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Are You Satisfied With Your Husband's Penis Size?

Question: Some women/men are not easily satisfied with their husbands' size, then again, some women are. What do you think?
Created by: HellFireVix at 03:38:07 AM, Friday, January 30, 2004 PST


My husband's dick is very long, but it is also very skinny..its like a pencil. lol

AnonymousJan 30 2004 11:38am

My husband penis is only 3 inches when erect. Limp it is a thing of hummor. Most times he can not get hard. Give me a vibrator for a man any day. My husband did get snipped so he will never have to worry about passing his problem on to another son. It was my idea. I am thinking about having him castrated. Ladies any ideas? Please give me your feed back.

TerryAug 07 2008 5:06am
Terry, I agree all males should be castrated. Their penis is a sign of humor, Castrate not only their balls but their dick. What good is it anyway. Only their tongue is worth anything.

LindaSep 14 2008 2:19pm
My husband penis is 1 inch long limp. When he can (if he can) get a hardon its 3 inches. Now tell me ladies what good is that?

SarahSep 14 2008 2:20pm
Sarah I feel sorry for you. A man should have to expose his penis and balls when a relationship begins. Also he should be graded on his love making. Any man not able to meet the standards should undergo castration. Not just the balls but his dick also. He should be labeled a castrated male so all is aware of his limited package.

PatOct 09 2008 5:45am
Pat You have a good point. I agree with you.

TomNov 19 2008 6:23am
8.5" by 6.5"--YES!

ahhhJun 05 2009 11:05am
I think the way women select men is way off. Men make the approach, women listen to their empty promises and get hooked in by a feeling. Later, they find out what they really have...too late. I think all unmarried men should wear a kilt and all unmarried women entitled to lift the front panel and see what he has to offer, if she is interested then she starts the conversation. Problem solved

JenXerJul 25 2010 12:08pm
My hubby lost 3" from a couple of surgeries. He only has 3.5 left but he has a penile implant so it can be hard 24/7. We belonged to a nudist camp and a man there has a 11" x 7" and I have got togeather with him more than (many) once and girl OMG. I even let the hubby watch. A g/f and I were a little buzzed one night and were teasing the hubby we were going to castrate him. The g/f had a burdizzo and we tired him up put the tool above nut. We were just going to squeze it a little bit, but there was a big boom of thunder and we jumped and accendly closed the tight. He lost one that night.

Mrs one nutDec 07 2010 11:46am
I have an exceptional mouth, lips and tongue. My ex-Mistress called my mouth Magical and prefered my mouth over my penis. She threatened to cut it off so I could never use it. She wanted me sexually frustrated and only please her with my mouth or a strap-on. I would have let her too : ))

subslave1007@yahoo.comDec 08 2010 12:37pm
i'm kind of a gold digger, trophy wife, the kinda lady rich guys wants, so they can show off, and well, my husband's a CEO, but he's got 3 inches, so the only thing he's good for is basically money, luckily he's got a 15 year old son with a 7-incher, and i f*ck him all the time

trophyJan 03 2012 8:56am
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Sex loversFeb 22 2012 10:51am
Hi i am having 3.5" inches penis and very thin in size also i am worried bcoz i am getting married very soon.My question is can i satisfy my wife with this small and thin penis.

freelancerJul 18 2012 3:13pm
I am 14 and I have an 8 inch penis 7 around and reading these things always make me laugh

AnonymousAug 04 2012 2:05pm
My husband is only 4 In. I think it's funny too. He so horny all the time though. He mastubates at least 5-6 times a day. ( at work too! Hehe)

AnonymousAug 04 2012 2:13pm
Mine is average 6 inches

VirginBoyNov 14 2012 1:35am
I met my husband at age 14. I was big and fooled him saying I was 16. He was 19. After a few months we were in his car kissing & he had been asking me to look at & feel it. I wanted to but tried not seem anxious. Finally I had to see it. This was year's ago before internet so I didn't know poo about c*cks. Basically all I saw was my dads once in bed & it was standing out of his shorts all hard. but actually it was pretty long now that I think about it. So when he took down his pants it was hard & looked OK. Not big but OK. I wanted to feel it & couldn't resist it so I grabbed it & felt it & it felt so nice I loved it. To a kid like me that was a thrill. It ended up with me stroking it till he came. I was shocked when all his sperm shot out. So we went together for like 3 years till I got pregnant so we got married. Since then I realized his penis is about 4.5" hard & really not satisfying at all. I've also seen so many other guys on the net & noticing bulges or girls telling how big a BFs c*ck is & how great it feels. I am really pissed now that I'm missing out. I'm 49 & still attractive so if a younger guy ever comes onto me I'm going to go for it. I want to feel a real c*ck before its too late.

