. Girls on the other hand, can seemingly do no wrong. Any problems that young girls face today gets trumped up by the popular media, and everyone comes out of the wood work to help and find "answers" to solve girls dilemmas. So this is the begining of the Feminine Utopia that you all speak about? But do remember that what affects one gender will harm the other as well. Do read the book, "The Silent War Against Boys". All of the above, I know very well about as it is my life experience.

Jason HolyfieldJun 04 2004 5:03pm
Placid, timid, small males are exactly what I would like to see. I for one am sick and tired of what aggressive, large, violent males have done to society and each other. Jason is right that the advantages are now being given to the girls but I don't think that is bad. What I would like to see is a world where violence is off the table as a solution to social problems. In the school my boys go to they make it very clear that aggressive behavior toward girls will not be tolerated in any form and I am glad they do. What so many men seem to object to is that this policy makes it difficult for boys to bully girls and makes boys play by feminine rules. In the long run I expect my boys will meet fall in love with and marry confident talented women who will take the lead in their marriages. They will be better off for it.

Mother of 3 BoysJun 05 2004 10:22am
Historian, Except in a few third-world countries, where does size play a role in leadership? How do a man's huge biceps assist him in running a corporation, or a family? As an "historian", you should obviously know that muscles had nothing to do with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Pepin the Short, George Washington, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, or Ronald Reagan. Leadership has to do with an innate quality that men possess, and women don't. So, you're testosterone argument is pointless.

ShockoJun 07 2004 8:32am
Napoleon and Hitler? If these are the examples in your case for patriarchy, I'd say you gave Historian's testosterone argument iron clad credibility! It is no wonder that women are given credit for superior intelligence.

JohnJun 07 2004 8:08pm
The point was not to credit or discredit patriarchy or matriarchy, but just to show that physical strength has nothing to do with ability to lead. Do you deny that Hitler was a leader? John, it is you who went off on a tangent instead of sticking to the testosterone/muscles discussion. Let me state that I personally think matriarchy would be better. Just don't try to tell me that testosterone contributes to leadership.

ShockoJun 08 2004 7:39am
If Women ruled the World.... Humm. Da De Dum. Yea, I think the World could be a better place. Everything (buildings, roads, mountains) would be painted in Feminine colors like pastels of muted green and yellow, even the clouds would have colors: soft hues of violet, blue, and pink. Everyone (including males) would be dressy all the time, and smell of nice "Euro Colognes" like French Countryside, Parisian Breeze, or something "Italia" sounding. There would be no armed warfare with conventional or even nuclear weaponry. International trade or border disputes would be solved with games: tic-tac-toe, hop-scotch, Cootie, and Chinese Checkers. There would be "TEA TIME"...all the time, and we would (males) have to eat biscuits and crumpets with the tea. All males at the age of ten years old would be nuetered so there would be no testicles. What! Wooaa. No testicles? I do agree that women are the BETTER sex, but being male -- no testicles! I think the way things are now suits me best. YEA, MEN RULE! If only for a little while longer....

Just kidding! I think Women are the GREATEST.Jun 08 2004 7:45pm
Matriarchy is the future, we just don't know what it will be like. Will it be just a female version of partriarchy complete with pistols and guard dogs or will it be something very feminine "pastel clouds." The answer is that it will probably be a mixture of both. Estrogen and testosterone do influence behavior but they are not the only things that shape behavior.

AnonymousJun 09 2004 5:00pm
The operative word here is RULE!!! IF women ever do come to rule the world, we will be no better off than we are now because rulers are only in power for themselves.

RandyJun 18 2004 2:07pm
Rules are there to keep order. Rules prevent people from perpetrating violent crimes. So if the operative word is rule, that is really not such a horrible thing. Women are more nurturing and mature than men. There is evidence that women are biologically superior and have more sophistocated brains. It is very possible that women will assert their power with the same kind and humane spirit with which they bear and nurture children. Who is a more appropriate ruler than someone capable of being a mother? Perhaps it is our destiny to be ruled by women.

NickJun 18 2004 7:49pm
Women have long practiced the art of manipulating men covertly. Now they are becoming comfortable with doing it overtly. The question is "What do women want?"

BrianJun 22 2004 2:04pm
to rule,not in the back ground like before,but in front,with males kneeling in fear

mickJun 23 2004 2:07am
Look at how completely women have rewritten the rules of acceptable male behavior in the space of one generation. The image of a well-dressed woman with her hands on her hips chastising a screw up male subordinant-- at home or at work-- is almost universal nowadays. The idea that women, being by nature kind and gentle, will fail to enforce their new dominance by every means possible is ridiculous. We will bow, we will kneel we will learn to blush and shrug our shoulders.

a manJun 23 2004 10:36am
I hear a lot of men here saying they think women WANT to be in charge. I don't hear many women saying that. Speak up, ladies...would you really want to be in charge of society?

Kevin Canadian BaconJun 28 2004 10:32am

AmyJun 30 2004 8:47am
Yes-- and in my world I already am...

Heather MorganJun 30 2004 10:29am
KCB, yes I want to be in charge of society, and don't worry, I'll handle getting there.

