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Can you (woman) overpower your husband/friend?

Question: I am a 64 year old Woman from Germany, very strong boned and athletical build. Last week I gave a party for my best four girlfriends and their husbands. After a few bottles of wine the men did armwrestling. Also did I and my friends. In the later evening my bettest girlfriend challenged the men to armwrestle against her. She won four of five matches, and the men got in big surprise. But in what surprise got we women. A few hours before she was the weakest of us women, and now just the strongest man could stand her. We, the women, did not say a word and captured our secret. Please tell me, if you as a woman know about similar events.
Created by: selma at 08:56:37 PM, Wednesday, September 08, 2004 PDT


When we first started dating years ago my husband was physically stronger. But as men get older, they quickly lose stamina and strength, much more than we do.I work out regularly, so I am more fit than ever. He is always tired at the end of the day, so he has developed the habbit of sitting around, often while I'm out jogging. Middle-aged men are no match for women, especially if we are a few years younger.

SallySep 10 2004 10:29pm

I have overpowered my husband several times. I too work out with weights along with aerobic training. In time I noticed I had more than strengthened, I became more muscular. I found myself comparing my muscles to his, at first without him knowing but when it became obvious that mine had become slighly larger than his, I began to ask him to flex and I would do the same to compare size. I suspected that I was stronger and when I could see the shape and size of every muscle had become superior to his I became very interested in some strength contest. I was actually taken by surprise at how much stronger I am when I arm wrestled him. I have wrestled and pinned him several times. I don't know why I enjoy being stronger and the sight of my larger muscles is erotic to me. It thrills me to compare flexed muscles and see the difference knowing that My muscles are not supposed to be bigger or stronger because I'm a woman.

JanSep 16 2004 4:23pm
I have a similar story to Selma's. I went with my husband to a party some time ago. I am 58 years old and my husband 55. At the party there were 4 other couples in similar ages. After dinner the subject of working out came up. One of the women said she believed that women didn?t seem to loose their strength and stamina as quickly as men. The men didn?t agree of course. The host of the party said he was still stronger than most women. His wife than said that he could try to take her on in an armwrestling match. We all followed the match with interest. The hostess is not a small woman, she works out 3 times a week together with me and some other ladies and I know she is strong. We were anyway a bit surprised to see her slam her husbands hand down rather easy. She then continued to take the rest of the men on and won all the matches. After this show of strength the men went out smoking while us women continued to armwrestle. I was suprised to see I could beat the hostess meaning that I was stronger than all the men as well. Coming home that evening I had to challenge my husband. He said that the hostess was a hell of a strong woman but didn't believe that I could match his strength. I played with him this evening. I pretended to go down and just before my hand touched the table I stopped his arm and then forced him down. I now know that I am stronger than many men my age.

Betty ArmstrongSep 18 2004 12:48pm
A bunch of 50-something old people armwrestling is kinda gay.

The ComputerSep 18 2004 6:27pm
You don?t have to be surprised, Mrs. Selma. In th first ten or fifteen years of life women are equal or eveb superior in physical strength because they develop faster.Then men catch up and for the next decades they are the stronger sex. But not as much as believed, because cultural aspects counts very strong on how the genders have to be and look like. If a woman works as hard as a man she can get almost as strong as a man. In the last decades of life the relations turn back again. Women live longer than men (the reasons are not exactliy clear). Men physically waste away faster and as a result they get physical weaker.

Dr. SvedenborgSep 19 2004 6:25am
I never realized my bicep is bigger than my husband's until I asked him to flex in the mirror and I did the same. Mine is so much thicker and rounder while his doesn't swell as thick even when he flexes! He was embarrassed with a red face because my muscle is much larger! I'm 42 years young and never arm wrestled him but I sure want to now! I feel kind of bad because I laughed and said "my muscle could squash yours" I know I shouldn't have said that but it looked like it was twice as big.

JudySep 22 2004 9:02am
Hey Judy! Which is bigger, your clit or your husband's penis. Never mind, I already know the answer. Poor girl.

AnonymousSep 25 2004 7:29am
What is this, a story of fat women with scrawny husbands? Get a grip on reality, folks.

HHOct 05 2004 10:03am
HH, you should be surprised how many strong women there are around you. I dont know your age, size or strength but I know that when men and women have passed 50 women are fast catching up in strength, men loose their strength faster than women. I am 57 years old and have been working out at a local gym in my town for more than 15 years. We are about 50% women in the gym, most of us have passed 50. I am stronger than any of the men over 50 and so are 5-6 of the other women. My husband plays golf, he takes long walks with our dog but he has not lifted a weight since school. He is one year older than me and much weaker. He has no problem with that at all, he just says that somebody has to be strong in a relationship and since he is not that strong it needs to be me. My closest friend will be 60 next year and she can beat me armwrestling. Just because you pass 50 you can play and have fun, I rather often play wrestle with my husband pinning him in our bed. He hasnt got a chance. When we have dinner parties I often challange the men to armwrestling mtaches and everybody now knows I can beat them, I have beaten a man 35 years old to his embarassment. So there you go. This is reality. Why dont your challange a big strong woman of 50, I am sure your in for a surprise!

Grandma muscleOct 31 2004 9:12am
Wrestling in bed with a woman of 50 is the last thing I want to think about.... no wait, wrestling with a man of 50 is the last thing I want to think about, thank you.

DINONov 13 2004 6:00pm
Dino, a strong woman of 50 can do things to you that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Mona 52Nov 14 2004 10:50pm
Very few comments on this board. I think the strong women have scared the men away or? I really enjoy being strong and to be honest I especially enjoy being stronger than many men since they can't take it that well. I think many men take them selves to seriously and it is rather stupid to feel less of a man just because they loose to their wives or girlfriends in a contest of strength. I have worked out all my life, the last years with rather heavy weights. I live a very active life where I take long walks, I run, I do yoga. Every day I start doing 3 times 35 pushups and 3 times 150 situps. When I come to work I very ofteh use a 5 kg dumbell while I am talking in the phone. I am 53 years old and stronger than ever. Some of the young men at the office where I'm working look with awe at the muscles in my arms. I am most of the time sleeveless. I have challanged some of them to armwrestle me for fun but they are scared to take me on even if I am sure some of them are stronger than me. What's in it for a man to armwrestle a woman? Everbody think they will win and if they loose they really feel like they are wimps. This is so unfair. I work really hard to be strong so why should somebody think they are weak if they can't beat me? I would love to hear comments from my sisters out there, strong or weak and of course you men are welcome as well. Do you think less of a man if he looses and armwrestling match to a strong woman? I am now divorced and I am sure that one big reason for my husband to leave me for a younger (and weaker) woman was that he couldn't take that I was stronger than him. My 18 year old sun is rather cool about having a strong (stronger than him) mother. He just moved to his own apartment and when we moved his things there he wanted me to help him rather than his father. Well, I guess this was long enough and that I have made my point. Women, be strong and proud, never hide your strength.

GreteDec 20 2004 11:18pm
I found out that I can beat my husband at armwrestling too. For the first time not to long ago, I compared muscles with him and I have a more muscular bicep. I'm fourty and go to the gym several days a week. I suspected that I was stronger but seeing both my muscle and his together while flexing gave my real confidence

LindaJan 15 2005 2:32pm
Can you (woman) overpower your husband? Yes, I found that I can overpower him when wrestling and pin him until he can't move. I frequent a gym to build strength.

GalJan 22 2005 10:42pm
A friend of mine the other day talked about seeing this poll. She had for a long time thought that she was physically stronger than her husband but she wasn't sure he could handle a situation where he wasn't the strong one in their relationship anymore. At the same time my friend wanted to show that all the working out had made her a very strong, 51 year old woman. She was surprised how many polls and websites that was about women being stronger and she told me that it was time to challenge her husband. She was one night before bedtime teasing her husband for having smaller muscles than her (which was true)and he got really upset when his wife told him that she believed she was stronger. Of course this lead to some tests of strength. My friend was right, her husband didn't have a chance when it came to armwrestling and even wrestling. But it all turned out OK at the end, the wrestling lead to more pleasant activities in the bed and my friends husband accepted the fact that he wasn't stronger. I am now thinking to challenge my husband as well. He is bigger than me but I am more active than he is, working out 2-4 times a week while he goes to the gym once a week. I start every morning with push ups and situps, than jump on my bicycle for a 35 minute ride to work and the same thing back. I might write again when I feel strong enough to take my man on in an armwrestling match.

YvonneJan 23 2005 11:22pm
hey grette ill take u down. im a 32 year old guy and ill challenge u jim

AnonymousJan 28 2005 5:31pm
I'm 47 and I've trained with weights for years with my husband. Not like a pro bodybuilder but through the years never gave it up for too long. Now through my forties and even now, is when I've built the larger muscles. When I was younger I became stronger and hard. Not until my later 30s and early 40s did my muscles become much bigger. Now my husband of 49 just marvels at my musculature. By the time I was 42 we could both regognize I was better developed. I have detailed the fact that while his muscles have atrophied in the last 7 to 8 years, mine have made the most muscular gains. My muscles are larger then his by a facter greater than his ever were compared to mine because we always kept logs of our work outs and results. Of course I'm the stronger sex at this point. In the mirror my muscles a bigger and my quads look twice his size and probably the largest difference. I've read some great neat things here so I thought I should share a small part of my outlook. I enjoy being stronger!

StephJan 28 2005 10:45pm
I'm a 46 years old man from Denmark, slim and fit. Some years ago i had a girlfriend who was much bigger and stronger than me - she often defeated me in both armwrestling and wrestling! It's not a problem to me losing to a stronger woman...actually it's a turn on for me. I know there is a lot of women stronger than many men, but the problem is that most of them really don't enjoy being stronger or don't wanna show how strong they are. What a pity! I would really love to test strength against a strong older woman. So, if any of you ladies wanna challenge a good loking guy - let me know! Ole

AnonymousJan 29 2005 7:15am
Not to long ago my wife showed me her arm muscles (Flexing) for the first time. I was blown away at the size and shape of her biceps! She goes to a gym during the week when I'm at work. I was embarised but exited when she asked to compare our muscles in the mirror and it was easy to see her's are larger! I haven't arm wrestled with her yet but it crossed my mind what would it be like in such a strength test. I really couldn't tell that her muscles were that big until she flexed and made mine look small in the mirror, I don't know what her's measure either but maybe two inches bigger than mine.

BradJan 29 2005 12:02pm
I too have found that I have more muscle size in my arms than my husband when I flex. I used a tape measure from my sewing box last night. I work out four days a week with weights and I'd like to arm wrestle my man but just don't know how to ask, he was a bit embarised with my muscles being bigger than his. Mine are even harder compared with his when we flex.

wife at 47Jan 30 2005 6:28pm
Hi wife at 47, I don't think you should challange him directly if he is a bit embarised with your muscles being bigger than his. Maybe you could say something like " i wonder if my muscles being bigger than yours means that i'm also stronger than you" or something like that, just be creative! Even he is a bit embarised, he maybe have a secret dream about feeling your strength. A lot of men actually find it very sensual to arm wrestle their partner. Keep us posted!

OleJan 31 2005 2:18am
The stories here of women describing their superior strength and muscularity don?t surprise me. Men who don't believe them are in deep denial. I have seen firsthand how women can easily achieve physical dominance over most males through regular exercise, whether in the gym or in a job that requires heavy lifting. Several women I know have developed breathtaking physiques without making too much effort, working out during times that men often spend watching TV. The results ? powerful chests, broad shoulders and thick arms -- left little doubt they could beat most men in any test of strength, anywhere anytime. All took obvious pride in their ability to overpower men. Tammy worked with a friend of mine who introduced us and asked her to flex for me. "I bench press 180 pounds," she declared proudly, showing off her biceps like trophies. Then, eyeing my slender build she added, "You look like you would be lucky to lift half of what I can with these guns." Monique was a member of my softball team who spent winter working out and emerged in spring like a steel butterfly from a cocoon. She whipped off her sweatshire one day in practice to show she had clearly overtaken the average male on the team in musclarity and overall fitness. She proved it by beating several male teammates in arm wrestling at a bar after practice. "Women aren't supposed to have muscles," she gloated to us. What do you think now?" Sally was a co-worker who ran a small horse farm outside her normal job. Lifting feedbags and slinging heavy lumber for fencing, combined with her natural size -- about 5'9" and 180 pounds -- produced arms and shoulders strong as oaks, more than match for the sedentary men in the office. I find powerful, confident women very sexy, and I hope this trend continues.

JohnJan 31 2005 6:19am
If any of you strong-natural-muscular ladies would like to show off your great looking muscles and even get paid for it,go to Or just e-mail me at

Kevin of Betty Biceps.netJan 31 2005 8:02am
Most of the posts seem to be fakes. They are fantasys by men who would liked to be overpowered by a woman. Older women are weaker than younger women and especially men. There is no way that a 50 year old woman can compare to a 50 year old man.

unbelieverJan 31 2005 9:18am
I had an ex-wife who was very strong, a benefit from her physical job laying underground cable. I was 6'2" 225 and she was 5'7" 170 of solid muscle but the 50 lbs. I had on her meant nothing. The first time I met her, I wound up play wrestling on her bed. I had her on her back and tried pinning back her arms. She actually started laughing at me because I couldn't do it. I arm wrestled her on several occassions and never beat her although the matches were very close. Only a couple of my male friends could beat her. She was arrogant not just confident and yes, it did bother me, not because she was stronger but because she had such a c*cky attitude about wanting to beat me in front of my family or friends. Her arm muscles were much more developed and way harder than mine..something I actually learned to find extremely erotic. So much hard muscle under that soft skin was quite a turn-on!!!!

RickJan 31 2005 2:26pm
My story is true. I am 43 5'10 175 very muscular jock type. My girlfriend is 38, 6'2 235. Now she is not totally riped but she is very strong. She works outs with me. Her leg press blows mine away, close to 700lbs. Her goal is to lift me overhead. I can't wait. She eaisly picks me up with no proble. She likes being strong and in control with me but only in our home. What can I say I have a great life.

robJan 31 2005 4:54pm
A few years ago three couples went away on vacation. As in Selma's post, after drinking the three men started to argue and then arm-wrestle. Our wives all went to the same gym. They bet they could beat us. We took the challenge but for reasons that now elude me were reluctant to do so in front of each other. The women each took one man to another room for the match. After the men changed rooms until each man-woman combination had arm-wrestled for nine total matches. Afterwards we got together and each recorded his or her record. The women had made the challenge so the men reported the results. Roger had gone 1-2. He lost to Cathy and Jane but beaten Lisa. Art was also 1-2. He lost to Cathy and Jane but had beaten Lisa. It came to me. Roger and Art both looked at me with hope but alas I was 0-3. I lost to all three women even little Lisa whom I outweighted by 60 lbs.