DotsyMay 19 2013 4:13pm
I am married girl,my age is above 25.before mairrage my viginal tube was tested by circumised penis of 6.7"long when errect and also fat and strong and durable when it is in side of me. And I always feel happy after sex with his cut the year 2o11 in last month got married and sorry to say here that on ist night saw his uncut c*ck which

AnonymousMay 21 2013 12:12am
I am married girl,my age is above 25.before mairrage my viginal tube was tested by circumised penis of 6.7"long when errect and also fat and strong and durable when it is in side of me. And I always feel happy after sex with his cut the year 2o11 in last month got married and sorry to say here that on ist night saw his uncut c*ck which is just3.5”when errect.I measured it with my wrist during foreplay before intercourse in late night on well decorated room and is straight not thin nor hard ,but I have to bear with it because it is legal penis for my c*nt.durin sex time he simply push the penis and go in side me and hardly 2or 3 times he did in and out and suddenly his penis ejaculate and his semen were out and spray on my legs and bed.though was not fully hot nor get my climax.I am waiting for next trip but his penis is not active or forceful to cool me on bed as my boyfriende.after that this is their routine and not able to satisfied me on sex bed.after 2months I come in contact of my exboyfriend and continued my sexual relation with him never use my husband semen and penis is not able to pregent I am pregent with my friend semens. I am pregent and my in-laws including my husband and other faimly members think that I am pregent with her husband sperm.I and my boy friend knows the true fact.I love and like hard not soft and also long and strong not pencile type small dick.still I slept nude with my husband and play with his tool by hand and never taken in mouth as his balls is too big and also suffering hydrocil theore his penis balls look like footbal.

Madhuri SharmaMay 21 2013 12:13am
My husbands c*ck is 5" long. I measured it way before we married. Back then I was 15 & really happy with it. Now I'm 30 & have 3 kids. I am sure my vag has loosened up a bit. I am really not getting much out of penetration anymore. I have a guy at work age 24 who is chasing me like a lost puppy. I heard from one of the young girls that he's very well hung. She said one of the girls told her who he dated. I'm not into cheating but he is so cute and so sexy I am really tempted. WE went to lunch Friday and I like him. I'm sorry but I am very much into having sex with him. I just know if its all that great Ill want him for keeps. That's the end of my marriage. Big problem here.

LaurenMay 25 2013 9:40am
mine is 15 cm erect and i'm only 168 cm tall 26 years old!

a boy with little feetJun 17 2013 12:21pm
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jjiissooJun 19 2013 5:42am
I got problems with m wife. we did not ave sex before married. On our wedding night and honeymoon, she could not have sex because it hurt too much. to make a long story short, she had to have an operation so she could have sex because of a double uterous. Sex was never good. I had to have affair that lasted 7 years. That is all that saved our marriage.

ClarenceAug 04 2013 10:18am
I love him but he has a small one. I knew he was small but thought it didn't matter. After 2 years I am never satisfied by him. He has sensed it too because he said I never make a sound during sex. I really cant fake it. I don't feel very much with his tiny dick in me. Its so small it falls out if he gets exited and moves. My GF is always bragging about her husbands long penis & how happy he makes her. Im not telling her about my husbands but I am wanting to feel a nice big penis sometime. I looked at penis pictures online & some of those guys are so long & sexy. I am addicted to those sites now.