TammiJul 01 2004 11:05am
I want to be in charge of men. That is what I like best.

AliceJul 02 2004 12:11pm
Then do it, Alice, or shut up.

ShockoJul 09 2004 9:07am
Women are chauvinistic BY NATURE!!! They'll be worse leaders than men by far because once again they'll refuse to be accountable for what they do and will blame men for everything even though they will have all the power!! But that is typical of them, incapable of admitting when they are wrong, and before anyone says it, YES, WOMEN CAN BE WRONG!

RandyJul 16 2004 2:57am
Randy, stop spewing on women just because your mother beat you. We're not all like her.

AnonymousJul 20 2004 11:32am
men are more intelligent in tecnology women in care

?verobertAug 04 2004 6:21am
This poll should be "When" women rule the world.

AnonymousAug 14 2004 9:59pm
Or "Now" that women are running the world will things improve.

AnonymousAug 19 2004 7:43am
Hehhehe, its so cute, the western culture becoming a matriarchy, it will make it all the more easy for the middle and far east to take over and impose their rules. the only ones to defend the matriarchy will be little submissive wimps, hehehe

its greatSep 24 2004 12:20pm
You mean by envying and emulating the west? By educating women and developing family planning. Or is it how you bootleg western DVD's and cd's and even air some trashy daytime tv shows. Maybe it has something to do with all your wealthy class sending their children over here for education. Yeah. That's pretty intimidating.

AnonymousOct 07 2004 8:25pm
I think you'll find that female superiority has always been the world's biggest secret. Men have always privately admitted that they know women are superior to them. The problem is that when they admit it publically they have always been seen as wimps. That has to change - and it is starting to. Beacuse women are more astute than men - because they are more aware of the world around them and are better able to see the truth and take the appropriate action, they have always been the ones making the important decisions in the world behind the scenes. Only thing is, men have always dominated the "official" positions of power. That was possible because they were convinced of their natural superiority. These days male superiority is a sinking ship. All the evidence points to the increasing power of the female sex.

woynruleNov 02 2004 3:12pm
i think women were in charge form day numero uno! yu just mite not have noticed it... Women just made it seem like the males had all the power, to boost their egos...which i think was a wayz, they're the ones that make the decisions and ran things and males cover for their dirty work, and took credit for their good deeds. So all-in- all, women rule. And will alwayz, we as women have wat it takes to keep this world alive and thriving, without women there would be nothing of this world to be proud of...

~Chaos Rox~Mar 11 2005 8:45pm
But do women want power,never once heard a women come out and say it,they talk about equality,and being equal with men,doubt the majority of them believe it themselves,the power to sway nations,and change the world, may be to hard for them to accept

AnonymousMar 22 2005 3:03pm
I believe the world would be a better place if women were in charged and ruled. It has not happened yet. Howeverf, those things that have seen women in leadership roles seem to be run better. I know my family is matriarchal and my husband and sons are very happy. He has been a househusband for over twenty years because I had the opportunity of making a lot more money. I have more education. I chose him because he was submissive to me. It has been a great ride so far. I am not into BDSM. but, I am the boss. I reap quite a few great benefits.

AnnaApr 08 2005 4:30am
My wife is in charge and I am submissive to her. She is a stay at home mother and I am a professional white collar type, we are both degreed and I am smart enough to realize that she is much more capable than I am at running the family and 90 percent of anything else that happens in our lives. She has the final say after I have given my opinion to her. It actually started in the bedroom with BDSM but has evolved in to much more, with her leadership and teaching I am learning to be a much better husband and person in general. So Anna, do not be afraid to carry it to the bedroom it can be very rewarding for both of you in more than one way and can only increase dominance within your household and that can ONLY be a great thing as your family learn from you and your submissive husband.

A submissive husbandMay 09 2005 11:01am
women dont have the strength to be in charge. if a man stands toe to toe with a woman she will shake in fear. the average man can over power 2 women at the same time. how can they run the world?

realityJun 13 2005 1:09pm
My wife controls me and we both like it like that. We both notice more and more women bossing their husbands around.

Submissive samJun 18 2005 4:48pm
Don't fool yourself. Even men in power have a woman in control of the puppet strings. Women are in charge even when they're not.

RandyJun 19 2005 12:23am
Amen! Women Rule!!

AnonymousJun 25 2005 6:21pm
women cant be in charge..ever see 3 women at the same time get along?

lanceJul 05 2005 5:05pm
Poor submissive sam. What a loser!

RandyJul 26 2005 9:35pm
There are even websites which encourage and instruct women to gradually become more dominant, so he gives in without realizing what's really going on. Once she controls the checkbook, he no longer has any choice.

AnonymousAug 23 2005 9:07am
Women know BEST! What more can be said? Women are more wise and intelligent than males.

JTSep 30 2005 6:42pm
There is no question that Women are superior to males and we would all be better off with Women in charge of things. Women are superior to males in every way. When Women gain control of society (which is not far off), everyone will better off. Female Supremacy is the natural order of life!