WalterJan 31 2005 5:50pm
A few years ago I took a new job and was commuting 1000 miles a week to get there. At nights I was typically alone. After a few nights I ran into our receptionist, Rachel, in a bar. She was 22. I was a lot older. At work we dressed very casually which meant sloppy. Rachel wore baggy clothes. At night, she was dressed up and I saw that she had a beautiful body. We became drinking buddies. A few months later after the Company Christmas party, which Rachel had planned, we were the last two in the bar. Her boyfriend had left - drunk -- as usual. We were laughing and joking and started making bets. After I lost a few bets, I bet her I could beat her arm-wrestling. I was taller, heavier and older. To my surprise, she quickly took the challenge and was surprised I would think I could beat her. We moved to a standup table which was the perfect height for an arm-wrestling match. She was shorter but had on 5 inch heels for the party. We borrowed the waiter's cloth to pad our elbows. We took our grips and I could tell she had done this before. I asked if she had and she laughed and said "lots of times -- I won a lot of drinks in bars doing this." We started and I could not budge her arm. As she strained her bicep expanded impressively as did muscles all down her forearm. I pulled as hard as I could but go nowhere. Then I noticed this big smile on her beautiful face. She was barely trying. "You are no match," she said. I did not respond but tried to use my height and weight advantage. But she had pulled my arm to far toward her and she had the leverage. A few seconds later she drove my hand down on to the table firmly and then beamed in triumph. To my chagrin, on Monday she told the whole office of her achievement. A few did not believe her so she challanged me again there. The others did not let me decline and the second time I lost in front of a large audience cheering her on.

ThadJan 31 2005 5:59pm
I am 5'10" & 180lbs aged 58. Although reasonably fit I am small-boned and have never been physically strong. I have arm-wrestled & wrestled with several women over the years. I have found that whilst they are reluctant to do so initially & pretend to be weeker when encouraged and I make it clear I don't mind losing they find it exciting. About I wrestled with a woman some 10 years younger who was slim and 5'32. She was far stronger than me, able to pin me down easilly and get me off her when I tried to do the same. Needless to say she beat me in arm wrestling. I had another female friend who is my age and 5'6.5" I would say she was even stronger and able to arm-wrestle both my arms with her left arm and hold me in a grip I had no way of breaking. My wife is also much stronger than me. None of these women, although naturally strong, attended the gym.

JonFeb 01 2005 4:36pm
When someone trains for a long time and has mesomorphic tendencies, they develop "muscle maturity" -- a significantly denser, stronger musculature than someone who doesn't train or even the most mesomorphic person who hasn't been training long. I've seen a number of women in their 40s and 50s who have worked out heavily or done heavy physical work or play for years who were incredibly strong. One of my closest friend's mothers, at or just over 50, could effortlessly reduce macho 20something guys to whimpering with her crushing hand and forearm strength. I saw it and felt it. I have a friend in her mid-40s, sexy hourglass build but naturally well-muscled, who could snap your ribs with a hug or her long, big muscled thighs and calves. She doesn't even use heavy weight any more because her body responds too quickly and she doesn't want to be that big. If she did, she'd be a monster. I've seen a mid-50s bodybuilder waste a guy half her age in a wrestling match. I've seen women in their 40s and 50s with massively muscled thighs moving serious weight in the gym. I know if my wife, in her mid-40s, large-boned, lots of natural muscle and pretty mesomorphic, worked out as often as I do, she would weigh probably 15 to 20 pounds less than she does now -- but she'd also be much stronger than I am. Remember, the average male's strength advantage is only 50 to 60 percent and that's entirely in the upper body. That can be mae up pretty quickly if you lift and eat to gain strength and size.

HalFeb 01 2005 6:28pm
Some of the posts seem suspect, true. But, there's just something about this topic that intrigues me. I'd like to see what it would be like to armwrestle/wrestle one of these women. If it is indeed true.

JustinFeb 02 2005 5:39am
To the non-believers: There are many men like myself who have enjoyed the ultimate pleasure of being with a strong and or muscular woman. We naturally congregate to websites and message boards like these because we enjoy reading and sharing about our experiences. Maybe it makes you jealous that some of us have enjoyed these pleasures, don't be. Keep looking and you'll find one yourself. I probably owe my sister a bit of gratitude for not only introducing me to one of her muscular friends (we dated for almost three years) but for giving me my first dose of female muscle. My athletic sister (one year younger than me) had a pair of the buffliest arms I had ever seen on a girl. It was my interest in her muscles and she found it flattering every time I asked her to flex, that caused her to hook me up with her muscled friend. I even got to watch them armwrestle each other several times and my sister always won. I couldn't beat either one of them back then in high school although now that I've been lifting for years, I'd probably win..

AdamFeb 02 2005 5:45pm
Please!!!!!!!!!!! A guy that looses to a woman in armwrestling should be embarrassed. Beside, I suspect many of this stories are just lies.

CocoFeb 03 2005 2:46pm
Please!!!!!!!!!!! A guy that looses to a woman in armwrestling should be embarrassed. Beside, I suspect many of this stories are just lies.

CocoFeb 03 2005 2:47pm
What a bunch of JO fantasies.

lolFeb 03 2005 4:41pm
I was married about 8 months and my wife injured her shoulder with a fall on ice. To help her recover, sports medicine therapy was implemented with vigorous rehabilitation exercise program. I don?t remember how long the therapy had taken but her therapist sparked an interest in weight training as a method to speed her recovery. She joined a health club and became very dedicated to exercise and weight lifting. She was not a particularly strong girl or athletic at the time but the program helped her self-confidence. As she continued her body changed and as she grew more shapely and more dedicated to her workout schedule. During this period I changed jobs and had my hands full and spent long hours at work. This schedule worked well for both of us, and our time together became more special. One night as I lay in bed waiting for her to finish washing her face and brushing her teeth I noticed something very surprising. I could lie on the bed and see her getting ready for bed in the bathroom. This particular night was hot and she decided to wear not her normal pajamas but a sleeveless tank top. As she brushed her hair to put it back for the night I notice her arms, and I was completely taken by surprise. She had muscles, real defined muscles, shoulders that shimmered as she brushed her hair and biceps that jumped with each movement. We kissed goodnight and she fell asleep, as I stayed awake thinking about what I just saw. As I thought back I began to remember how our love life was getting more physical and how solid she felt and now how intrigued I am over this newly developed body of my wife. The week started as most weeks do, it was the normal madness at work, late hours and a demanding schedule. Friday came and we both felt like stay home and watching TV. The rules of our household TV was typically who ever started watching a program had control of the TV. I was watching this show, which my wife did not particularly like and like the normal guy I said she could decide on the next show after this one is over. I got up to do something and when I returned she had changed the station. That?s when the trouble and change in our relationship began. I went for the remote and she quickly grabbed it off the coffee table. With that I went after her and a wrestling match broke out in the struggle for the TV. As she went to hide the remote behind her back I grabbed her arm to stop her and could not. We began wrestling and before I knew it I was on the ground between the coffee table and the couch. She was on top on me in this very awkward position and I lay winded and sweating with out having the remote control. As I think back the struggle seemed like seconds, but it was minutes. Then she says we?ll I guess you have lost control and its my TV. What?s the matter, you seemed surprised that you can?t take the remote from me. My heart just began to sink to my stomach realizing that she is right; I feel like I just sprinted a mile and she is fresh. As she got off of me she softly says, ?how does it feel to be the weaker sex?? I said no, I am not, I must just be tired from the week, and then she says ?typical male ego?. Ok fine, put your money where your mouth is, lets arm-wrestle. She says that?s ?fine; I hope you can handle this? as we get up to go to the table. As we sat down I got very nervous, in our marriage of 2 years we had never arm-wrestled, wrestled or tested our strength against each other. She has muscles, that I really just realized, she looks great, has a real solid body and just smoked me in the remote control fight??what am I getting myself into?? She puts her arm on the table very calmly like she had done this before and with complete confidence. I had not arm-wrestled since high school, let alone work out in 3 years since graduating college. I figured I needed a strategy. I would test her strength, and see if she really knows what she is doing. So my plan was to not give it all my effort and then put her arm down gently thinking I did not want to wear myself out too quickly. The match begins and we are even, I am giving it about 70% and neither of us is moving the other. This stale mate goes on for 30-40 seconds and I figure that she is at full power so I decide now is the time to assert my complete strength and end this nonsense now. So I power it up am wham?nothing happens, she doesn?t move? not even an inch again my heart drops. This goes on for another 30 seconds and I feel my power drain. I mention to her ?ok, you are strong shall we call it a draw?? She answers back ?what are you giving up?? I say ?no, but it appears we are evenly matched?. She goes ?OH?? ?Do you mean you have given me everything you have and you can?t win?? Meekly I respond ?yes? and ? what about you, do you agree?? With that she says ?no way?, and she puts my arm right down! Wham, my ego just bottomed out and asked what?s going on? She says,? nothing, you just lost to your wife and may I add, I beat you easily?. I said no, we were close; I just don?t have your endurance. She responded, ?wrong buddy, I wasn?t even trying, I was just testing you?! I proceeded to arm-wrestle her 4 or 5 more times and the ending was the same, I lost and I lost bad. She then jumps up from the table does some kind of dance and flexes her muscles. I then whisper, ?So you like this huh?? She says no sir?I love it! I must have had this hurt little boy look on my face and she says, ?come here it looks as if you could use a hug?. I stand up and she gives me this very tight bear hug and tells me that if this bothers me maybe I should start to work out. ?Yes I said maybe you are right?. ?So? she asks, ?what do you think of my muscles and strength?? I respond, ?we?ll both are impressive, let me see that bicep of yours?? She flexes it again and it feels very hard, big and incredibly dense, her stomach was hard and her shoulders felt like rocks, they seemed so hard that they should hurt. I told her I liked her muscles and thought they were very sexy. Her next response is ?then you will keep me? and said of course. ?Even if I am stronger than you and want to stay this way?? Yes, please keep it up if it makes you happy. Later that night she took the dominant position on top during our lovemaking. While on the bottom I felt all the power in her arms, legs, but, shoulders and back. My hands were free to roam where ever, which was a new experience for us. The sex was incredible, it was as if I was making love for the first time, we both enjoyed it immensely. From that day on she took the dominant role in our relationship. The most amazing discovery was that I liked it!

tomFeb 04 2005 7:18am
How many people reading this thread right now are starting to reach for their little wiener? Honestly.

EddieFeb 04 2005 10:11am
Tom, you are a WUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

cocoFeb 04 2005 10:32am
Coco... at least tom is saying something that is not negative...what have you contributed...nothing but negative comments on others, why do you even care?

marshaFeb 04 2005 5:33pm
I think is true what Marsha is saying.Nevertheless, I do think most of the stories here are either lies, or the guys that are posting stories have never really done any exercise. Lets talk reality. Women are NOT stronger than men in general.

KayFeb 04 2005 9:15pm
iam really agree with coco no women can compete against a men iam 19 year old and just 50 kg iam not a professional wresler if a women under 19 and under 50 kg can beat me come in front iam ready to wretle

mohnishFeb 04 2005 11:39pm
My friend was telling me that his grandma used to live in texas and for the last 1 year she and my grandpa has settle in washington.he told me this interesting thing that one night we were al free from our jobs were enjoyin a holiday so me and my sister suggested that lets have and armwresling copmetion in which evey one would give one dollar each and the winner will get the money.So we started the competion and my father ,my grandpa and grandmother had reached the final.My father was a personal trainer and grandpa was police man.But my father beat him in the semifinal match with very tight ending.In the next match was between grandmom who was 61 years old and was a teacherand my grandpa was 57 ,four years younger then my grandmother.SO they both lock their hand.and with a surprising 0ne minute she defeated him easily.and the final was between my dad and my grandmother both lock their hands starting applying pressure grandma was wearing halfsleeves shirt and her arms seemed to be bigger than dad under her sleeves.Firstly dad started gaining advantage then slowly grandma got the advantage sh started pushing his hand toward the table and almost after a minute she pinned his arm to the table and won the armwrestling competion.Every one surprised after seeing her strength.