MelindaAug 07 2013 9:35am
my husband is small and thin about 4 inches. my clits almost as big and I have big lips. he just about gets inside and it just like floats in mid air LOL. if he tries to thrust hard he slips out.and he even comes out when I ride him. a few years ago for his birthday I bought him a hollow strapon . so he uses that, and it is a bit better. but I let him go natural so he feels a bit like a man. a tiny bit LOL

JennyAug 07 2013 4:22pm
I am married 10 years. I have a small penis less than 5 inches long. I find lately my wife has made cutting comments about it. I mean saying she wishes I was bigger. I get upset and she says sorry and lets up but soon she says something else like she hope our 2 sons are not taking after me in the penis department. She even told me she saw her dads erection as a kid and it was quite long. That's weird and now I get angry when she hugs and kisses him as she seems seductive towards him. How do I compete with that.

TerryAug 09 2013 3:43pm
Terry I am small too. My wi9fe has hinted about her not being happy but not as bad. I knew she wasn't happy but kind of forget and stupidly told her about a buddy of mine at work. In the locker room he jokes around by spinning his very long c*ck around. Its amazing. When I told her she said ooooohhhh how I wish I could see that. I was sorry I told her. Then we met him at the mall and we asked him back home for a bite. My wife went in and changed into a tight pair of very short shorts. Her ass shows in them. She was definitely flirting. He was checking her ass and legs and I cant blame him. Now I know she would cheat if she gets a chance. I'm afraid of losing her. So which is worse?

JosephAug 09 2013 3:51pm
My husband has 4" with erection! Its smaller than when he was younger but it was always tiny. We are together 25 years and I put up with never having an orgasm. Now at 50 he cant get it up often. I'm so sick of this I would cheat if some guy came along. I want to know what a real c*ck feels like. I've seen guys nude because we began going to the nude beach last year. I was sheltered up till now. I am amazed at the size differences with men. I've seen some guys with very long softy's. I assume they grow bigger hard. Some are bigger soft than my husband is hard. I'm 49 now but attractive. I will be looking for a guy who seems interested. Life is short!

SueAug 09 2013 4:06pm
mine was an arranged marriage from when we were 12. we were same height then. when I saw him again before we were married he was 5'4 I am 5'11 as I was growing up I wore high heels, and I didn't intend stopping when we got married. he isn't just short he is small 4 inch . I let him f*ck me missionary once a week for his sake but most of the time I wear heels and make him take me from befind standing. I have watched Japanese vids of this so I copy them he has to stand on something to reach me. I have long legs so there is a 13 14 inch difference he hardly penetrates past my lips but at least I enjoy watching him struggle for satisfaction I have dildos twice his size

TallitaAug 11 2013 7:12pm
14. W/ 10" ftw

RobAug 13 2013 2:56pm
Sorry Sue, you're too old and saggy now. If you have a 25 year old daughter, you can send her my way.

BrodyAug 15 2013 1:33pm
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AbijanOct 03 2013 11:08pm
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dhElneWyNov 01 2013 7:53pm
I am 78 and my wife is 77 and we do not have sex any more. She was not very good in bed, so I had several affairs and I am still looking at more. I can get hard and I have shrunk to about 6". I masterbate almost every night, as I sleep alone. We have been married 56 years. I guess love goes further than the bedroom. I have had women who were 7 years older than me to a few who were 25 years younger. All were satisfied.

Clarence Nov 13 2013 3:46am
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VzJhQxMxULrllsNov 18 2013 4:46pm
All I can say is that most of you women should be ashamed of yourselfs, what happened to love, although I do agree that sex has a lot to do with a relationship, and there are ways for both males and females to reach orgasm stop being so lazy and selfish.. sorry just my opinion

PamNov 29 2013 6:42am
My husbands c---k is small. I met him at age 15 and even then I realized it was quite small. I was too young to see that this would someday be a real problem. I never knew how small it was until one night I just got frustrated during sex and told him I wish he was bigger. That got him on a kick to measure it. He must have thought it was not all that small. OK so I measured it for him. Its actually 4.75"long. Its 5" around which is OK. He says 5" long is average. I say maybe but to me its small and I need more. Now he's unhappy with me. I say to young girls just don't settle for a c---k that's too small because you think your in love. Never feeling satisfied stinks.