JRNov 04 2005 11:48am
Carol, as a man I would glady wear dresses and skirts for you women.

benJan 21 2006 3:58pm
Submissive wierdos aside, any male knows that women are incapable of ruling the world. You nee a thick skin and tough outer shell to take control in the real world. Sure it's hard to control kids, but controlling adults is even harder. To truly have the upper hand and ultimate control, you can't let your emotions get the better of you. Women have demonstrated time and time again that they are incapable of this.

AnonymousJan 31 2006 7:39am
Those attitudes only apply to a world where men are in charge and the answer to problems is always war and control through suppression. I would hope that if women take charge of the world they do it with feminine energy. It would be a mistake on the part of women to try to run the world according to the rules established by men. Women need to be a force of revolution and change the world from a place where having a thick skin is replaced with a kind heart.

Changing TimesFeb 06 2006 2:08pm
Female "empowerment" is causing male unemployment.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 10:35pm
Anna, good for you! One day all men will be slaves to women and the benefits for women will grow and grow. One will be officially owning his vote on election day. And if a woman has multiple slaves, she will have multiple votes! The future will only get better for the superior gender as they take their rightful place.

AnonymousApr 06 2006 3:38pm
But women have had the majority of the vote for a long time.So why do they not vote foe a female now?Problem is most women still would vote for a man,most women hate working for a female boss and thats a fact. I agree women are going great guns at the moment,and they will indeed get more top jobs and we will probaly see the pay gap close etc,but men are not like women,they will never just accept defeat one only has to look at the middle east to see that.We are living in strange times at the moment,and both sexs dont know how to react to what is happening.Women are of course seeing the power they are getting and are enjoying it,and i dont blame them at all,after centurys of having little its cool to see them at last being treated as equals,at least in the west.I mean come on get real,in the west women have not been slaves for decades if not centurys,so can you really see men becoming slaves? I reckon that what we will see though,is more female led family units,with the woman earning the money and running the way the family do things,but never slavery on a society level,maybe in like a thousand years,but by then who will care?

ChrisJMApr 14 2006 2:48pm
Since women are so superior, let THEM fight the wars while us weak and stupid men stay home and enjoy life without women. Contrary to popular belief, us men can be very happy without sex. Being away from women helps us males to focus our minds and find true meaning. And save lots of money.

Kung Fu MasterApr 15 2006 9:58pm
Men need to be controlled or their violence poisons society.Female Supremacists should run things and train males to be obedient caring people.A National Service corps of males giving free labour for 9 months every year as teenagers under state overseers or and private individuals would be for 16-19 year olds perhaps 6 months a year for males in 20's and 30's and four months a year after that.All males should under go a re education program at an MRC or Male Re-education Centre.This would last 6 weeks.If a male did not show suffecient obedience and humility a 2nd 6 week course would start for him.If he failed that he would be deemed not fit for society and a punishment camp would be his future life.

lou rollsApr 28 2006 5:51pm
Women should be wearing miniskirts as often as possible: At work, school, shopping, public events, etc. And get rid of those irritating SLEEVES! Women should be showing arms, shoulders and back. This business of women wearing sleeves and long pants that cover knees is GARBAGE !!

He ManMay 01 2006 10:16pm
When women truly take over the world AND announce it as such, there will be once a week reminders. At work or at school all men and boys will have to strip (say everyone at 10 AM on a Monday) and each male will be under the control of a female close in age. The girl or woman will hold the males testicles and he will be expected to recite a standard speech acknowledging female supremacy. The Monday session will set the tone for the week of work or school. And any male who gets out of line during the week will be punished. He will be stripped in front of everyone and this time the female in control of him will start by holding his balls and then squeezing harder and harder until he is in unbearable pain, thus made an example for all the other males who are witnessing the event. Sound far fetched? Maybe, but there will come a day when testicles will be viewed as totally antithetical to a well run society. The women in control of society, politics, and so on will have to decide how extreme they are going to be to control the usual male aggresssion caused by testicles.

MarkJun 02 2006 6:43pm
Mark you are a brilliant boy.what a scintilating will provide wank fodder for several fantasies for a long time to come (should that be cum). Indeed we will decide how extreme our measures will e to control masculine violence.Some of my Sisters in supremacy are of the view that only the removal of the males testicles will prevent male testosterone poisoning and the violence it causes.But like your excellent example I think we need to let you keep your little sacks.To be able to squeeze and otherwise hurt your soft vulnerable balls as a species is very exciting.But they can't just only be squeezed but kicked,punched,smacked,beaten and bitten. It really is up to you males and how you behave that is the determining factor.Knuckle under and obey us and you will get nothing worse than painfull balls and a whipped arse.Disobey us and we will have to see whether you can do without your little pain sacks.

Big BrendaJun 06 2006 4:53pm
If women ruled the world the same obnoxious behaviour we abhor in men would be repeated ad nauseum. After all, obnoxious men had mothers.... :P

EqualityToday.Jun 25 2006 5:06am
Women have been ruling the world since the 1980s. This poll is not necessary, except to inform men about the fact that they are now being ruled by a hostile occupation force of the opposite sex.