John charlesFeb 05 2005 1:17am
My Teacher in India: I was studying in a mumbai college. I was 21-year handsome guy. We were in our 3rd year in college that our English teacher has resigned. So a new English teacher was appointed .The teacher was a lady and they?re only few female teachers in the school. She was about almost in her late forties but according to her she was far beautiful and sexy looking lady .Her name was Zubaida Jalal.In her daily periods in our class she would always ware shalwar kameez (an Indian dress) or sometimes she would ware sari (and Indian dress) but on her clothes she would always ware a shawl (a piece of clothe that Indian ladies ware over there heads or shoulders) which would hide her head and her upper body parts. But still she looked broader than the other teachers. She was a inch taller than of my height of 5,9.The most important thing about her that would surprise me was that although she was a nice teacher but when someone disturb the discipline in the class she would punish the defaulted students and sometimes she would just gave a boy just a slap on his bad behavior. And even the big strong guys of class even get tears from their eyes when they get slap from her. Her strong impression was developing in students mind. One day I did not have done my homework .So she came to me and asked Varun where is your homework .I lie to her that someone stole my copy. But suddenly she caught my copy from the bag and it was empty. She got angry and said,? you were lying to me?. She than caught me by my ear I started to remove her hand but her grip was too much tight suddenly I accidentally touched her forearm and I couldn?t believe that her forearm was to much hard .She than loosed her grip from my ear and told me to complete my work twice. I was relieved that she did not beat me but I was still thinking of her forearm. Ms Zubaida was also my neighbor and I could see her many times a day .I often see her working in her garden and lifting many heavy plants from one place to another. I was sure that she must be a strong lady and indeed she would have muscular body because from my teenager age I was attracted toward muscular ladies. I was living alone in my house so I decided that I should do overtime for studies with her for studies. With this I could see her body more closely. So I asked her and she agreed and I started going in her house. In the morning I would go to college and in the evening I would be with her in her house for studies. So she was teaching me in her house. While studying I was not interested to studies but I would always try to look at her body. Once studying my arm touched her arm so I was again shocked that her arm was solid as a rock and was bigger than mine. One day while I was studying at her house and she was free at that day was reading a newspaper, I was tired from studies I asked why don?t we play some game. She agreed but said that finish the home work .I quickly finish my work and she was also in a mood of playing and said lets play chess .S o we started playing chess and I was getting bored and than at the end I loosed from her. After loosing I said this was a boring game, why don?t we play a real tough game, which will prove who is real tough. She said what is the game. I said lets do armwrestling. She thinked for a while and then she agreed. So we both placed our hand on the table and held each other?s grip and I said go and we started applying pressure in each other hands. I was shocked that her grip was too much strong and within 10 seconds she pinned my arm to the table. I was embarrassed of what had happened that I was lost in an arm wrestling match by my female teacher, which is of my mother age. She saw my embarrassing face and said don?t be embarrass better luck next time. I was now knowing her strength so I asked if I would use my both hand against her one arm, she agreed. The match was again starting but she was so much powerful that I couldn?t move her a little down with my to hands, suddenly I saw big bicep expanding from under her sleeves, even under her shawl it was huge and in few seconds she again pinned my armed to the table. And I said to her that WOW! You are so much powerful, I was arm wrestling champion in school and even big guys in the school cant beat me when I use two arms so how did you beat me. She said it may be the housework and my exercises may given me strength. And after this she left to the kitchen and I went to my house. A few days have past but this incident was still in my mind .In the class and in the her house I was always in a try of seeing her bicep and feeling it. One day this moment finally come .She was sitting beside me at her home, suddenly door ranged and their was box on the door she went to get it and she came back carrying a heavy box and then she put it on the table and stated looking in it .I saw the box was full of marble tiles. And then she lifted it easily and carried it to the upstairs and she came back at the couch and continued teaching. I was continued thinking that how heavy that box was and it may have been at least 170lbs.I was thinking and suddenly she put her hands on my shoulder and asked me Varun are you allright. I suddenly said that I was thinking that how did you easily lifted that box, it may have taken two guys to lift that. She smiled and said it was not so much heavy. I could not control myself and asked her that do you bodybuilding. She said sometimes I lift some weights said than you must have strong arms. She said maybe but I never noticed. I asked could you show your muscles. With that she moved the shawl from her arms and beneath she was wearing full sleeves shirt .She than flex her armed and I was shocked that even under her sleeves her bicep was appearing huge, I guessed it that her bicep was at least 19 inches .I moved my hand and touched it, it was so much hard .I said to her WOW! Your muscles are so much big and strong. She smiled and said really; maybe my workout has made me strong. With this she lowered her arm and said now you have seen my muscles so get on with your studies and with this I continued to do my homework and she started reading her book. A couple of weeks later she was shifted to my house for few days because her house was under some construction work. So she was making food for me. I had only one bedroom and only one bathroom so for the sleeping we share the both. In the bedroom she would sleep on the ground and I would be sleeping at my bed. When at night I would try to sneak out to see her body .One night I was reading the comics, she came from the bathroom I saw her warring sleeveless gown in which her arm could easily be seen, her arms were broad and veins could be seen moving over her arms flesh. I could not see more because she turns of the light and she went for sleep. I tried to get up early in the morning to see more glimpse of her huge arms but she was already awaken before me and changed her clothes and was making breakfast in the kitchen. A day later I was in the bathroom combing my hair she came from the back and was in hurry and was going to some place. She asked me do you have electric shaver, I said yes and gave it to her .She started it but it was not working. I got it from her and adjust its battery and started it for her. I asked why do you want this. She said I lost mine in somewhere; I was in hurry because I want to meet someone so I haven?t shaved my armpits so I wanted to shave them. I asked her if she is in hurry I could help in shaving. She accepted it and with this she removed her shawl from her right arm under it she was warring sleeveless shirt than she put her hand at her back of the head and I could see her armpit with few hairs the most of all was that when she put her hand on the back of head I could see a big and huge bicep flex from her arm. I never saw in my life so much huge and firm and well shaped by bicep before. I shaved her right arm and then I shaved her left one and then I moved some lotion into her armpits and could feel some hotness from her body. After this she thanked me and than she kissed me on my left cheek and then she went out. These were the best moments in my entire life. One night we were sitting on the same bed, we both were free. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse .I asked her why don?t we do wrestling. She said fine but how do we play it .I told her that the first one who pinned his opponent to ground or on the bed will win the match. We started the match. I quickly grabbed her from the back and tried to lift her but she was heavy and very strong, so I jumped onto her back and tries to bend her down but she didn?t bend but instead she put her hand on by grip which I was holding around her neck. She loosened the grip and I came to my foot, then she moved towards me and then she put one of her on my back and other behind my legs and then she lifted me of the ground like a cradle. I was feeling embarrass that I was lifted like a little child by almost 50 years old lady. And then she pinned me on the bed and with this she again defeated me. She asked me are you all right varun. I said I am fine. I said WOW! You are so much powerful. Now that you have wearing sleeveless can I see your muscles? She smiled and then she removed her shawl and then she flexed for me and I was feeling so hotness by seeing that huge bicep. Veins were passing through her arms. I asked her what is your bicep size. She said that she had never measured them. I said could I take you measurements. She agreed, with this I quickly bought an inching tape from my room. I first measured her calves they were 18 inches than I measured her thighs they were 28 inches then I measured her waist it was 29 inches then I measured her chest it was 40 inches then I asked her to flex her bicep. I put the tape around her huge bicep and started measuring it and her bicep was 21 inches .The I measured her height it was 5ft 10inches.I quickly brought the weighing machine and she was 225 pounds and I was 185 pounds. A couple days later her house was repaired and she went back to her house. A few weeks have passed that they wanted to sell this and I have to live in other for rent. I told Ms Zubiada about this, so she offers me that I should live with her in her house. She has a separate guest room where I can live. So I agreed her offer and shifted to her house. I was feeling good in her house because I she would do all the cooking for me and she would clean my room. One day I told her there is my friend Dev in America who sent me some photos of a bodybuilder named Bryan and he is also a Mr. Olympia competitor and he is also Dev?s friend. He would always underestimate me you never met a bodybuilder in your life and even there is no one who?s picture you can sent to me have got strong body like Bryan. I asked her could I take some photos of yours and send to him. She said I am sorry Varun I cannot allow you .I said please but she refused. So I forget it. A couple of weeks have passed that I was not giving attention to my studies rather I was busy watching TV or on the computer. She often remind me of my studies but I din not give any interest to it. So one day I was coming from the house of my friends and soon I found that my result was sent to Ms Zubaida.She asked me I was failed, I already know that I was failed so I try to change the topic. She said to me that don?t change the topic I want your answer. She was getting angry and I was starting getting fear from her. Although she was a nice lady but even a big man can easily beaten by her if she got angry. So I tried to lie some excuses and with she slept to my face and I felled backward .It was the hardest slept that I ever got in my entire life even it started tears in my eyes. So she felt a little worried and said to me in an angry voice that get in your room and do your homework and re-prepare your test and if you again fail I will punish you very badly. So I quickly went to the room and with fear of her and the fear of her tremendous strength I started learning my lesson. When I came out in the evening she was sitting on a couch, she called me Varun come here .I was scared to death and I came closer to her my body was shivering with fear and I could not control myself and I started crying. She said oh come on Varun be big boy. Big boys don?t cry. Then grabbed me by hand and made be sit beside her and then she put her muscular arm on my shoulder and than she said I am very sorry Varun, I don?t want to hurt you but you made me to do this to you .You are like my son, I did this for your betterment. Then she says I promise you that I will never again hurt you. Then she hugged me and then she put her hands under my armpit and lifted me easily from the ground then she put me on her lap and then she hugged me. I fall in sleep in her arms, then she carried me the room and put me to the bed. The other day when I was awakened I saw her sitting beside me and said Varun are you awoke .I said yes. She said I want to say to you that you can take my pictures and you can send it to your friend but only for this purpose. So in the evening I brought my friend from the Jim, his name was Kamal and was a big bodybuilder in the Jim. He was 6 foot tall and he weighs 245 pounds and was the most muscular guy. So we started taking photos. First she gave some pose showing her biceps under the clothes. Then she did some pose with me in which she would lift me in her arms. Then I asked her to remove her sleeves and then she did some pose with Kamal .He was also shocked to see her muscular body, even she was far more muscular than Kamal.She lifted Kamal on her arms. Then we asked her lift us both. Then she put one of her hand on my hips and other one the Kamals hips. The she lifted us both above the ground and then she put both of us on her shoulders. And after couple of photos we both arm-wrestled with her in which she single handedly defeated us both at the same time. And after this Kamal left and I get onto my work and she kept busy in the kitchen. One day I was sitting with her in the library .She was writing some notes. A girl of my age was sitting beside her. She wanted the book that was on our table .She asked Ms Zubaida to give her the book by touching her arm and suddenly she felt surprised of her strong arms. She left her seat and came to sit beside Ms Zubaida seat. She asked Ms Zubaida do you workout. Ms Zubaida replied yes. She said wow your arms are so big and strong .She said could you flexed them for me. Ms Zubiada removes her Shawl from the sleeves. Under it she was wearing full sleeves blouse and then she flexed .The girl could not control herself after seeing her huge biceps. She said by placing her arms around Ms Zubaida huge biceps that I ever never saw these strong and huge biceps. Even my boyfriend doesn?t have these huge arms. Ms Zubaida didn?t answered. Then she asked Ms Zubaida that could she put her in huge arms. Then Ms Zubaida put her arms around the girl?s body for some moments and then she let her go. Again the girl said wow you are so much powerful that I felt so much secure in your muscular body can you be my friend so that I could be with you all the time and I could sleep in your arms. Ms Zubaida rejected it and we went to our own. I was enjoying very good in the company of Ms Zubiada .I would sometime sleep with her in her bed and sometime I would sit on her lap while watching movie and fell asleep in her arms. She would sometime carry me around the house. She would always allow me to shave her armpits and take a bath with her. And I lived with her for almost 2 years. Measurements; Mine Ms Zubaida Jalal Arms 16inches 22inches Thighs 21 inches 30inches Calves 12inches 17inches Chest 35 inches 52 inches Forearms 10inches 15 inches Weight 235lbs 345lbs Height 5foot 10inch 5foot 11 inches Age 22 yrs 56 yrs Weights; Mine Ms Zubaida Jalal One arm 35 lbs 75 lbs Two arms 95 lbs 190 lbs Bench press 165 lbs 350 lbs Leg press 350 lbs 600 lbs Dead lift 400 lbs 1100 lbs The result shows that she twice bigger, more muscular, more powerful and stronger than me.

RohitFeb 05 2005 1:21am
i want to ask rohit that zubaida jalal is the educational misnister of pakistan .

karanFeb 05 2005 1:57am
i think the guys that lose to women juts don't exercise and the women do

aamyFeb 05 2005 11:15am
I agree with aamy. If a woman and a man are the same weight and height and they both work out reguraly, and of similar age, 99.9% the man will be stronger. That is reality guys and gals. Most of the stories here are just people's fantasies

KayFeb 05 2005 4:36pm
I agree with aamy and Kay about the working out part. I've lifted weights since the early 80's and have been told by a lot of my male friends that I'm very strong for a woman. see, there is the key "for a woman". i have to tell you though, I have beaten some guys armwrestling and it is a rush. i didn't care that they may have been wimps or never touched weights, everyone thought it was cool that i could even beat them, myself included. my husband, the ultimate couch potato can still beat me but he has to work for it. he loves the fact that i'm strong and i honestly think it turns him on

SherylFeb 07 2005 5:34pm
My wife is 5 3 118 dancer, 30 lean and in terrific shape, she has legs of steel. I am 5 10 180 and in good shape. From day one I have never been able to beat her in any leg strength competition. Her legs are far stronger than mine at any point in time. She also has incredible arm strength for her size. I cannot beat her in mercy its a tie and I have to struggle like hell to beat her in arm wrestling. usually becasue she gives up cause her arm hurts. Some women have incredible strength to body weight ratios. Its no fantasy. It turns me on that she is so beatiful and feminie and yet so dam strong. I think its awesome. She can pick me up in her arms and walk around without much tiring effort. This is the fact. and if My wife is this strong I am sure many other women fit in this category. No DOubt

JoeFeb 08 2005 3:04pm
My wife is stronger than I am.

JimFeb 08 2005 5:14pm
Hey you strng women of any age, why don`t you try a match with me? I`ve often fought with women and girls, sometimes lost, sometimes won. Go to fightergirl Forum in C.U., C.E.

Carel EversFeb 09 2005 9:20am
Hello everybody. My name is Selma, and I am the creator of this poll. The reason for my second writing here is simple. I just want to wish a good spanking from a strong women for all the psychopaths here. Five months ago I have been so naiv to tell my story around here, and now I have to realise that it will be abused by sexual disturbed fellows. Ugly! If we could meet, I would handle most of you!

SelmaFeb 09 2005 12:26pm
Selma, your reaction will only make some of the guys here happy. They want a strong woman like you to put them over your knee and spank them. Since I am a strong woman as well I have came across many different reactions to my physical strength. Surprisingly many men seem to be rather turned on by the fact that I am stronger than them. Some are agressive and seem to think I am some weird woman that should know my place as a submissive woman. As I mentioned above my former husband couldn't stand me being stronger than him, he thought he became less of a man. I am proud of being a strong woman. I have to admit that I like to show men that I can be stronger than them, mainly because they don't know how to react when I pin their hands to the tables in many of the armwrestling matches I have had. Of course I sometimes loose as well and the guys that are able to put me down congratulate me being so strong. I don't think you have to be upset Selma. It is great to hear of a woman of 64 that is strong, I will keep on working out to become even stronger. And I will keep on loving pinning mens arms to tables. Please tell us more about your life as a strong woman.