AmandaNov 30 2013 11:08am
CfVH9g Enjoyed every bit of your blog.Really thank you! Will read on...

iPblqFHnLGeytYHOCFDec 14 2013 1:11pm
I've had two previous girlfriends cheat on me. Don't think it was dick size related though, sex was always good, and lots of it. One used to feel the need to tell me about all the big dick she had taken, and being only 4" myself..4.1 to be exact, talk about a kick in the nuts.

Ron BurgandyDec 20 2013 7:39am
If all of you women who are not satisfied but love your husband then go to the adult store and buy your husband a 4" penis extender. Or order one on Your better off doing that than cheating on him. Because once you jump in the bed with a larger man, you will be hooked and wont be able to stop because you will be to loose for your husband and you will NEVER be happy with him again. Women thrive on sex more than men do. Men are easier to please than women. So try that out before you start something that you will never be able to stop and end up lying to your husband everyday.

VickieDec 26 2013 6:04am
I agree Vickie. I fell victim to that. Im a cheer mom and I love my husband but after hearing my friends talk about it and seeing women having sexwith black guys, I went ahead and tried it. Now im hooked on having a bigger penis. Ive went a few years not messing around but then I would give in for a few months. My husband is always asking me if he satisfies me and I just lie to him and say your perfect. He has been suspicious of me because he said I feel looser so I get mad at him to make him feel guilty for accusing me. So I have been trying to refrain from cheating and llying hoping my desires go away but I just slipped again with one of the football coaches. Im just tired of the lying because size does matter. im going to try the extenders like you said and he goes for it then maybe I can break free of cheating.

BeckyDec 26 2013 7:22am
My penis is also 4" erect . And ive never had a bad comment .

BertoJan 08 2014 2:21am
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RaBiEVdLbVZqBEJan 08 2014 2:38pm
For me my husband's penis is small. 5.5 inches hard. I wish it could go a little deeper but we make up for it with a magic wand.

MelanieJan 13 2014 6:15pm
My penis is also 4"erect and 4.25" round .and ive never had a bad thing said about it . I would like to try a penis extender though .

BertoJan 15 2014 11:37am
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PRRauWgpBgJan 15 2014 2:34pm
My hubby is 5 inches. It works for me.

MicheleJan 26 2014 8:29pm
Simple answer. Penis pumping. It takes time, so patience IS required, but it DOES work, and it IS affordable. Hearing women complain about size is is laughable. You should be telling him how to touch you! Trust me, he'll want to. Also don't be afraid to tell him you would like him to "grow up". Stretching takes two fifteen minute sessions out your day, and results will be permently achieved in as little as 4-5 months. (Yes it takes pain no gain, but don't pop it!) As long as you're able to grow new cells (which is always) you can increase both girth and length. Also remember women can reach climax in many ways. Every one is different. Some don't even know what they like yet, so be spontaneous.

Sex addictJan 27 2014 3:59pm
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HvRiVYqtydxmwkeOOJan 30 2014 6:03am
My husbands is small. I used my hand to get a measurement without actually measuring him. I don't want to bring attention to his shortcomings. My estimate is 5". I'm not totally unhappy[y with him. I enjoy sex and he does satisfy me enough to be OK. I'm really more curious as to what its like to be penetrated by a larger penis. As a teenager I saw both my dads and my brothers more than once and both hard and soft. My dad and my brother are definitely a lot longer than my husband. Maybe they are above average? Its just that seeing them made me aware of size after seeing how small my husbands is. Bigger looks sexier.

ConnieJan 30 2014 8:50am
my hubby is over 7 inches long and about 6 inches around. smaller would be better as he hits my cervix in some positions. i love his girth, it fills me just right.

bri Feb 06 2014 5:34am
My husband is very small. I didn't realize until late in life (he was my first lover) that other men were so much bigger. I'd seen bigger men in porn, but I thought they were one in a million. Now that I've tried some bigger men, I really wish my husband were larger (not to mention harder).