AnonymousJul 02 2006 2:22pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:48am
The Catholic Church is the epitome of an oppressive patriarchal system.

AnonymousJul 09 2006 7:00pm
The Catholic church is indeed a very patriarchal structure.Worship of the Goddess in all Females should be encouraged.

Lou RollsJul 16 2006 12:57am

AnonymousJul 16 2006 6:30pm
I thought Catholics worshiped Mary because she was Jesus's mother....which kinda counterproductively takes the emphasis off of Jesus who was the one who actually died for humanity's sins. Hmmmm.

HahAug 07 2006 2:32pm
If baby Jesus were here now, would you worship him while he was sucking on his mother's breasts, or would you wait until after he finished sucking, and then worship him?

Light of ReasonAug 08 2006 4:34pm
If baby Jesus were here now, would you worship him while he was wearing dirty diapers, or would you wait until after his diapers were changed, and then worship him?

Light of ReasonAug 08 2006 4:34pm
CONCLUSION: Worshipping a human god is illogical.

Light of ReasonAug 08 2006 4:35pm
There is a goddess within each woman. There is nothing wrong with a man worshipping the spirit she embodies.

Light of UnderstandingOct 30 2006 7:43pm
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 9:50pm

#Feb 06 2007 11:07pm
When all is said and done, much more is usually said than done. I don't know about the world being better under female rule, but I believe it would be more peaceful.

DenDFeb 27 2007 10:31am
#0103 - (Sun.) 4/1/07

UpdateMar 31 2007 9:18pm
I think it would be better if men ruled the world. But I think it is becoming more and more clear that women will rule the world. I know my wife rules our household. Gosh! I wish I lived 50 years ago. I want to be the one watching TV while SHE is the one doing the chores.

MarkApr 30 2007 4:13pm
I think it would be better if men ruled the world. But I think it is becoming more and more clear that women will rule the world. I know my wife rules our household. Gosh! I wish I lived 50 years ago. I want to be the one watching TV while SHE is the one doing the chores.

MarkApr 30 2007 4:15pm
I cannot speak for the World but since Wife took me into Her service I am much more successful, make a salary that is over 300% higher than it was when I was first enslaved, am told by family and friends that I am a much better person and have discovered a number of new skills such as doing laundry and scrubbing bathroom floors. In response to "Mark" above I say it is an honor to be permitted to do chores as a naked houseboy while Wife/Mistress relaxes in front of the TV. Wife's application of regular corporal discipline to my bare behind also helps keep me in focus and with the program.

obedient husbandMay 05 2007 12:45pm
no, all you have to look is the history books. When women are in charge human life is reduced to nothing in favor of the female. In such a world women will murder the husbands at will and eat children as if they were chicken -- all to further the conquest of the female.
no thanks

charlesMay 29 2007 8:24am
I am not aware of any society where Women murdered husbands and ate children. The Amazons lamed captured blacksmiths so they would have to serve their Female superiors but that is a far cry from the representations Charles is making.

obedient husbandJun 03 2007 3:30pm
Charles is a knob head.He cant back that silly claim up at all,who and where is the evidence then? hehe what a tool.Now if one looks at such lovley men as genghis khan,hitler,stalin,caeser,timurelane you will see just how men have acted through history and its all real not made up amazon fantasys,men are also still killing each other today,in the middle east,africa europe,we are simply screwed with men in chaarge that will never change,but now we ahve weapons that can destroy the planet,its time woemn removed men from power,something im glad to say seems to be happening world wide,where ever women have a equal footing with men,they defeat them,

chrisMJun 15 2007 5:40pm
So...your justification is because women can take care of babies, they should rule the world? Yeah, that's real thought out.

Mach 3Jul 03 2007 7:24pm
#0111 - (Tue.) 7/17/07

UpdateJul 17 2007 12:50am
Mach 3 mate give it a rest,you have siad men rule just because there born male,now then just how well thought out is that also then?

calJul 19 2007 8:24pm
The historian is nuts,men have always been the most oppressed gender throughout history,sure there have been some terrible men leaders but who did they oppress most,you've got it -other men.Who do you bully or try to oppress when there is another admirer of your girlfriend,it sure isn't the girl.This is what is happening in the world today,the men in charge like to show their power in order to gain influence with women so they enact all sorts of laws in order to keep the field clear for themselves. Women just cannot see that it is not the ordinary joe ,who they feel is keeping them down,it is the rich and powerful,the same as it always is. The struggle used to be between rich and poor,can you imagine how some of these power figures,both male and female must be laughing their heads off watching the sexes particularly females,calling for males to be culled.

mike sJul 25 2007 2:48pm
women always ruled they have become smarter and stronger.boys of @12 when they are adults they wont know that men were stronger than women.when they are on the playground at school.they see girls strongerthen they are i have seen girls show boys thier biceps and they were bigger than the boys.they can beat them in armwresting or running or fist fights i have seen things you see women of muscle today inspire young girls of tommorrow.