Grete, soon 54Feb 09 2005 11:08pm
Hello Selma, hello Grete, There`s no reason why we shouldn`t meet. Let?s have an armwretling-fight or a wrestling fight, just for fun. You can write to me. See you soon, Carel

Carel_EversFeb 10 2005 5:10am
Thanks Selma for creating this poll and BTW accessed through the www dot herbiceps dot com website, free discussion board there, see the General Topics, to Armwrestling & Strength, to: Older Women Stronger. And Carel_Evers, plus others: may I join you? (;-) I'd like to test out this "theory" (;-) to see if indeed fact. From what I've read, it being pound per pound for men/women the equalness is in the legs, and so for a woman to win an armwrestling match with a man, well she deserves a great congratulations. Notice on this Herbiceps posting page that Elena Seiple with 16 1/2 inch biceps is the one to beat, her website www dot elenaseiple dot com with free promo video that I'm sure would chicken- out many a man even before they made it to the table! (;-) As a member of the local Planet Fitness here in New Hampshire we have VERY strong members, but as a "judgment-free zone" have got to take our business elsewhere to see who best benefits from their workouts there that BTW was visited by a CAlif.ornia $ billionaire on Tuesday with interest in him buying into the business, and might I add, an addition, like to where those who dare others might be so inclined to take the challenge! (;-) Best wishes, Joe / Thu.10Feb.05

Joe Haas (alias Capt. Nemo over at Her Biceps)Feb 10 2005 11:33am

cAREL-EVERS@YAHOODOTDEFeb 11 2005 9:31am
Grete i would love to arm-wrestle you! I'm 45 y.o 173cm/62kg - from Denmark. Please mail me at:

OleFeb 11 2005 2:12pm
Sorry Ole and Carel, I wouldn't be comfortable meeting somebody via Internet. I live far up north in Scandinavia and travel very little. Ole, I think you seem to be in the wrong weight class for me anyway, I am at least 15 kgs heavier than you, and nowadays a I have a lot of muscle. My shoulder muscles are really big not only for a woman but for anybody my age. My biceps are very big for a woman. My hands are extremely strong. I often surprise big men with my strong handshake. I have started to date a new man and right now I am not showing off that much, I don't want to scare the man away. I already know I am stronger than him and I think he is the kind of man that could be cool about this. We will see. I hope you guys will meet other strong women. Just look at the ordinary gyms, if you are not very strong men I am sure you will find women that could give you a match.

GreteFeb 13 2005 3:55am
Grete: How tall are you? You seem like a vary powerfully muscled women. At age 54, thats great. Have you ever lifted a man across your mighty shoulders, or above your head.

AnonymousFeb 13 2005 2:46pm
This is a bunch of BS. No woman of equal height and weight to a man with equal training will beat a man. Men have 50-100 times the levels of testosterone of women, and thus are able to build muscle at a much higher rate. Only if a woman is on steroids could she compare. If women could be as strong as men, then why are none of them able to compete on an equal level in professional sports? Why are none of the Olympic records held by women? No woman has squatted 1,000 lbs. No woman has benched over 700 lbs (not even close). Not even the strongest woman would even be in the top 50 in a world class strength competition competing against men. It's not based on any kind of prejudice against women. It's just physical reality.

AnonymousFeb 14 2005 12:41pm
Anonymous, you just don't get it do you? I think very few people honestly say that women are stronger than men in general, but if you compare men and women of similar build and men and women that work out the difference is not that big. I would never compare the smallest male weight lifter with the biggest female since that would be unfare. The female muscles have been proven to have more endurance than the male, probably because of the oestrogene. This means that a woman with low body fat at 60 kgs will probably be stronger than a man the same weight if they work out together since she can get more reps out of her muscles (generally speaking). Many more women today work out to become stronger not only toned, many men today are couch potatoes. I am smaller than many of the men at my office but I am stronger, only because I work out a lot and lift as heavy as possible. But you are right, women probably nevere will have the overall benchlifting record but we sure as hell will give the men a race for the records when it comes to light weight classes. Women now can bench more than 500 pounds, nobody had believed that 25 years ago.

tired of macho menFeb 15 2005 12:38am
I see I am the one to beat.....yet Have no DESIRE to armwrestle! I am happy knowing what I can do....don't have to prove it ;)

Elena Seiple www.elenaseiple.comFeb 15 2005 11:02am
We'll my wife found this tread and we read it.She works out alot between weight training, running, swimming and karate and she got a big kick out of this. Like 2 kids we armwrestled and she won, which was cool because she should due to the time and effort that is put in. Was I embarrassed, for sure, but after thinking about why she beat me it makes sence. She is 150 pound 5'11 inches of muscle, I am 5'10, 180 pounds...not fat by any means with a 31 waist. While she is no small petite woman, she is strong and probably stronger than many men, but no, no stronger than all. The cool thing is that beating me does not mean I am any less of a man, it's ok. She is not going to go out in public and announce this. I am no weakling either, I lift 3 times a week with a total of 35,000 to 40,000 pounds a session and do 1.5 hours of cardio weekly. I bench 210 and curl 75 3 sets of 8-12. I am sure I am far from the strongest guy here and like I care, but i am sure some of these girls could kick my butt in armwrestling...good for them. Why even debate, just be proud you know a girl who is in great shape and is proud of it like many women and men expressed here.

A man secure with his male egoFeb 20 2005 7:22am
Please Selma, come back and tell us more about yourself. I think it is important that a woman in her 60?s can be proud of her strength.

MonicaFeb 20 2005 12:17pm
I am a very fit and athletic male n his thirties , I work out regularly and used to be a good rower. I am 195 lbs and 6ft 1ins tall.My partner Tina is 27yrs old 5ft 5ins and 123lbs, we both work out and have a little gym in our garage. For several years we have wrestled together and I always start in control and easily pin her. As we continue Tina seems to get stronger and and more elusive , her confidence increases as I slow down. After fifteen minutes I feel weak and exhausted, but she is still as fesh as a daisy. I know she has better aerobic fitness, but where does she get the strength from and why is it so easy for her to weaken me. She always wins in the end leaving medrained and has to help me up as she has made me so weak. I know there is an erotic element in being overpowered by a pretty smaller woman, but I always try my best and she does actually become stronger than me. Has anbody else experinced this or have an explanation

JohnFeb 22 2005 2:49am
John's experiences with Tina are very interesting and not uncommon, all girls know how to weaken their men. We have our guile as well as much more stamina and endurance. I suspect he secretly enjoys being overpowered by his little lady and although he may genuinely believe she is stronger than him or she has in some way made him weaker, it is in his head( or more likely his pants) that he is really defeated.

JennyFeb 22 2005 6:20am
Jenny, how would you react if you were stronger than your boyfriend/husband? I mean really stronger? Could you stay in a relationship you being the one with the brawn and not the man?

AnnaFeb 23 2005 11:25am
Any man that needs a woman to fight for him better be very old or really sick. If not, he is a total looser.

AnonymousFeb 23 2005 1:06pm
Anna There are far more important aspects to our relationship ;a difference in physical strength would not change these.I rather like the ability to use my femininity to overpower him, I KNOW HE ENJOYS THIS TOO.!!

JennyFeb 24 2005 12:15am
I was married for 15 years and my wife and I would armwrestle about 5 or 6 times a year. i always won. Then we went on a trip to St. Thomas without the kids and we started talking. I told her that I wish she could beat me in armwrestling. She seemed surprised and said that if she really tried she knew she could. I said then why have you never beaten me. She didn't think I wanted her too. We went to the table in our room and began to armwrestle. I didn't move her arm for about 10 seconds and when I looked at her she was smiling. I said are you trying and she said not yet. I said please try and she put me down very quickly. We have now been married for 29 years and we still armwrestle 5 or 6 times a year. I have never beaten her since and I love it. One time I had her almost all the way down and she kept telling me I must be getting stronger. Then I looked at her and she said "only kidding" and proceeded to bring me all the way up and slammed my hand down.

ErnieFeb 25 2005 10:32am
I went from beating my wife at arm wrestling to being beat every time in about the last two years of our marrage. We have been married for 16 years and two years ago she joined a gym while I'm still working. I'm totally surprised at her muscles. Her biceps have become very big and as hard to admitt that this is, her's are a little bigger than mine now and much harder. She has become physically stronger than me. I'm 44 and she's a year younger. Around five months ago we put some weights and a bench in a spare room so that I will have some time for exercise. She finally told me that she uses those weights every day for about an hour after I asked about her muscles becoming so developed along with the gym three days a week. This happened faster than I would have thought, espesually in the last six months when she has become very strong and considerably more muscular than I have ever been. She uses protien, creatine and suplements that I know little about and is able to out lift me and workout longer such as with dumbells and sets.

RichardFeb 26 2005 2:52pm
I recently had my wife who is a exercise nut ask me to compare muscles and flex. It was embarising for me because first off her legs have big muscles that made mine look smaller and now in the mirror her upper body has become more muscular too. putting our arms together showed the size of her muscles are now larger. I haven't arm wrestled or anything like that but she has mentioned it a few times since she proved to me that her physique is now better than mine. I don't really want to wrestle her now and never have. I looked at her workout log she keeps and she is so strong that this has made me at least do push ups and such every day now because I know some test of strength between us is coming as she has been asking me if I think I could beat her at wrestling. I don't think I could as it stands now and I would have to get in better shape. The thing is she is making progress that you can see in her muscles, she's getting big. I run a business that takes most of my time and she spends time weight lifting to the point she is widening the gap in strength and muscle between us. We are both in our late thirties and both 5'11" but she weighes more.

JeffFeb 26 2005 3:17pm

AnonymousMar 02 2005 5:57pm
The anonymous guys seem to drop the most intellectual comments on this board. A real strong man should be able to accept the fact that there are strong and muscular women, sometimes these women are stronger than their men. I was born strong and have all my life being stronger than many boys and men. In my class I was the strongest until 9th grade when some of the boys started to catch up. When I was about 20 y.o. I started to be ashamed of my big, strong body and most of the time let my boyfriends win any test of strength. I married a rather big and strong man that couldn't accept that I was almost as strong as him in my upper body and stronger in my legs. One night after drinking a bit too much we had a wrestling match that started off in a playful way but soon become more and more serious. If he had gone for a pin directly he might have been the winner but my endurance and greater leg strenght just took the strength ouf of him. That night I broke him down, I pinned him many times and at the end he was so weak he couldn't stand. That was the end of our relationship. He didn't want to talk to me for a week and then he started to look for other women. I came out of this stronger than before. I decided to show my strength instead of hide it. I am now happily married with 2 kids. Yes, my husband is weaker than me but he is still a strong man, both mentally and physically. And he is man enough to take that he is the second strongest in our family.

TheresaMar 02 2005 11:21pm
I have to add my two cents here. I am attracted to strong, muscular women and for the most part only date such women. However let's be perfectly honest here - most men are stronger than most women, at almost any age. I work as a personal trainer and have worked with many men and women in their 40?s-60. From my experience, the average male in that age group who has never worked out before is still stronger than a female his age who weight trains regularly. In younger people the difference is even more pronounced. It is not uncommon for me to be able to lift 10 times more than a sedentary female client can on upper body machines, and I am several times stronger than even my most fit female clients. Though I had one 120lb model pretty teenage girl be able to outlift most of my male clients at the time. As for arm wrestling, for a side job I did I had to arm-wrestle over a dozen athletic females. They ranged from college athletes to fitness competitors and steroid enhanced female bodybuilders. The matches were filmed (long story) and the male was supposed to lose in them. In each of the cases the girl ended up challenging me to do it for real (sometimes after being egged on by the other girls or the cameraman) and in each of the cases I was able to win in less than five seconds. Ironically, the girl who was the most difficult was the smallest and least muscular. Now I am sure that there are females stronger than me (though they most likely used steroids to get there) and that could beat me in armwrestling, but back to my original thesis: most men are stronger than most women.

MikMar 07 2005 1:53am
I am 69 yo my x is 67. we have been devorced 6 yrs and have not really seen each other. Our daughter recently remarried in N.Y. We both went. We were always about the same height and weight. At the wedding she came over and kissed my cheek. She had to bend down. I looked and saw she was wearing heels. I don't know why but we both got turned on. I know I had shunk some but she was so much taller than me.About 5". We danced and I was aroused. I stayed at the hotel where the wedding was and suggested for old times sake we go to my room. When we entered she picked me up and kissed me. We undressed and I could not help noticing her great body and told her so. She said that she had been working out for years and had become very strong and hoped I did not mind. What a terrific turn on. She said that she was much stronger than me and proceeded to prove it. She picked me up and carried me to the bed. She got on top and pinned my arms above my head. I could not move her even an inch. I was amazed and told her so. She laughed and called me a wimp. Saying she could beat the crap out of me anytime she felt like it. Well, this is getting long but we have re-married and are very happy. We no longer argue but do whatever she says. She handles all finances, drives the car,(took away my license and credit cards) she orders for both of us when we dine, and lets all know who is in charge. My daughter thinks its great as do our friends. It has allowed them to come out of the closet and assume their proper roles. Women rule and men love it. She still reminds every so often of how much stronger than me she is. To bad we didn't know this before. There never would have been a divorce and all those wasted years. P.S. I did go to my Doctor about my height and her informed me and showed me med. articals that say men shrink up to 2" after 60. I am now 5'5" she is 5'7" and with heels 5'10". She never take the heels off even when home and makes me walk barefoot at home thereby emphasizing how much taller she is. She makes me sit on her lap almost all the time especially in company. She does all the heavy lifting and manual labor because she is better than I at it. She works out twice as hard now and refuses to let me do any thing but play golf and ride my bike. I love the situation and I know she is very happy. If you want I'll write about how this has affected, the rest of the women, both family and friends, especially considering that I am now the runt of the entire group.

StanMar 07 2005 9:53am
I forgot to mention that in an arm wrestle match I use 2 arms to her one and she has very little trouble pinning both my arms. Its pretty even until I tire, then it all over. We originally tried the conventional method but she is so much stronger it was laughable and she did. She called me a runt and a wimp grabbed both my wrists and made me slap myself on both cheeks until I started to cry. I was so embarrassed I locked my self in the bathroom for hours. By the way thqat is my new nickname.(runt) Even my daughter, sister and neices call me that,effectionally. All this from guy who the head of the family all my life.

stanMar 07 2005 10:41am
doen't anyone have any questions or comments. I would like to start a dialog because I am confused and would appreciate help. For istance; why am I so turned on by my wife being so much taller and stronger than me. Why is she so turned on that she demonstrates her dominance to all our relatives and friends. She has often given me punishment in front of all including locking me in the hall closet while she entertained my daughter, sister and their husbands for a very minor infraction of her rules. I'm certainly not complaiing, I just need answers from someone who knows about these things. Thanks.

stanMar 07 2005 4:31pm
Stan, snap out of your fantasy world and all your confusion will be over.

anonMar 07 2005 8:53pm
dear ANUS. you may be threatend and not like my posting but my story is fact not fiction. I truly feel sorry for you if you have never experienced what has been my good fortune.

stanMar 08 2005 3:00pm
Anon. Read Sally's post and then maybe then you will understand

stanMar 08 2005 3:02pm
Have experienced powerful women, though generally not my match. Foolling arround in tests of strength/wrestling it seemed their level of thrill competing with and sometimes controling an athletic male natched or ST exceeded mine. Curious what feelings women feel in these matters

joMar 08 2005 6:35pm
I once had an affair with my wifes best friend which lasted on and off till she and her husband divorced. I am not proud of this. I was named and it got very nasty & messy, so we cooled it. Serveral years later(3 or 4) I bumped into her at a local restaurant and she was still the sexiest, most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I'm not too bad looking either. She was single, had her own apartment, which made it very easy to start in again. She told me she had been dating much younger men which was easy to believe. She is not a big or particulary tall woman,about my height(5'9") in heels. We made love like there was no tomorrow. During which I could not help but notice that she had seemed to become very strong. We were wrestling on the bed and she easily pinned me. We tried arm wrestling and I could not even budge her arm, whether right or left. I even tried both my arms against her one. I did a little better but was still no match for her. She laughed, said this was great and explained that because of the younger men she dated she worked out vigorously to keep up with them, which she was more than able to do. I think it is very seductive for a man to be with a very beautiful woman who knows and respects her own strength. I am very fortunate.