DebFeb 13 2014 5:30am
I have been married for more than twenty years, and I think my wife did not have an orgasm for maybe fifteen years until she bought a bullet vibrator. Until then sex was limited mostly to weekends after having some drinks. Since, I have purchased a number of toys for her, but he only likes vibrators, not dildos. Every now and then she will make certain comments while having sex, usually after having a few drinks. Things she has said: what will we do once you can no longer perform?; if you ever want to have a threesome, it would have to be with another man because I don't like women; how come it is hrd as I like (i had taken a viagra that night). Now when we have sex, she will masturbate with the vibrator and I will jerk watching her and lick her tits, and when she is ready to cum she will ask me to f*ck her and cum. She will aldo lick two of my fingers while mastrubating or f*cking, which I interpret she is imagining as having sex with two men. Also, when we f*ck I do feel that her pussy is loose and I need to make an effort to come. I am 5.5 long and 4.75 wide/round. She goes to the gym every day dressed in sexy tights and tshirts and shares a trainer with a couple of friends. I have also noticed that she was following a guy at the gym who would put like on her pictures. When I sked her about him she said she did not know why and that it was some guy at the gym, but then I found a conversation with a friend on her phone telling her that I had asker her about that guy and that she though I had some sort of sixth sense. I wonder if whe has ever slept with some else....

curiousFeb 18 2014 11:17am
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suraj thakurFeb 26 2014 10:21am
My ex got me drunk and her friends to tie me up, they tattooed 'tinyprick' on it and '2 inches girl' above, can't get laser because too painful so surgeon will do it but will be like a pencil what should I do:-)

tonyMar 06 2014 9:31am
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hemanthJul 13 2:38am
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jennardJul 25 12:41pm
My c*ck is 3" hard and my wife says its too small. She tells all her friends and when they have a girls night at our house I have to strip and show them. They all burst out laughing.

AnnonomusJul 26 5:06pm
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My wife is open about admitting my penis is smaller than she likes. Its 5" x 5" around. She likes to be on top so she can move and hit her g spot but she suggested I place a pillow under my butt so it raises me up and I can go in a little deeper.!! Also saw a naked man at the door of our female neighbor. He was talking to her outside as he stood in the door naked. His c--k was hanging soft and looked 6 inches long. My wife said woo woo, OMG!How big his c--k is. Lucky Marylyn and she watched him the entire several minutes he was standing there enjoying the view. She didn't care about my feelings. I know she don't enjoy me since she stays so silent as we have sex. IT sucks to be small.

RickieAug 04 11:37am
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idYKGbUztEAGWDZAAug 05 2:17am
To Rick, I am even smaller than you. 4.5"long hard. I married my wife a year ago. I try not to go where men are not fully dressed so she don't look around. Then a month ago my work buddy came over for a few drinks. We decided he shouldn't drive so we set him up on our sofa. Next morning my wife was up first. She started coffee. She decided to see if Frank was awake yet, and peeked in the living room. He had a morning erection and it was totally exposed out the fly of his boxers. My wife saw it. She came in to wake me and told me. She said she can't wake him as he will know she saw his c*ck. I went in to do it and when I saw it I was sick. Its got to be 8" long. Now I knew what she saw. I also saw how giggly she got over it. She was reacting by giggling which was because it was so big. Ever since she has said some stuff about co-k sizes. This has got her thinking about size now. I'm very concerned.

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My hubby is 3" i fell asleep one time while he was shaggin me

DenAug 09 3:24pm
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CachondaSep 01 10:34pm
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angbelanSep 20 5:29pm
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meSep 29 10:30pm
now old - 76 y.o. - married woman I never liked men with "big thick c*ck. So, my hubby has a full hard less rhan 4 inch slim penis. I do'nt like penetration but fingerplays and like feel his small worm hardening like a slim rod between my fingers. Since has been excised and now also infibulated, I do'nt need any other pleasure than feel his small penis stiffening between my fingers.

YvetteOct 03 3:24am

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I really like swimming 150 mg diflucan Local security officials said a car packed with explosives was left beside the ministry building where it detonated at dawn, badly damaging it and several other buildings in the center of Benghazi. There were no reports of casualties.

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I live here buying diflucan online was intended to stir public anger, to get everybody out there with their pitchforks and their hangman nooses, and all that — sort of like what we did in the Deep South [decades ago]. And I think it was just as bad and just as wrong.