AnonymousSep 06 2007 5:39pm
Society is NOT beeter with women running the show. Ever since they started voting we have had more crime because their pea brains want to disarm the populace from violent thugs. We have higher taxes and inflation because of them promoting things like social security. We also have infants being murdered because of abortion. WE ARE NOT BETTER OFF!!

AnonymousSep 20 2007 3:36am
Cathy makes an interesting point about feminine leadership styles being more appropriate for modern times. The trouble is, where can you find anything even remotely feminine these days?

MADOct 18 2007 8:05am
If Women Ruled The World...........The world would be a pooty place. Which is what happens when any one group unified under one idea takes control. Uniformity would be poo under God almighty.

FNOLNov 05 2007 10:36pm
I think you're all f*cked in the head!!!

AnonymousDec 01 2007 9:38pm
Wait a minute. You mean women are NOT running the world? They have 66% of all the money and 100% of all the poon. If they AREN'T running the world -- then who the hell is? Oh my God. You mean no one's at the wheel?

AnonymousDec 16 2007 1:43pm
These polls are created by fetishists - like myself, who claim to be women but are in fact men with a strength/female dominance fetish. I have myself posted above under a different name claiming my 'wife' is now stronger, women noe/will rule etc. Please, don't take these polls seriously, men like me use them for arousal purposes

robJul 19 2008 8:00pm
These polls are created by fetishists - like myself, who claim to be women but are in fact men with a strength/female dominance fetish. I have myself posted above under a different name claiming my 'wife' is now stronger, women noe/will rule etc. Please, don't take these polls seriously, men like me use them for arousal purposes

robJul 19 2008 8:00pm
That's fine Rob. These polls serve the same purpose for submissive males that bodice ripper romance novels serve for submissive women and there is nothing wrong with that. I actually AM an obedient husband and Wife expects absolute obedience and beats my behind several times a month but if others post fantasies that is their privilege.

obedient husbandAug 24 2008 5:42pm
This is really sick.

AnonymousSep 29 2008 12:34am
#0125 - (Mon.) * 9/29/08

UpdateSep 29 2008 12:36am
Get a life folks.

Bob M.Nov 03 2008 1:12am
Women are taking over at the grassroots level. It starts in school. Boys are punished severely for bullying girls but a girl can bully a boy shamelessly and nothing happens. Boys who look up a girls skirt or peek in the girls bathroom, have to either wear a dress to school or strip to their briefs in front of the class and apologize. Once when a girl wore thong underwear (6th grd.) The boy had to turn his back on the class and remove all his clothes! Bigger boys are losing fights to smaller girls because they're not allowed to fight back. Boys are being paddled in front of girls by female teachers because the boys slapped a girl on the butt. These paddlings are done in underwear and sometimes bareskin. The boy then has to apologize before he pulls his clothes up. The girls see everything. It teaches him to be submissive. In some cases the girls were even allowed to administer the swats, themselves. Boys are learning to be wimps and feel inferior to girls. Girls take advantage and tell the boys to "show us your goodies or we'll tell the teacher you looked up our dresses." If the boys comply, they're known as 'conquered' from then on.

Conquered many timesNov 27 2008 8:11am
Wish I had been in that school system. I do recall a Female teacher permitting a muscular Female to kick me in eighth grade but it was an isolated incident.

obedient husbandDec 15 2008 6:11pm
Men are the superior, dominant sex

Jane FondaDec 20 2008 6:09am
"Conquered many times", like obedient husband, I wish this all had taken place in the school I went to. It would have made my submissiveness flourish earier and more intensive.

Nick NDec 22 2008 9:52pm
If women ruled the world, there would be no more death metal. :(

Rude CockMar 15 2009 2:21pm
It is obvious that 99% of the polls on this web site about strong or muscular women are created by just 1 or 2 people, which is frightening if you consider how many polls have been created about those topics. The people who create those polls must be very sick people with no life an no girlfriend so they just fantasize all day long on this web site.

AnonymousMar 17 2009 6:59pm
Dey'd do a great job of it for a vhile, but like de men before dem, dey'll *@~$ it oll op onyvey!

JagermonsterJun 29 2009 3:24pm
Yo, Carol! men wore skirts many centuries ago, so I'd be cool with that. BUT DRESSES!!!!!!!!!??????? There I draw the line, ANd so should women!

OYEH!Jun 29 2009 3:30pm
Men would not wear dresses or skirts they would still wear the trousers. Men would still make policy and govern thats would not alter. It's just that males would not be the dominant physical sex.

AnonymousOct 02 2009 7:04am
If women ruled the world telecommunications and the internet would be completely free of charge.

an intelligent life formNov 19 2009 11:28am
Women are in charge and it's going to hell!

Bad BastardJul 24 2010 12:54pm
I think the world will be a much better place, even if women have to limit men's interests a bit. I have faith that women will look after us and I would be happy to be under a good woman's authority. It is happening and the best thing us men can do is get out of the way and support women in whatever ways they ask of us. They will be good rulers and we'll all be better off.

InServiceToWomenJul 24 2010 10:16pm
Its not an ''if'' Womyn ruled the world. The final outcome is inevitable. Its rather when...