MitchMar 09 2005 1:48pm
Theresa; I can and do accept the fact that many women, especially wives are stronger than their husbands. This is especially true as men get older. I speak from personal experience. The only problem I see is that women are reluctant to acknowledge this. I don't know why. THERE NEED NOT BE ABUSE INVOLVED. In normal relationships between husbands and wives where the husband is the stronger he does not abuse his wife, at least not if he is sane, then why assume that when the wife has superior strength, she would be abusive. I am not suggesting that she is, but I believe that is the problem with coming to terms with both men and women when it alights that the woman is the one with superior muscular strength. My wife is much stronger than me but we still enjoy a wonderful relationship. I really feel sorry for all these inadequate, threatend men on this forum.

stanMar 09 2005 2:35pm
I married my Highschool sweetheart. We have been married 40+ years. I was in the restaurant business and we worked together from almost the start. She is statuesque therefor a perfect hostess, I was average height a little overweight and a great chef.We are successful. Three years ago, on a ski vacation I developed pneumonia. At the hospital I got a staph infection and eventually a coma and kidney failure. It was touch and go with me in and out of intensive care for 3+ months. When I finally recovered I could no longer walk. My wife had to wheel me everywhere, and I became totally dependant on her. Fortunately I lost so much weight that she was able to lift me out of the chair when necessary. She ,at the same time I was in Physical theropy(which I still am)started serios weight training so that she could carry me if necessary. She took to it immediately and has become incredably strong. It has made her appearance 20 years younger. Her arms, flexed are 14". She has become a part time professioal trainer and competetive 50+ weight lifter. I am now out of the wheel chair using a walker about half the time and walking very slowly the other half. The one noticable affliction I have been left with is that I stand and walk with a considerable stoop. Between the stoop and what I lost being in the hopital almost 1 year is that I am at least 4" shorter than I was. This bothered me badly at first, then I gradually got use to it. Its still a little shocking when I stand with wife,daughters or friends, and they all tower over me. I still require help sometimes getting into bed or reaching for things which my wife supplies. She lifts me with no effort, and I am thankfull that I am still alive and have such a wonder ful, supporting wife.

alvinMar 10 2005 8:39am
I recently became curious as to what my wife's biceps measure because she has been weight training several times a week for about two years now. She flexed her right bicep for me several days ago and I just staired because the size of her muscle really surprised me. Later when she wasn't around I flexed mine in the mirror and realized her's was bigger. I don't work out and work in an office but I'm average I guess. I found her cloth tape measure and checked my right bicep at 131/2 inches. A day later I asked if I could measure her's when she came home from the gym, although her arms are not as long as mine and don't look so muscular just bigger then mine when relaxed, they swell up very big when she curls her arm and makes a muscle. So I asked, she was more than willing! She said she has measured them many times and curled her arm about six times hard and held it flexed, I know my face must have turned red when I tightened the tape around her arm and it was about 15 3/4 inches. I just didn't say anything at all and when I let the tape go she curled several times and rolled her wrist around causing her bicep to stretch out and swell up big again and asked to see mine. She then wanted to see what mine measured, I really didn't want her to see but at the same time I was fascinated by her muscles being larger. When she measured mine she said "is that it?" "let's arm wrestle!" We did and I lost but for some reason watching her muscle bulge upward and feeling her overpower my arm is some how erotic. I don't know why this is erotic because it's new to me. I have tried to beat her at arm wrestling several times now without success. Also we have tried pulling each others arms open across a table top as a test of just bicep power alone, same results as arm wrestling. She curls her arm all the way and pulls my arm open. I have never had muscles like her's and I admit I've never used weights or worked out and I should make time to do it. I also notced that while my bicep is thiner, it is just plain shorter when flexed and not as round. Her's is longer even though her arm is shorter and bulges from inside her armpit all the way down to the elbow. Her bicep also separates into two sections, a thick part that pushes upward on the very top like a ball and the lengthy section with strands from the armpit to the elbow. When she compaired hers to mine she made the coment that she had better muscle genetics and that I wouldn't likely grow any muscle where there just isn't any, showing me that her bicep isn't just bigger but is two inches longer when flexed. Because her's is much longer it will become larger and always be stronger. IS THIS REALLY TRUE? I can't find any references to this. She also says that she has different muscle fiber that makes hers become larger with more strength. IS THIS TRUE TOO? IS THERE A BETTER MUSCLE FIBER FOR STRENGTH? DOES A LONGER MUSCLE HAVE AN ADVANTAGE AT BECOMING BIGGER? Please post anything about this.

curious husbandMar 12 2005 1:32pm
Hmm, just wonder if any of these women herein depicted were on some form of steroids or growth hormones.

CuriousMar 15 2005 4:40am
Curious husband: Be glad you have a strong wife! Don't overthink the muscle length thing too much. If you work out, you will get stronger. Since you've never worked out, you'll probably be surprised at how quickly you gain strength at first. Read up on good technique first, be persistant, and given time you may surprise your wife the way she surprised you!

EncouragingMar 15 2005 5:16am
I have found that, generally speaking, a woman's lower body strength can meet or exceed that of a man's with very little training. Haven't you seen all of those female cyclists or speedskaters, who have tree trunk thighs? As for arm-wrestling as a measure of strength, there *is* an element of skill involved in getting the proper leverage and all that, in order to beat someone at that game. But I do not find it surprising that so many women can beat their similar-in-age husbands at arm wrestling. Strong women? Love 'em, can't get enough of 'em! They are out of the ordinary and therefore desirable, at least to me. Rock on! (BTW, Rohit's story above is just that, a work of *fiction*. If you go to Diana the Valkryie's site, and look for stories by Dev, you will see this exact story there, word for word. Sorry to burst your bubble, people :) )

Not A Wimp, But No Match For Ah-nuld Either :)Mar 17 2005 8:26am
I have found that, generally speaking, a woman's lower body strength can meet or exceed that of a man's with very little training. Haven't you seen all of those female cyclists or speedskaters, who have tree trunk thighs? As for arm-wrestling as a measure of strength, there *is* an element of skill involved in getting the proper leverage and all that, in order to beat someone at that game. But I do not find it surprising that so many women can beat their similar-in-age husbands at arm wrestling. Strong women? Love 'em, can't get enough of 'em! They are out of the ordinary and therefore desirable, at least to me. Rock on! (BTW, Rohit's story above is just that, a work of *fiction*. If you go to Diana the Valkryie's site, and look for stories by Dev, you will see this exact story there, word for word. Sorry to burst your bubble, people :) )

Not A Wimp, But No Match For Ah-nuld Either :)Mar 17 2005 8:29am
Lot of pathological folks here. Most of them men I think. And here is some new stuff for your invalid brains. Don?t know if I can beat the average male in armwrestling, but sure I blame him when it comes to the legs. Nature did build me very well in my lower part and I am a passionate hiker. My home are the mountains of Austria. So take care ?stupid story telling fellows?! If I catch you up, you will get stumped into the ground!

...was hereMar 18 2005 3:33pm
Me and my wife the other weekend went to some friends we haven't seen for a while. During dinner our hostess talked about her progress in the gym. She had been lifting for a few years and the last year had spent 2-3 hours four times a week in the gym. She said she can now do reps with 80 kgs. The last time I went to a gym I remember having difficulties lifting 40 kgs for reps. Being a bit drunk I told our female friend that I had difficulties believing that she could lift more than many men. She said that she could outlift most of the normal men, not only with her legs but with her upper body. She took of her sweater and put her arm up at the table and said to me, here you have a chance to test your male strength against a strong woman. I was a bit shocked the way this had turned. I looked at my wife, she was smiling and saying well, honey, let's see what you've got. Seeing our hostess arms for the first time this evening I realized that I was stupid to accept this challange. She had muscular arms and shoulders, very visible in her sleeveless top. Her grip was awesome. I gave her everything I got, but nothing happened. I tried to pull her arm agains me, tried to turn my wrist but nothing helped. She just held her arm steady and looked at me with a smile. My wife told me not to hurt myself seeing my red face, she probably knew that my opponent was far stronger than me. Then slowly she pressed my arm down. Putting her other arm up she asked me if I wanted revenge. This time she just moved my arm down real easy. Poo your strong was the only thing I could say. My wife patted me on my head saying that I should never underestimate the strength of a woman. My wife is working out as well but not as often as our my conqueror. She looked at our very silent host and asked him if he could beat his wife? With a shy smile he just said not a chance. OK, my wife said, let?s see if I can save the honour of our family. To my big surprise my wife handled the guy in a similar way as our hostess had me. I didn't even know that my wife knew how to armwrestle. Our two ladies flexed their muscles and told us to either start to work out or to accept that their wifes were the stronger partner. Of course we had to test the strength of our wifes as well, I could match my wife for a about a minute but than I quickly got weaker and she could beat me. Our hostess told us about this poll and said that it not as rare as you might think that the woman is stronger than her partner. I still believe men are stronger but in a very painful way I have realized that a rather untrained man hasn't got a chance against a strong woman that works out. I went to my gym two days after the armwrestling match and tested my armstrength. I could bench 40 kg but only 5 times. Our lady friend could lift 80 kgs for 8 reps. That would make her more than twice as strong as me. My wife is working with 50 kgs for 15 reps. When she could lift 50 kgs the first time she decided to go for more and more reps instead of increasing the weights. She can now do 4 sets of 50x15, that is really tough and I think none of our male friends can match that,but of course one of our female friends can.

AxelMar 20 2005 8:36am
Axel, I take it by your note that you dont really mind that your wife and your friend's wife are stronger. Good for you. I'm jealous.

WowserMar 20 2005 4:31pm
Well, I'm not totally at ease with this situation being weaker than these women, my wife is teasing my quite a bit about it. Sometimes when we see a woman that looks strong she can say something like "I bet she can take you down as easy as nothing". We have a neighbour, a widow with a teenage daughter. My wife says she is sure both the 17 year old daughter and her 48 year old mother can beat beat me armwrestling. The daugther is a gymnast and the mother is physically very active. The thing is that I think my wife is right. I will keep on going to the gym even if I really don't like working out with weights. I don't think I can take being weaker than most women around me. I have actually won over many of my male co-workers so the losses I had with my wife and our female friend came as a surprise.

AxelMar 20 2005 11:00pm
I want to ask a question to the creator of this poll. It is really amazing that not only one, but four of a small group of married couples are stronger than their husbands. What is the reason of your strength? Are you together in sports? Is it all true?

anonymus (female)Mar 21 2005 11:26am
I hadn't armwrestled my husband in years. The last time I did, he won. I have been going to a gym and lifting weights for almost two years and finally noticed that my biceps look bigger than his, so I measured his and mine when we flex. His are an inch less than mine and not as hard or noticeable. When I saw that, I thought about how he beat me several years ago, so I wanted to try it now! I won with right or left every time and it was easy! Then I showed him my muscle again as he just can't believe I'm stronger! I just love it as his eyes are fixed on my bigger muscle! This is fun!

GailMar 26 2005 5:06pm
I have as a teacher always been intersted in male-female issues. I am a woman, 48 years old, happily married since my early 20s. I have kept myself in very good shape working out several times a week and consider myself quite strong. I haven't really thought much about me being weaker or stronger then the men around me until an evening about 3 months ago. We were invited to our neighbours for dinner. After the desert a discussion about women and strenght started. The hostess, Birgit, is quite a big lady that looks strong, being 184cm and probably weighing in around 90 kgs. Her husband is around 180 and at least 10 kgs lighter. Birgit told us that she had started to work out a lot harder and that she now was stronger than most people at the gym at the company she is working. I asked if that included the men and she said that she hadn't lost to a man in an armwrestling match since her university years. This got me interested and I asked if winning against men included her husband? Birgit smiled and turned to her husband, what do you say Jim? Who's stronger? You could see his embarrasment saying that he got the brain in the family, not the brawn. This got me going and I challanged Birgit to a match, seeing what my gym trained muscles could to to this ladies big arms. I was surprised, and so was she, that I could keep her from beating me for more than 2 minutes. At the end she won. She told me that I had put up a better fight than any of the men she had challanged. When we came home I asked my husband if he thought he could have a chance against Birgit. My husband and I are both 177 cm, I am 75 kgs and he is 72. He said he doubted he could take a big strong woman like Birgit but perhaps he could do alrgight with me. I can just say he was wrong. We were both surprised how much stronger I am than him. I almost slammed both his right and left arms to the table. My husband wanted some rematches but he soon realized that it wasn't luck, just pure power. Luckily he could take it, he knows he is not a big strong man but he is in decent shape. I am just stronger. I have to say that I enjoyed showing my strength and since then I have challenged a lot of our friends and my co-workers. So far I have won most of these contests. I like to be strong and I like seeing strong women showing that women can be physically strong and stronger then men. I am also happy my husband accepts this, showing that manlyness is not only about being big and strong.

Professor EvaApr 03 2005 11:32pm
I finally armwrestled my husband. I work out with both free weights and machines and it's been more than two years now. I BEAT HIM WITHOUT TO MUCH TROUBLE! I also compared my bicep muscle to his, mine is larger and better shaped because it separates and becomes thicker when I squeeze at full contraction. It looks like a muscle on top of a muscle. Lots of curls!