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I really like swimming online pharmacy diflucan "Everyone thinks underwriting was solved in the 1970s byFair Isaac," said ZestFinance Chief Executive and co-founderDouglas Merrill, talking about the company that provides FICOcredit scores. "But it wasn't."

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I'd like to pay this in, please diflucan gel costo At euronews we believe in the intelligence of our viewers and we think that the mission of a news channel is to deliver facts without any opinion or bias, so that the viewers can form their own opinion on world events.

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A packet of envelopes order diflucan canada It’s as amazing that the flight attendant asked; as the captain deciding to wait. ‘Waiting’ was a bad call; but under the circumstances, it’s understandable that ‘whole-brain’ decisions were not to be reasonably expected. Thankfully, everyone who had a chance to survive did so – praise be to the flight attendants & assisting “able-bodied passengers.”

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I went to order diflucan mail Glencore did not break down the impairment, but much of the hit is expected to be from early-stage projects and greenfield operations. That is mines built from scratch which have long been unpopular with Glencore management. These include the $5 billion (3.73 billion euros) nickel operation Koniambo in New Caledonia.

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How do you spell that? careprost (bimatoprost ophthalmic) - 0.03 (3ml) Former member of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System, Professor Randy Kroszner, tells the BBC's Nkem Ifejika that Janet Yellen is "battle tested" and that she will be driven by the data in deciding when to reduce support to the markets. On the US budget crisis he adds: "There isn't as much adult supervision in Washington as anyone in the world would like", but the process does help prevent the US getting into as bad a debt situation as Greece.

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Best Site good looking rx bimatoprost Mike Pouncey is a center for the Steelers while Maurkice plays center for the Dolphins. They were considered close friends with Hernandez while in Florida. The Patriots cut Hernandez within two hours of his being arrested on June 26, and the team hosted a jersey exchange last weekend where fans traded in jerseys bearing his name on the back. Earlier in the week, fellow tight end Rob Gronkowski demurred when asked about the Hernandez case, maintaining that he had “no reaction at all.” Owner Robert Kraft insisted that if the charges are correct, then his entire organization had been “duped.”

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What's your number? lumigan bimatoprost glaucoma The rapists of democracy is evil Sisi and his gang who will meet their maker you shall see; no criminal will go un-punished as the days of the dictators are long gone. Criminal Sisi gang could not win through the ballot box so they did it through bayonets and bullets but wind of majority will sweep them over because bayonets and bullets may chase them also because criminals only understands force not words or protests.

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Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account? cytotec mg After months of battles, a quiet quid pro quo was struck, according to a former senior intelligence official: We’ll let you export first-rank encryption, the government said, but we want to get a first look at what you’re developing and a back door into it. A Clipper chip wasn’t needed, after all, if the government was going to get access to servers and telecom data. “The way the encryption deal was worked out was that, in the end, controls were liberalized in various stages, in 1997, ’98, and ’99, and all of the liberalizations had a single bottom line: All products had to be reviewed by the NSA,” says William Reinsch, who was undersecretary of Commerce during a critical period in the 1990s when the NSA was undergoing a dramatic decline from the chief innovator of America’s spying technologies, and instead finding itself falling behind Silicon Valley and the telecom industry. “That review meant [NSA] got to look at them.… It was a source of considerable irritation to companies—not the basic fact of it but that NSA wanted to continue to do it for every product.

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I'm a housewife bimatoprost lowest price Every time an elephant is cut down, a glorious, gentle creature is wiped off the earth and a species moves closer to extinction. And more often than not, the killing also makes it likelier that a human being will fall victim to fanatical violence.

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Insufficient funds cytotec 400 mg To collect its data, which excludes taxes, title fees, property insurance, association fees, interest and other prepaid items, Bankrate surveyed up to 10 lenders each state plus the District of Columbia in June 2013. The average closing costs are based on estimates for a $200,000 mortgage for a single-family home with a 20 percent down payment. Costs include fees charged by lenders and third-party fees for services such as appraisals.

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This is your employment contract where can i buy albendazole over the counter But the focus of the Philippine military has increasingly turned to external threats as territorial spats involving China, the Philippines and Vietnam heated up in recent years in the potentially oil- and gas-rich waters.

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