Goddess AmandaAug 13 2010 1:17pm
So where do those hoards of sexually submissive women and gay men fit into this paradise/femocracy?

Clear VisionAug 13 2010 1:21pm
Womyn who wish to explore a more submissive side would have every opportunity to do this with Female partners. gay men would be kept in restraint most of the time just like their heterosexual brothers. However, it might amuse Womyn to see men in sexual congress with each other from time to time.

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 10:05am
Amanda, with all due respect, you are a classic mysandronistic female chauvanist sow-bitch. You make Gene Hunt look like a liberal leftie.

an intelligent life formSep 02 2010 4:23pm
Amanda, are you seriously telling people who they can have sexual relationships with? Women will be free to be a sexual submissive - as long as it's with a woman? You have truly gone off the deep end. You still think you aren't a fascist? In your gynarchic world you would actually try to forbid sexual relationships between men and women? You actually believe that all women would want to live in your lesbian paradise? I see where you are coming from now. Your views are straight out of Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto. When will the "couple busting" begin? Dominant women, the sane kind, think gynarchists like yourself are hilarious. As I heard from one dominant woman, she said, "What makes you think we all want to lick twat?" Anyway, I have grown tired of this board, arguing with nitwits. I won't waste my time here any more. I'll leave you to your fantasies with your warped submales who jack off to your every word.

PatSep 05 2010 6:37pm
A few myths dispelled. I am not a Lesbian. I am not a Fascist. But you really dont want to hear anything other than your own prejudice do you? Its far more fun to shout your ill formed misconceptions on these boards isn't it? Glad to hear you are leaving us Pat. Your bad manners left you over staying your welcome long ago.

Goddess AmandaSep 08 2010 4:50pm
To: an intelligent life form. Oh dear you are being a bad boy. You deserve a thorough spanking across my knee for such rudeness. You would also sound better with a ball gag too.

Goddess AmandaSep 08 2010 4:55pm
What about YOUR rudeness? surely you deserve a good, long, hard paddling for the rot you spout! (Minus the ball gag, of course).

an intelligent life formSep 11 2010 6:43pm
Well yes it is rot..but its fun! Ok folks its time to call time on my creation: Goddess Amanda. I have had real fun and laughs over the last few months but I really can't keep the absurd pretense of this Female Supremacist 'Womyn' going any longer. I dont know what was funnier. The cringing male subs like obedient husband or arguing with incandescent masculinists like Pat. On the record Pat I agree with just about everything you have ever said! However, it was much more fun being Goddess Amanda. However, I have had my fun. Time to retire. Oh and yes I am a guy! Straight,into BDSM and what they call a switch. I do like the fantasy of female supremacy. However, that is where it should stay..pure fantasy. Not least as I enjoy dominating women too! Unfortunately people like obedient husband and Big Brenda are gender bigots who have reified men into a preconceived notion of inferiority. As someone once said 'you will see it when you believe it'. Take care Goddess Amanda -Sorry that should say Mark

Goddess Amanda (aka Mark)Sep 28 2010 4:53pm
Hollywood would doubtlessly becon if they ever got your number,Mark.

AnonymousOct 01 2010 4:34pm
if they ruled the world? umm yea maybe in another lifetime

jacobOct 03 2010 10:15pm
only thing they'll be ruling is the pots and pans in the

jacobOct 05 2010 12:16am
Jacob, you're an idiot! Mark, good one! Ya pulled a blinder, mate!

an intelligent life formOct 16 2010 5:22pm
imtelligent life form or whatever the f*ck you are...stfu and go pout, you sorry poostain

jacobOct 24 2010 12:32am
Oh, go get a brain upgrade, Jake!

an intelligent life formOct 31 2010 5:18pm
Well they just took over Brasil, and She looks like She would have a firm hand too.

obedient husbandNov 01 2010 12:12pm
Dunno' bout that, hubs. She seems a nice enough lass to me.

a.i.l.f.Nov 03 2010 3:27pm
Who took over Brasil? A hooker?

AnonymousNov 09 2010 10:33am
I will assume that last post was not rhetorical. Brasil just elected a Female President.

obedient husbandNov 10 2010 6:45pm
Ehw, A fat pig as president.

AnonymousDec 09 2010 8:48am
Males would have to earn the right to keep their testicles by meeting the criteria laid out by women through the legal system. And many would conform & keep them. Otherwise, in a public but gentle, safe way, as women are known for, they will have theirs removed so as not to be problematic for society as a whole. Castration would become as common as circumcision is right now.

NicoleDec 27 2010 9:23am
Where do all these college educated girls goto for sex when they acquire jobs but lack mates ---they are being assembly-lined & spewed out into the economy -- will they be satisfied by lesser qualified truck drivers , construction workers , bar tenders etc as spouses , mates , significant others ??? or will it be vibrators , dildos , german Shepherd dogs , male gigolos , Lesbian galpals ???

Ashesh GhoseJan 16 2011 9:45am
Carol had a Great Suggestion, Feminize the Men and Boys and encourage them to waer dreses and skirts for the Females Pleasures! Mother of three Boys is also so Rihght when she advocates for Men and boys to play by Women's Rules and become Well Trained spouses to their Women!