ShellyApr 09 2005 6:12pm
Thanks for the post, Shelly that is so cool! When you squeeze the muscle at full contraction, does the top part of the "muscle on top of a muscle" push out from the rest of the muscle? If so, it sounds like you have developed an amazing peak in your muscle! I'm a guy and have been working out for a while now and have never been able to achieve this so you should be proud! How did you get your muscle to grow like that? What kinds of exercises and weights do you use? Also, I was just curious as to the size of your peaked muscle and how much bigger it is than your husband's? Mine is around 13.5 inches (I'm fairly small) and I'll bet your muscle is bigger than mine!!!

femalemusclefanApr 10 2005 12:26am
I use use from 25-40 pounds in dumbells and do from 10-15 reps for at least six sets every other day but sometimes twice a day. My husband has only 14 inch arms while mine are almost 16 inches after a workout. I noticed that my bicep was like two sections after about 8 months and has become bigger ever sinse with the top becoming like a muscle of it's own and pushing up more with a seperation between the two bicep muscles. My husband has no such seperation in his muscle but I have seen pictures of both men's and women's biceps that look like mine from bodybuilding websites. My muscle is bigger than my husband's fist so I'm very exited about how fast my muscles grew and I'm working hard to see how much they might develop more. I have noticed that they become more pumped up during exercise now and stay that way for longer periods.

ShellyApr 12 2005 6:31pm
Shelly, that?s really cool! I can see why your muscle grew so big - you are basically doing like up to 90 reps a workout (with some heavy weights) and on your twice-a-days, you are doing like up to 180 reps!!!! I wish that I had your dedication and endurance. You should go twice-a-days for like two months straight and see what happens to your muscle. I?ll bet with that intense training you could put on an extra 1/2 inch or so onto your muscle over those two months. All that intense work has obviously paid off and you have an amazing muscle and I sure wish that I had a muscle like yours! Is the top part of your muscle round or does it come to a sharp peak? Also is your muscle harder than your husband?s? Do you have any veins on your muscle? How long does your muscle stay pumped after a workout? Also, do you wear sleeveless outfits alot and, if you do, do you get asked to show your muscle? Sorry for all the questions, but I think that its cool how females with intense training can grow muscles bigger than us guys!!!

femalemusclefanApr 14 2005 2:18am
When my husband was away in the service, I joined a gym. I found that I loved to workout and spend alot of time in the weight room. I also found that my muscles develop very fast. I was able to add about 1/8 inch to my upper arms every month. When he returned I pretty much shocked him with the fact that I now had bigger muscles than him. We armwrestled in which I beat him with right or left. He's out of the military and I've continued to lift weights. I still have bigger biceps.

LindaApr 16 2005 11:55am
In my youth I have been a long distance runner-and not a bad one. I am a slim male at 1.73 height, so I had the best conditions for my sports. My wife never did sports in her past. But she is very strong boned. At a height of 1.71 she always outweighed me at least by 10 kg. When I started my career as a notary I stopped my sporty activities. This was before 25 years. I am still slim with the beginnings of a paunch at about 64 kg. My endurance is still not bad, but I may not say, that I am physical very strong. But I am not much weaker than 25 years ago. Finally I had been a runner but not a bodybuilder. A few years after I stopped running my wife herself got into sports. First she did gymnastics and yoga, but after a short while she turned to rowing. Since about 10 years she is member of a fitness studio. She still enjoys rowing but not as often as in the past. I don?t know exactly, and I never thought about it very much but I believe, that my wife already has been stronger than me in her youth. But now, 20 years later, it?s more than obvious who of us is physical superior. I don?t know exactly, but I think she has to be 20 kg heavier than me. A few weeks ago I joined the bathroom while she weighed herself. I never took offence at her stature over the years, and she never gave occasion to me to do it. We both are very conservative and you will never see much skin at her. But when she gets casual in our private I have to admit, that sometimes I find myself amazed by her physic. A few years ago I went home from work while she was cleaning the corridor. She pleased me to wait a bit before entering, and so I stood waiting and watching. I remember very well as I got shocked a little bit when she wrung out the cloth. I had known my wife as a sporty and athletically women, but I did not expect such enormous and muscular forearms at her. From this day on I get surprised by her physical characteristics over and over again. If you see a lot of each other over years you don?t realise changes consciously. One day she had a tick in her calve. She took a pair of tweezers and removed it. Lying in the bed and watching her she amazed me again very much. Until today I have not seen any human with bigger calves. I am sorry for the men I know, but it?s true. My wife is far away from the sinewy fitness women or the defined female bodybuilder. Her body is full and massive, but still you can see the huge musculature under her skin. Especially when she flexes her muscles while moving or working something she could impress everybody. In spite of this I am not angry or depressed. It?s a result of her genetics and sports. Besides she is not showing of her physical preferences. She is old-fashioned and so is her clothing and her behaviour. Perhaps it would be different, if she would be a modern woman. I don?t know, if I could accept my wife presenting her powerful physique in public. Showing up, that her arms and legs are twice the size than her husbands. I also could not stand to lose the ?trousers? at home. It would be easy for her to embarrass me. Not long ago she enclosed herself in front of me late at night. We are both in the second part of our fifties, but we still have an active sexuality. When I saw her giant rower back, her wide shoulders and fleshy legs I was lucky about our conservative attitude. I love her with all I have. But in our case it?s better when the male is on top.

chrisApr 16 2005 9:17pm
My name is perry. So, that would be my dream a mature woman lift my nake body over her head and then in stand up position, she held me up side down in 69 position, one of her hand pressing my head against her pubic.

perryApr 19 2005 1:15pm
Chris, Does your wife have a sister?

WowserApr 19 2005 2:11pm
HI Wowser! My wife has had an older sister who died a few years ago. She was a normal women.

chrisApr 20 2005 10:19am
I have taken Judo for 12 years and have practiced randori with many women to date and with all due respect, I have never found any female that could come close to matching my strength and power. A few of the agile women have given me a pretty competitive work out, but they didn't subdue me. Remember with equal training time, the man will almost always overpower a woman. However, a lazy man who doesn't or rarely trains can be out muscled by a fit female. REMEMBER: there are o women playing football with men in the NFL or baseball with the men in the Major Leagues - THEY DON'T POSSESS THE POWER OF THERE MALE COUNTERPART.

MarkApr 20 2005 6:06pm
Well, Chris, I sure would like to meet your wife. What a lucky guy you are.

WowserApr 20 2005 7:59pm
My husband has weights that he rarely lifts. I have been working out with them for almost a year when he is at work. My muscles have grown and become very hard so the other night I asked to compare biceps with him. My muscles are larger now so I'm going to ask him to armwrestle me soon! He was very surprised to see our muscles in the mirror and again with our arms next to each other. I've never armwrestled him before but I want to now!

RuthApr 25 2005 7:47pm
Hello. It is really exciting how many polls about the physical strength of females there are. I also added this comment at an other poll. I am a professional runner. I run about 3200 and 3500 miles a year. I also take part at national competitions. My women is no match for me when it comes to endurance. But when ever it would come to strength she could kill me. She outmuscles me by lengths. My biceps are 11, hers 15,5. My calves are 12, hers 19!! Not all pure muscle but heavy meat and hard. All natural strong boned at her. She is not at sports. I have to say that we both are not the age of the others here. I am 37, my wife 39.

heikoApr 27 2005 9:35am
My wife and I have weight lifted together for over two years. Her muscles have developed better than mine, espesually her legs. Now in the last few months her arms have become more muscular. We wrestled for the first time last weekend and I was in trouble because of her strength and held by her so I could not move. We compared muscles and her's have become a little bigger then mine and that's why she is stronger I would think. She seems to like this but I'm not to sure I do.

DaleMay 02 2005 6:30pm
i would think being with a woman weho is stronger than me..but still lady like would be awesome.

texMay 03 2005 7:03am
Yes I can overpower my husband physically. I workout four to five days a week with weights. I'm now more muscular than him too and have started wrestling with him. That's when I proved to myself and him that I'm stronger. Now in the last month I've been showing him that my muscles are now bigger. I'm having a blast as the stronger and more muscular gender. I've beat him at arm wrestling too. But most enjoyable is to compare muscles and watch his face when he can see his muscles are smaller. Weight training is the way to go for women as in a short time I became stronger.

ShellyMay 05 2005 7:30pm
shelly, tell me your size and your husbands.

texMay 05 2005 11:15pm
My biceps measure 16 inches or just over but I'm lean. He is not quite 15 inches. I've worked very hard.

ShellyMay 06 2005 7:47pm
i'd like to wrestle a strong woman, am a 25yrs male in cairo-egypt.. if u think u r strong enough plz contact me at

mooooooooMay 09 2005 8:23am
shelly, how tall are you, compared to your husband?

texMay 10 2005 6:47pm
shelly, how tall are you, compared to your husband?

texMay 10 2005 6:54pm
shelly, how tall are you, compared to your husband?

texMay 10 2005 7:09pm
Selma, please come back to the board. I think your first posting was awesome. It shows that women our age can be strong, even stronger than our men. I have actually always been stronger than my husband, we married almost 40 years ago. I am now 61 and he is 62. I have been very active physically and still spend a lot of time lifting weights in our basement. These weights were given to my husband when he got 40. He used them perhaps 10 times. I started to get interested after an injury where a physical therapist showed me how to work out with weights. I believe I am now stronger than most of our friends, the men included. The first time I met my husband when we were young we had a wrestling match that I won rather easily. He couldn't really take loosing to his girlfriend and challanged me to a serio of armwrestling matches. I won them all. Since then we have had many tussles for fun, he won only when I let him. I like to be strong, I like to be stronger and I like to see and here about women in the same situation. So, please post some more Selma and other ladies about your life as strong women.

Grete from JyllandMay 10 2005 11:32pm
do you women take control in the bed more when you find out your stronger? do any of you need to woop the hubby for past stuff he did when he was stronger?

texMay 12 2005 6:23am
do you women take control in the bed more when you find out your stronger? do any of you need to woop the hubby for past stuff he did when he was stronger?

texMay 12 2005 6:23am
Hey Grete! How wonderful to see we have such strong women here in Jylland! I live in Kolding....would you like to armwrestle me? I'm 46/173/61 - it could be real fun!

OleMay 13 2005 2:00am
Hello everyone my name is Seb and i have to say after reading all theses posts im very upset. Just because your phsically stronger or bigger than somebody doesnt give you the right to flaunt it infront of people that you know are weaker and smaller than you and belittling them with comments like "well i'm physically stronger than you so your the weaker sex now " or " Look my muscle make your muscle look tiny i think i can kick your ass in armwestling " and "Wow your two arms againts my left arm and i beat you easily " etc... Comments like these come off as arrogant and can almost be interpretred as a form of intimidation. The reason why im saying is this is because a large majority of people mostly men are very insecure when they are confronted by someone who is physically larger and stronger than them whether if it's a male or female. It's prefectly ok for a woman to have muscle and strenght but its wrong to use that muscle and strenght to put people down and that goes for both men and women. I myself am very strong im 6 feet tall 350 pounds, i have 20 inch arms and i can one arm curl 150 pounds for a few reps (not in strict form but i'm working on it :P). Even with my great size and strenght i dont run around showing off my arms and telling everyone how much stronger i am than them like some muscle bound jerk. I try to keep a low profile so that i come off as a big teddy bear instead of big brute. Anyway i don't want to come off as negative but i feel the need to prove my point.

SebMay 13 2005 5:28pm
I'm surprised by the lack of comments by the women in this post about getting their men to pump iron. I'm a personal trainer and I see and have talked with numerous women who bring their boyfriends/fiances/husbands to the gym to build muscle. Usually they work out together, but some will mainly just stand there with a clipboard in hand to track progress and push the guy to adding more weight to the exercise, adding another rep, etc. I agree with Seb that its wrong to put people down based on anything in fact, but pushing a significant other into being healthier and stronger is not a putdown event. It works both ways. But I have seen a preponderance in gyms of females training their guys on the equipment. I'm just wondering what others thought about this.

BillMay 15 2005 11:54am
if a woman becomes stronger than her husband, does she become dominant in the relationship?

robMay 15 2005 10:36pm
I was on a date with a women once. Not before long we were armwrestling. Right hand she beat with narrow margin. Left hand she was stronger. I was amazed. I never expected to lose. Women are stronger than you might think.

JakeMay 16 2005 2:12pm
i cant imagine a wife being stronger than her husband. i think the examoples here are just real large women and tiny men. if a man and woman are the same size the man will be much stronger naturally.

jamesMay 16 2005 5:48pm
James, you are totally wrong. If you take modern women that work out the same way as men they will become as strong as the men that are the same size and bodytype. In the past women haven't worked out with heavy weights as many do today. It has been proven that the female muscle in fact is stronger and can contract better than the male. But, men are considerably larger than women, that is why men are stronger in general. I have been working out together with my husband for many years. He was stronger than me at the beginning but when I started to work out for strength rather then endurance it took me a year to become stronger than him. I could lift the same weights as him but do more reps, that made me stronger than him. My husband is not a weak man and he is bigger than me at 1,78 m to my 1,70. He is 5 kg heavier. I can do 3x20 reps with 60 kgs benchpressing where he can do 3x7 with the same weight. My personal best benchpress is 89 kg where his is 75. His arm muscles are a bit bigger than mine but my thighs and calves outclasses his. We push each other to become stronger, he has accepted that my body respond better to the weight training than his. He can beat all his buddies armwrestling so there you go. A woman can become as strong and sometimes stronger then men.

CharleneMay 16 2005 11:24pm
charlene, do you think you could flat out over power him in a scuffle?

jamesMay 17 2005 4:25am
are there any women here who let their husbands think they are stronger?

jalMay 17 2005 9:12am
have any of the ladies here had to overpower a male in a self defense situation? husband/boyfriend? i think you folks are stretching the truth some.

jamesMay 17 2005 4:53pm
It's hard to argue with you Seb since you seem to have read all about the muscle-male-female issues. My point is that women can be as strong as men in many cases, and if it comes to endurance, even stronger (not talking about raw strength here). I have read that women with equal body mass as men are in fact a bit stronger since women can use up to 90% of the muscle strenght while men can use only 75% (I am not sure about the exact percentage here). My experience tells me that I have become very strong due to hard weight training and that I am now stronger than a lot of men. I wouldn't say my husband is weak since he can bench 75 kg, I believe that this is in fact better than the average man (I think the average 18 year old in Norway testing for the military service can bench about 60-70 kgs). I can bench almost 90 kgs. Me and my husband go to a gym where there aren't any body builders, just normal people that work out. The big muscular men are for sure stronger than any of us women but the average sized and slim men have to see many of us women lift more weights than they do, especially when it gomes to leg strenght. Many women focus on there thighs and butts to get slimmer but many of us have actually gotten bigger. My thighs are big and muscular, my husband's looks like sticks comapared to mine. My point is also that you can be proud and outspoken about being strong as a woman, some women still hide their strenght to avoid embarrassing their men/boyfriends. I am not one of those.

CharleneMay 17 2005 11:32pm
charlene, can you pin your husband down..until he is defenseless? you say he has stick legs, could you out leg wrestle him also?

jamesMay 17 2005 11:40pm

TEXMay 18 2005 6:10am
I know that I can beat my husband when it comes to armwrestling. We have never wrestled for real, just for fun. I am pretty sure though that I can beat him in a real match. When I have him between my thighs he just can't escape and I can take him in thigh wrestling (sitting opposite each other trying to press your opponents thighs with your thighs outside). It might be a good idea to try a real wrestling match.

CharleneMay 18 2005 7:45am
charlene, i bet your husband loves being squeezed between your thighs..he is a lucky guy!

jamesMay 18 2005 9:13am
My husband doesn't love to get squeezed at all but when we playwrestle he just has to take it. He is a lucky guy though, having a strong woman beside him. He never has to lift the heavy stuff, I'm not sure he realizes that I am most of the time taking the heavy boxes and bags when we shop, travel etc. But he is proud of my strength.

CharleneMay 18 2005 11:34pm
charlene, as long as you are not injuring him, i'm sure he likes it. i know i sound like a sweet woman..strong also.

jamesMay 19 2005 6:49am

MUSCLE WOMAN LOVERMay 19 2005 8:24am are a moron. a woman who lifts wts regularly could easily overpower a male..if the size is comparable.some women are just natually strong also.

annMay 19 2005 10:25am

MWLMay 19 2005 12:55pm
mwl, i fit 200 lb. womans legs would be twice as strong as a 150 lb guy. with that age difference she could over power him like a child.

annMay 19 2005 1:09pm
i think the men who were overpowered by the wife..let her win because he was interested in some loving.

lanceMay 20 2005 6:28am
women cannot over power men. you folks are onto fantasy junk. why do you think men are in the services?

john c.May 21 2005 11:32am
John, I can overpower my husband at wrestling or armwrestling because I workout with weights four or five days a week. My biceps have grown from 13 1/2" to 15 3/4" in two years time and are more than an inch bigger than my husband's and much harder. My husband knows this isn't a fantasy and because of his job he can't spend as much time as I do at workouts. As a result he's watched my muscles become bigger than his and found out that I've become stronger than him. No fantasy just hard work.

SaraMay 22 2005 12:07pm
SARAH, how tall are you compared to your husband? if push came to you think you could beat him up?

john c.May 22 2005 2:55pm
a built woman who lifts wts. can over power a thin man. this is not a bad thing at all..actually very sexy..if its your woman. women are in general very nurturing..when they have strength they put it to good use.

happy husbandMay 22 2005 4:19pm
sara, i can appreciate your strength. but i think your husband lets you win in wrestling because he is a man and would never use his strength advantage on you, you are his woman.a guy wants why would he want to overpower you?

lanceMay 22 2005 6:55pm

TEXMay 22 2005 9:38pm

TEXMay 22 2005 10:29pm
is there any women here who had to use there strength against their husband in an actual fight against him?

curiousMay 24 2005 7:23am
my woman is about 3 inches shorter than me.when we play in bed she can keep me on my back easily..until i'm warn out. this i enjoy very much. and would want it no other way.

lelMay 25 2005 6:46am
For a change a true story. It happened to me in 1998, when I was on a trip to the middle east by train. But first I want to say that the physical stronger sex on this planet is the male. The question may be interesting for stimulating the mind of some men, but it?s stupid. I was on my trip since two days, when a young women entered the chamber of the sleeping car I was in. In total we have been five people. The women was in her thirties and bigger than the average male, perhaps 6?. She was Danish with long, blond hair and a bull like stature I have never seen afterwards. As she stood next to a skinny french tourist it seemed to me, that her shoulders were twice his size. It was unbelievable for me. I did not stalk behind her all the time, but when our ways crossed I always had an eye on her, because of her outstanding physique. I recognised that the fellow occupants of my chamber also watched her in awe. One night I heard her leaving the chamber and I was still awake when she came back. She wore a shirt and short trousers, and I got in unbelief as I saw her legs. I don?t know how strong a pair of legs can get, but until today I believe that she got the maximum. At least for a woman. As she climbed her double bed her calves swelled to an incredible size. A few years later I have seen a male bodybuilder with 20? calves. In my memory hers have been bigger. And they were muscular. Don?t ask about her thighs. They were giant. In my last night at the train I experienced a great spectacle. Only three people had been left in our chamber. Except of me it was her and one guy. It seemed to me that both showed an interest for each other. At night I woke up, and I saw them having sex with each other. I have to admit, that I watched them for a long time, because it was impressive. This guy was built a little bit less than average but still good looking and sinewy. But next to her he had the stature of a doll. Her arms, her chest, her neck, everything seemed to be twice his size. Her back was so wide, it was hard to make him out behind her. In no way he had been a match for her. Physical she could have done to him everything she wanted to. But not only to him. I think, that most men would not stand a chance to her when it comes to strength. The next day she left the train and I never saw her again.

rmMay 26 2005 11:35am
rm...i bet that guy was a very happy man..nothing is better than having a woman zap all of your strength out..

lelMay 26 2005 1:57pm
Could be lel. This woman really was able to weaken this guy. And not only this guy.

rmMay 26 2005 2:08pm
rm..i can only imagine...i bet you were getting aroused just

lelMay 26 2005 2:34pm
No, I remember, that I was s little bit astonished. It was interesting to watch, but I never wanted to change with that guy. I had been a dolly above her body.

rmMay 26 2005 4:21pm
rm, do you think she could have knocked him out..if she became violent?

lelMay 26 2005 8:42pm
lel, I think this would have been no problem for her. The interesting point was, that this woman did not look like a sports-women or even a bodybuilder. She looked like a globetrotter, marching thousands miles throu the world carrying a big rucksack on her back.

rmMay 27 2005 2:31am
rm.. how did her face look?

lelMay 27 2005 12:04pm
Hi lel. She was not a wonder woman, but not bad looking. I don't remember the color of her eyes. A kind of nordic type.

rmMay 27 2005 12:15pm
curious, I've used my strength against my husband in an actual fight. About eight months ago we had been in an argument and I became enraged at him when he called me some names I won't repeat here and turned away slaming our bedroom door behind him. I caught the door before it shut and this sarted a struggle with him on the other side. I was able to push him backwards slowly and get the door open as he tried to hold me back but couldn't. I was so angry that I continued until I had him pined against the wall with the door now open all the way. He continued to call me names and that just made me flip out mentally. I had him pined as we struggled and felt his arms slowly being pushed back until the door was against his body. The hinged side of the door has a wall right there with him stuck behind it as I felt him push back several times moving the door a few inches but failing to overpower me. Like I said I was enraged with him and wasn't about to stop. I put one leg against the door frame and started using all my strength and my other leg at the foot of our bed and put my shoulder with both hands pushing and heard his cursing become groaning sounds along with air be squashed from his lungs. I was able to use my legs to continue pushing the door against his body until to my surprise the door began to crack and break. The door was hollow and his chest and head sank into it until it cracked through to my side so I opened the door and watched him fall to the floor and looked at the body shaped hole in the backside of the door. My husband ended up with brused ribs where his arms were pined along with his cheek bones swelled up on both sides from the door and wall and part of the wall board cracked where his back and face was pined. The door was distroyed. He has not argued with me since and has changed alot such as doing dishes and cleaning up after himself, also polite instead of so c*cky. I have worked out for about four years at a gym and have a weight set at home that I use mostly now while my husband is at work. He rarely excercises but does sometimes. At one time he was stronger than me. I'm much stronger than him now and he now understands this and I'm more muscular than him. I have also compared my muscles to his with a measuring tape and although he really didn't want me to do this, he didn't argue with me. My legs are several inches bigger in the thighs and calves and my biceps are two inches larger than his now. I've told him this isn't going to change because of my genetics and better muscle quality that I will always be stronger and the gap between our strength has continued growing, also the difference in our muscles from eight months ago and now using a tape measure has shown him. I have worked harder with weights since the door incident and noticed I was adding about 1/8 inch of muscle every month to my arms and legs after our fight. For me to see this has driven me harder and for him to see this has changed him and our marrage.

ShannonMay 28 2005 11:11am
I never thought I would see this but my wife has larger muscles then mine in her arms. She became curious about this and asked me to flex and she did the same, you could see the difference. Almost two years ago she took a job in a warehouse that requires lifting with her arms all day. She also asked if we could armwrestle after she brought out a tape and showed me her biceps were more then an inch larger then mine. I lost every time and as we did this over and over her her muscles became larger and swelled along with very vascular. I have noticed the shape of her bicep during and after armwrestling has a prominent crease on top and the top part pushes up and than swells like a ball while the front lower side aslo swells outward and extends far into the elbo crease. Her bicep is longer than mine by almost two inches and swells up on both the front side and on top like she has two distinct and separate muscles when under a strain. The front side of her muscle is larger then my bicep not counting the seperate section of muscle on top which is also almost as large as my bicep again and about the same length. She has also developed her shoulders and forearms more so then mine. I work in an office and haven't excercised much after high school sports. She has a membership at a gym now for about six months and is becoming more muscular and bigger. In bed with her on top I noticed that I now have trouble touching my wrists with my hands when my arms are around her back and can only touch my fingers together, she knows this and speads her back muscles until my fingers no longer touch. It's been a surprising change and she has asked to wrestle me but we haven't yet. I actually get a nerve rush when she mentions wrestling because of her increasing strength and muscle size. I'm just an inch taller at 5'11" but she now weighs more by around 25 lbs with a better fat to muscle ratio then I have, just guessing because of the muscles on her body are hard with little to no fat at all whereas my own are not so visible. After a shower and standing in the mirror next to her my legs look skinny compared to her and her upper body is larger with muscles. When she sees this in the mirror she shows her muscles and will ask to see mine and when she flexes they become so big it makes it even more a shock but I flex anyway and she asks if I want to wrestle her. She has had us take pictures of both of us flexing and put them in an album side by side and showed my parents, kind of an embarasment when my mom said "oh my David, Cathy is stronger, she has more muscles, don't ever mistreat her or I'm sure she could hurt you" I have no intention to fight with her. She continues to ask me to wrestle so I will at some point because she is getting frustrated with me avoiding it. She has said that she won't take no for an answer soon and that I better be ready. I had no idea she would become muscular when we married but she is now a nut when it comes to weight lifting and showing me her muscles that are quite frankly getting even bigger from her trips to the gym and not just the warehouse job.

DavidMay 28 2005 12:42pm
David, how much does your wife weigh (in pounds?)

jimMay 28 2005 6:05pm you enjoy sex with him now? do you ever hurt him during sex?

lelMay 28 2005 8:54pm
I have never tested my strength against my husband until recently. I've been going to a gym for two years now but had to give it up when we moved. It seemed I was stronger when moving furniture and heavy objects and he hurt his back. We went to a chiropractor and while waiting I noticed a hand grip strength tester and picked it up. I tried it and measured 98 lbs and handed it to my husband and I was stunned when his best was little over 70 lbs. I was nearly 30 percent stronger! It turned out that he only strained his muscles and I couldn't stop thinking about our strength test. I had no more gym so I bought a weight set for the spare room. I got into a routine of workouts and thought about another test. I asked my husband to bench press for me and found he could not do more than 145 lbs, with watching him I felt a surge of hormones and power like I would faint! I was used doing sets with more weight than that and pushed my best ever at 200 lbs right in front of him. A few days went by and I asked him to arm wrestle me, he want to but I asked if he was afriad of losing. He said no so we did and I beat him. Like others I've been comparing my muscles to his and I'm enjoying having better muscles and showing him often.

LynMay 28 2005 11:03pm
No offense Shannon but what you did to your husband can be consider to be a form of phsyical abuse. Even if he went out of line you shouldn't use violence and intimidation to try and correct him. BTW David if you don't want to wrestle your wife she shouldn't make you wihtout your consent.

SebMay 29 2005 12:17am
Jim, my wife weighs about 210 pounds. She has shown me the size of her biceps after about six or seven months in the gym. From about 15 1/2 to 16 1/2 increase in inches and her muscles everyplace are getting big, she has protein mixes and other supplements now. On her job it was known she must lift 50 pounds but in reality it was from 50 to 80 pounds many times a day over and over and she nearly quit this work. I could see her muscles developing and after a month or two they were getting big very fast, she was also hungry and eating like I've never seen along with her supplements. I really don't know anyone with muscles as well developed as my wife has and I only see women's bodies on the internet that are this muscular. I agree with you Seb 100 percent but she likes to show me she has bigger muscles. The last time she mentioned wrestling me she said "I'm going to use these muscles on you when we wrestle, you need to know how strong I am and test your own strength against me now and see what happens" and she leaves me hanging not saying when or anything.

DavidMay 29 2005 8:22am
shannon...did he have any fight left in him? were you surprised that you could take him?

lelMay 29 2005 10:07am
Lel, he was finished and changed after my dumb fit. I really wasn't surprised I guess, I have become muscular much more so than him. I was surprised at loosing control and I wanted to smash him and used all my strength. I havn't done such a thing again. He knows how much stronger I am and has changed as before he was a smart ass towards me. I use my muscles in bed but not to hurt him, I'm in control over him when it comes to sex, I can pin him and do what I want. Like I said he's changed and feels my muscles in bed and I use them on him to contol but not injure. It does things to his mind as he feels my muscles and knows my strength and he submits to the truth. I have a mirror he can face the truth both when I ask him to flex and compare himself to me and in bed. I enjoy being stronger and find nothing wrong with it. I also get off on seeing my muscles compared to his and how they continue to become even bigger than his and much stronger. I also talk to him when flexing with words to back up what he sees in front of him, telling him with numbers both size and power. Is that wrong? NO it isn't men do it all the time.

ShannonMay 29 2005 10:52am
shannon, do you still love him? do you enjoy sex with him? how tall are the two of you? ages?

lelMay 29 2005 7:46pm
shannon..i was thinking, if you were my woman i would have to workout to regain who is stronger. but i must admit you sound like you would be awesome in the bedroom

rossiMay 30 2005 6:31am
lel, yes I love him and enjoy sex. I have just changed the way it's performed.