PattiJan 21 2011 12:06pm
Carol , Patti & all Feminist Chauvinist Sexists by Well-Trained Spouse do u imply well-whipped , bare-assed slaves'n sluts ? i guess men would rather become happily extinct than fulfil sicko fantasies !!!

Ashesh GhoseJan 25 2011 2:53am
If Carol , Patti , Mother of three boys force little male minors into skirts , panties & feminine underthings they are child abusers , child molestors & sick paedophiles & belong to a padded cell in Arkham Asylum along with Poison Ivy & other psychopathic & psychopathetic sickos !!!

Ashesh GhoseMar 03 2011 7:23am
AG, there you go again. Do not take these things literally. It is like housewives who dream of being kidnapped by pirates and being taken by the pirate captain who of course looks just like the housewife's dream man and only does sexual things that she likes. Enough said, if you want to keep reacting to these things literally I guess that is your privilege.

obedient husbandMar 07 2011 5:53pm
OH here's a very mainstream , vanilla joke which can also reverberate in the FEMDOM-malesub universe ---recently after the Indian cricket team defeated the Aussies in the world Cup currently playing out in the Indian subcontinent ( unfortunately Americans do not play cricket } a very vanila Mainstream Radio Jockey on an Indian FM channel quipped the defeated Aussie skipper "Punter"/Ricky Ponting was being trained by his wifey to drink out of a saucer as she pithily put it " The Indian Captain Dhoni has now taken the Cup [punning on the World Cup] out of your life & hands irrevocably !" though it's a mean trick to kick a loser down on his fortunes she could well have been aFemdom wife cuckolding Punter by sleeping with Dhoni since the better champion always gets the Prize !!!

Ashesh GhoseMar 28 2011 10:22am
The future will be a matriarchy. The average woman will hold more power than the average man. It might not be a great deal more, but it will be enough for women to be the majority in leadership positions -- management, legislation, courts, even the Presidency. Women more than men will make the rules. Yes, some women can be cruel. Yes, some women can abuse their power. But the average woman is more moral than the average man because the average man is more violent than the average woman. Nothing points more to the moral superiority of women more than male violence. The average women is naturally more of a peacemaker than the average man. The average woman is simply a better person. Further, women are showing that they are smarter than men by a margin of 3 to 2 (the ratio of women in college to men in college). In the future, Woman, the most moral and smartest sex will rule. The world cannot help but be a better place if women ran things.

JackMar 28 2011 3:29pm
When posters write 3:2 ratio of women outperforming men in colleges u r talking about white Caucasian males show me how many white Caucasian women outperform Indian, Chinese or Japanese males in college ??? we Asians may have smaller builds , smaller musculature than even white Caucasian women in the gym or in wrestling arena [ Japanese / Chinese males would kick female Caucasian butt in Martial arts] but our brains are smarter !!!

Ashesh GhoseMar 29 2011 2:57am
When I mentioned the 3:2 ratio I was thinking of the general ratio in the U.S. The main point is that many more women are graduating from college than men in the U.S. This is true too of the U.K. and many, I think, most countries in Europe. The same is true in other countries in the world. Educationally in the U.S. Caucasian women beat Caucasian men, black women beat black men, Hispanic women beat Hispanic men, and I suspect Asian women beat Asian men. If it is not already happening, in time Indian women will outperform Indian men educationally, Chinese women will outperform Chinese men educationally, and Japanese women will outperform Japanese men educationally. It is no big deal for a male of any race to kick female butt of any race in martial arts. So what? That's thinking "just like a man." Showing off the biceps. The future will not be about muscle but brains. If the women of your race or country are not outperforming the men, it is because you have not given them the opportunity. Put your women on a same playing field educationally and we will see who kicks whose butt.

JackMar 29 2011 1:35pm
Actually Jack going by your own likelike polls it seems middle-aged women are becoming gym-rats & kicking their overweight ,drink-obsessed husband's ass more than male of any race kicking female butt as u put it --here these particular women are showing off their biceps maybe in your streotyped thinking "just like a man" . BTW Indian girls & Indian boys are competing quite equally in labs ,colleges ,law , medicine ,engineering very equally .i do NOT know about the veracity of the hypotenuse that if women are not outperforming the men it is because they have not been given the opportunity but i do feel asian intellect outperforms casucasian intellect , gender being immaterial . take care

Ashesh GhoseApr 05 2011 10:38am
Also that crack about Chinese / Japanese men kicking Caucasian female butt was not directed at you but @ women who have posted Indian ,Indonesian ,Japanese men are so fragile we can kill them or break their bones easily please don't think we all react "like a man" BTW it should be Hypothesis not Hypotenuse ; i was checking out your level of education/ knowledge etc. !

Ashesh GhoseApr 06 2011 5:34am
Actually AG there is a blog by an Indian Woman who keeps a male slave husband. It is called something like "Wife Led Marriage" although there are a number of blogs with similar titles so that might not be exactly it. Also there is a church in California where Goddess priestesses assume the role of Kali and conduct rituals where the male Shiva grovels at the feet of Kali and is whipped for Kali's pleasure.

obedient husbandApr 10 2011 4:17pm
Ashesh Ghose, the poll is "If Women Ruled the World . . ." I see no reason to digress to racial, national, or ethic comparisons.

JackApr 16 2011 9:22am
OH do google Shiva or Kali or Shakti & get the real legend of Shiva-Shakti ! do not go by what some Californians are getting off on but come to Benares or Kailash-Manosarovar where you can drink deeply of the Shiva - Kali legend ----actually my favourite Shiva -Shakti representation is the Ardha-narieshwara idol which shows one body with two halves Masculine & Feminine fused toghether vertically !!! showing it is the One True Asexual Spirit which split up into Male & Female ---both are parts of the same Whole ! Couple Chastity Yoga is a more fun & appropriate worship of Mother Kali & Lord Shiva but "Jata Mat tato Path !" as Sri Ramakrishna said in Bengali so all Opinions & ways lead to the One Truth so Wife 'n U r welcome to your own personal version of Nirvana !

Ashesh GhoseApr 19 2011 12:15pm
BTW OH ,our ArdhanariEshwara is a completely different concept to the Greek God-Goddess Hermophroditius ---God of effeminate men ,son of Hermes & Aphrodite merged with the river Nymph Sylvia [or is it Sibil ?] who fell in love with him & spurned by him prayed so that they would merge as one forever !!! Hermephroditius has the wings of an Eagle , the soft rounded features & breasts of a lovely woman & the hard erect Penis & scrotum/balls of a macho male [the world's first Tranny ?] Ardhaanarieshwara has both male & female features is a vertical integration & is arepresentation of how an Ideal couple should unite their unique Synergies as One to dominate & spread the message of Love ,Happiness , Equality , Progress & Ideal Couplehood !!!

Ashesh GhoseApr 20 2011 10:46am

oMay 14 2011 7:49pm
Woman are in charge

AnonymousMay 25 2011 7:18pm
Men who are hard-wired into SO(Submissive Orgasms)will only be able to perform sexually when they are being butt-whipped by a stronger woman domme or Gay Master ! But the men who are programmed for DO(Dominant Orgasms) will not fantasize about stronger sex partners but weaker submissive female or gay male sex-slaves !! Similarly women who are mentally wired for SF (Submissive Fantasies)will only be able to get it off with a strong Male Master or Lebian Domme who will spank their slutty arse !

G-ashXMar 13 2012 12:00pm

repulsive siteJul 08 2012 7:46pm
Women will never rule the world, they are to weak minded.

AnonymousJul 20 2012 2:05am
Simple We fact women like each other, less then we like men-perverse creatures that we are. The idea of "sisterhood" is a myth

AnonymousAug 11 2012 1:51pm
Which gender is ‘best’? Not to beat about the bush, clearly women are. There are many and varied reasons why. Obviously it depends on how ‘best’ is defined. Males have a physical advantage, which is why historically males have held the balance of the power, at least in public. However, the more civilised a society becomes the more brains are valued over brute strength. For centuries, women had and little or no rights, it’s taken a while but now women are not constrained by outdated laws and as such are excelling. Women, with their greater maturity and emotional intelligence are out-perform men in all aspects of life. In fact a man might well be still giggling at the opening line! It’s not our fault, we are hard wired that way, men are basically primitive, motivated by base desires, particularly sex. A man will do a great deal in order to achieve satisfaction, I know I will. As such men can be easy to control. Men respond well to rewards and punishments. Many men are too primitive, too full of testosterone too egotistical. Men like this are a menace to everyone and often end up in prison. Society is progressing towards being a matriarchy. Women are already in charge in most relationships, it’s only a matter of time until women are in charge of all aspects of life. Men will need to accept the new order. Some men would have to be castrated to make them compliant. Some men would gladly accept female rule, and some men would need to be trained.

TimJan 11 2013 8:43am
@Tim. I agree with much of what you say. The facts and trends do indicate that our society is progressing towards a matriarchy. Men haven't put up any opposition so far and are not likely to do so in the future. When a matriarchy is securely established, women will turn their attention full bore to the problem of male violence, especially male violence against women. Castration of some men as punishment seems like fetish fantasy until you realize that a number of countries and some U.S. states allow voluntary castration. From there it's a short step to mandatory castration for some men. You say "women are already in charge of most relationships." Is this observation that of a young man, middle age man, or senior man?

A. I. G.Feb 27 2013 3:09pm
We all know that A woman's place is in the kitchen - eating a gourmet meal cooked for her by her male slave while the same slave eats her out.

Wicked WandaOct 03 2013 10:34pm
j45oSo Hey, thanks for the blog.Really thank you! Really Great.

bhOKaoIntrNHNVyqxlOct 23 2013 9:37am
Ms. Wanda, if I were not already owned I would love to serve in that capacity.

lawslaveOct 29 2013 2:59pm
Women will never rule the world, they are weak minded and need men as ruling gender

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Men will always rule the world, read the Koran.

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