ShannonMay 30 2005 9:33am
shannon, do you still show nurting like love to him also? have you ever used your strength to make him horny wether he likes it or not? also how tall are the 2 of you? you sure sound like a fun lady

lelMay 30 2005 11:19am have such a cool story. i lift 4 times a week. i also teach kickboxing at the y. i am 5'10 about 150 lbs. my husband is 6'2" about 180 lbs. i think i could handle him now. but i dont want to mess things up and i'm still a little afraid of hurting his ego. how can i test my skills and strength on him?

rhondaMay 30 2005 8:06pm
Shannon, I hope you will never abuse your husband physically again, I would never hurt my husband, even if I am teasing him quite often about him being weaker than me. A strong woman beating her weaker husband is to me equal to a strong man beating up his woman. Even if men have been mistreating women in history that dousn't give us the right to beat our men. I know of relationships where the weaker woman is beating her stronger husband, many men have learned not to strike a woman even if they get beaten up first. I guess that some of these men sooner or later will explode and then get over the limit and beat too hard. Avoid physical fights, use your strength to have some fun in bed. Lift your husband and carry him to bed and make love to him.

CharleneMay 31 2005 12:16am
shannon..has your husband ever beat you up? i am a man who does not hit women period. but i must admit if you used leverage to do that to me..i would be forced to fight you as if you were a man. i'm 5'7" about 155 lbs. if push came to shove..i would have taught you never to do something like that again.

john from ohioMay 31 2005 4:55am
charlene, how tall are you and your husband?

jamesMay 31 2005 7:04am
i am bigger and stronger than my husband. but i would never hurt him,even when he yells at me. he is still the man and the head of the family.i am a woman and know my place in our relationship. he is not abusive and he has no problem with the fact i could beat him up if i had to. but why in the world would i want to hurt my husband?

sharon v.May 31 2005 7:45am
i am a man, i'm probably stronger than most women.but i never thought it was a good idea to test such a subject. my woman is soft and gentle. i like that.

christian maleMay 31 2005 4:53pm
I was wrong to let my anger get the best of me, I know that. My husband understands that I'm stronger and has submitted to my strength. He now touches my muscles and will ask me to flex and feel them. He feels them and becomes aroused like never before. He has given in to it and will ask me to show him my muscles which I started. There is such a difference in our muscles that in private he becomes aroused when we compare, but not in public, he is afriad of me being more muscular in other's eyes. I'm 5'10 at 210 lbs and he is 6' at 180 lbs. I'm at about 12-15% bodyfat. I have several inches of muscle more than him.

ShannonMay 31 2005 8:04pm
shannon, i am surprised he could not put a better fight, you must be pretty quick on your feet.

jamesMay 31 2005 8:36pm
I am 1,70 meter, 75 kg and my husband is 1,78, 80 kg. My husband tells me he can beat all his male friends armwrestling, that makes me proud since my husband hasn't got a chance when we armwrestle. I am a strong woman and the men at our gym knows that seeing my working out. I am happy Shannon that you treat your husband well now. My husband is not always happy that I show people my strength but in private he is a bit like your husband, he is caressing my muscles, he is especilly fond of my big muscular thighs. I just need to use about 50% of my strength to make my husband give up when we are wrestling and I put him in a scissors hold. I think in general that the world would be a better place if women were stronger then men.

CharleneJun 01 2005 1:00am
charlene, you sound like a very nice and sexy lady. but i still think your husband could handle you if he really had to.when you said he loves your thigh muscles..that says it all. men are not going to fight to break out of the position they want to be in.

thigh loverJun 01 2005 4:20am
I am a 59 year old North Carolina man who would LOVE to armwrestle 50 something year old women. Don't know if I would win or not but it would be fun.

SheikJun 01 2005 9:02am

JAMESJun 01 2005 9:25am
charlene, how old are you and your husband? it sounds like you have some great legs!!

thigh loverJun 01 2005 10:27am
hello folks..if any of you strong women want to exchange emails..write me at

lelJun 01 2005 10:32am
Me and my husband are in our later 40s. I can assure you that my husband is weaker than me. I have threatened to wrestle him in public a few times and that really scares him since he knows I can put him down rather easy. My thighs are really big and strong and if I used my full strength I might pop a few ribs on my husband. He needs to give up when I put on some pressure.

CharleneJun 01 2005 10:59am
charlene, how can you put him down? do you know karate or just knock him down? who makes the final decisions?

thigh loverJun 01 2005 11:36am
charlene, i am about 10 kg lighter than you and a hair shorter, but i would think i could still over power you even if i were very drunk. men are just stronger than women.

lelJun 01 2005 12:04pm
charlene, does your husband ever come home drunk and get bossy with you? has he ever tried to bully you?

lelJun 01 2005 12:23pm
ive gotten beat by a female before

anoymusJun 01 2005 6:51pm
charlene and shannon..both sound like a lot of fun! can you 2 do a tag team on me?

thigh loverJun 02 2005 7:41am
my wife is very strong.we wrestle in bed..she wins. women are stronger than you think.

bob c.Jun 02 2005 3:18pm
I have compared my strength against my husband recently. I've arm wrestled him for about two months once a week and won eight to his nothing and for the first time I also started to wrestle against him. I was able to pin and hold him and still have strength left to control and move his arms above his head or pull them behind his back into a new position or hold. I was surprised that I could have the strength to overpower him in such a way but I exercise every day and notice that my muscles are becoming more developed than my husband's appear.

jenaJun 04 2005 1:04am
jena, please tells us your ages and sizes. it sounds like you are much larger than your husband

lelJun 04 2005 3:25am
you women who can over power your husbands are either lying or your husbands are drunk or handicapped in some way.

factsJun 04 2005 6:41am
I'm 32 & 5'9" my husband is two years older and an inch taller. I've exercised nearly daily sinse I was a teen amd in the last five years I have used weights. I'm muscular when compared to my husband as his muscles look to be smaller and I'm finding out how much stronger I am.

jenaJun 04 2005 9:36am
jena, does he get mad when you over power him? you sound like a sweet sexy lady

lelJun 04 2005 10:47am
jena, how old is he and who wgs. more?

lelJun 04 2005 11:07am
lel, my husband is 34 and I think I weigh more than him. I haven't asked him to stand on a scale. I wrestled him this evening in our bed, I wanted to test myself and see who physically controls who when it comes down to just muscles in Private. I am able to control him and lock my legs in his allowing me to hold his arms. I rolled over and held his arms with him on top and asked him to try to pin me. He struggled and did get mad because I have his legs pined with mine and I control his arms until he can't move. This is not that difficult for me and I'm surprised by this. I was also able to hold him from behind and found that he wasn't getting anywhere . It's new and interesting to find you are stronger and use it to actually show your husband you are stronger by having him face it physically. I don't just let him go, I allow him time in a hold until he must try and he does try to change the situation and wrestle free but can't. He does get a little mad but I show him I still have more strength to asure him who is in control. I like to exercise and this is a way that now I can show him my muscles and also compare my muscles to his. I like to feel his strength and overpower him and see his reaction.

jenaJun 04 2005 11:13pm
jena, thank you for that info. who is the boss in your relationship? has your knowledge that you can take him change how you 2 get along?

lelJun 05 2005 9:11am
ok, Jena, Charlene, and Shannon, I am convinced. Do you have a sister or any single friends as strong as you? I am so jealous of your husbands and their relative "positions".

WowserJun 05 2005 4:16pm
jena, does he make groaning noises when you grapevine his legs? i used to do that my ex when he wanted to play and i did not. i'm not sure if i was stronger than him..but i know my hips could hurt current husband is bigger boned than i am.

susanJun 05 2005 6:45pm
the examples here are like 1 out of a 1000! a short small boned male on average is stronger than a wt. trained woman, even if she has 50 lbs on him.

realityJun 05 2005 8:41pm
jena, do you think you could beat him up if he became violent?

lanceJun 05 2005 9:30pm
jena, it sounds like your husband has wonder woman in the bed room. he is very lucky.

jimmyJun 06 2005 2:10pm
when you women find out that you are stronger, does it cause you to want more sex?

curiousJun 06 2005 5:40pm
Reality, you are nuts. I would be more inclined to believe that the 1 in 1000 would be the short small boned male being stronger than a weight trained woman who has 50 lbs on him.

WowserJun 06 2005 7:25pm
wowser, have you ever seen a woman beat up a man or a woman arrested for beating up a man? ever hear of a woman overpowering a man and raping him? you read in the papers about small skinny rapist all the time. facts are facts. you are just trying to play out a fantasy in your head

realityJun 06 2005 9:02pm
Curious... you're not curious enough. Check the real world powerlifting records for women 50 pounds lighter than you. Unless you a major stud, they beat you by a lot.

Knows betterJun 06 2005 10:19pm
KB... whoah, check this record 48kgIrina KrylovaRUS112.518 Jun 1998Vladimir RUS That's about a 245# bp weighing Under 106#.

Stats freakJun 06 2005 10:31pm
knows better, i would think the gals you are talking about are like 1 out of 1,000,000 or more. yes there are strong women..but on average a small male can overpower a taller heavier woman with his male advantage alone.

curiousJun 07 2005 5:11am
You can have as many discussions about men's and women's strength as you like. Here are some true facts from my life. Some time ago me and my husband went camping with 3 other couples. We are all in our mid 40?s and this was the first time we could all go away a weekend without our kids. I think all four couples are pretty normal. The men are a few years older, a few inches taller and a some pounds heavier than us women. We are all working out in some ways, but the women are more active than the men. All four women including me are attending gyms working out with weights and are doing aerobics as well. The men tend to run and play golf. We were hiking the first day and when we had camped in the evening the men seemed to be more tired than us women. After some whisky one of the women said tauntingly that we might need to take a shorter route the day after since the men looked too tired. This made the guys a bit upset, they said that they should prove us women tomorrow. Nothing more was said. The following day the guys started off in a rather tough tempo in the hilly areas where we were hiking. After one our the men started to look tired and by lunch time they had very little power left. The woman that had challanged the boys the evening before said that the girls perhaps should take some weight off the guys backpacks to help them walk another two hours. This of course was out of the question. The guys made it but barely, they noticed it and us women now knew that we had the better endurance, all fours of us. We all had similar weights on our shoulders. In the evening we all enjoyed swimming in the lake close to where we put our tents up. I came up with the idea that we should challange our guys to some competitions. Swimming, tug of war and something else. The guys said they wanted to end the competitions with 4 armwrestling matches were the men should meet a woman that wasn't his wife. Why not, as a woman you have nothing really to loose when you get a challange regarding strenght against a man. We swam about 400 meters, and I can say that the best man came forth beaten by three of us women. That meant 3 points to the "weaker sex". The tug of war was a tough thing since the men outweighed us and men usually are stronger in their upper bodies. We agreed on using our strong legs and better endurance. It worked really well. The guys emptied their steem very quickly and after some minutes they all got weak, partly from two days of hiking, the swimming and the fact that thair women now started to realize they were stronger then their mates. They were totally spent when we wanted to start the armwrestling tournament but we insisted to start right on. Even if we could see with our own eyes how tired our men were we were surprised that all four women could win rather easy, first with right arms then with the left. So, the conclusion is that the four women might have some problems winning an armwrestling match against any of the men but the endurance made it possible for us to outclass the guys. We really enjoyed this weekend. After this I have tested the endurance theory with my husband, he wins (not easy but still) with both arms when we armwrestle but after doing 20 pushups I can beat him very easy. When we have done three times 20 pushups I can wrestle him down without using more than half of my strength. Sorry about this long posting but I need to say that women are a lot stronger than most people think.

MargeJun 07 2005 9:00am
marge, could you beat him up if he were tired out?

lelJun 07 2005 9:30am
Reality, your first point involved a short small boned male vs. a WEIGHT TRAINED woman who was 50 lbs heavier. I am not contesting the probability that your male would be able to subdue a woman who was not weight trained, even if she were 50 lbs heavier. I am a short medium boned male who has been held to a draw in armwrestling and beaten at "mercy" by a shorter novice weight trained woman who was 50 lbs LIGHTER. I play out a lot of fantasies in my head, but this wasn't one of them. Oh, and by the way, how many men would report a crime of rape or even abuse at the hands of a woman? I would suspect, not many. I know I wouldn't.

WowserJun 07 2005 11:54am
wowser, i think its awesome for a babe to be strong. but bull dykes are not my and sexy yes..bull dyke no. i think thats what the reality guy is saying.

lelJun 07 2005 4:20pm
lel. Maybe that is what reality is saying. They are not my type either but then the term insinuates a woman who prefers the female gender, so we are definitely not her type.

WowserJun 08 2005 9:27pm
marge, after doing the push ups, you said wrestle him down. do you mean actual wrestling or armwrestling?

lanceJun 09 2005 12:20pm
I meant armwrestling. I can beat him at lagwrestling, I actually never lost to a man at this game.

MargeJun 10 2005 6:05am
marge, could you woop him if he became violent?

lanceJun 10 2005 8:51am
In two years of weight lifting at home, my bideps have have gone from 13 1/2 inches to over 16 inches. I can also beat my husband at armwrestling and he is the one that got me stared with weights. Most of the *man stronger* belief is culture. My husband can't build muscle as well as I do and this has really taken him by surprise. Me too as a matter of fact but I was alway athletic as a kid.

PaulineJun 10 2005 7:49pm
Way to go Pauline! Has this affected your relationship any? You must be drawing attention now from other men and women. What are some stories that have happened to you since you've started to build muscle? Thanks for sharing

MikeJun 11 2005 5:45am
Sorry about the spelling, it has effected our relationship in a way because he does lift weights too yet I passed him up in strength. He knows my muscles are bigger because we measured together after a work out a few times and it's easy to see now. His biceps have stayed at just under 15 inches and gained maybe a half inch in two years, mine have almost grown 3 inches and became stronger then his! I enjoy this very much and look at the websites about women's muscles and show him how strong women are now. He stairs at my muscles when we lift weights so It's kind of funny. I show him how I can do more sets and sometimes use heavy weights to watch him try to do the same. He can't lift with me. I was a swimmer in high school and still have the shoulders from swimming but now I'm adding muscle. I do have broader shoulders and the muscles are becoming more developed now so I have an edge in upper body strength over my husband. I put in more time lifting then he does when he is at work and I feel that I have just started to build my body the way I want. I really enjoy being stronger and watching him look at me.

PaulineJun 11 2005 7:31pm
Thanks Pauline. What do they kids or friend of the family say? What's his attitude towards you like. I think you'll find that there are a lot of guys that appreciate what your doing. I got to talk to a very muscular woman this week and it was the highlight of the week. Keep going Paulihe !

MikeJun 12 2005 6:51am
Thanks Pauline. What do they kids or friend of the family say? What's his attitude towards you like. I think you'll find that there are a lot of guys that appreciate what your doing. I got to talk to a very muscular woman this week and it was the highlight of the week. Keep going Paulihe !

MikeJun 12 2005 11:35am
I'm a 40 y/o white male in the northeast USA. I'd like to find a woman who will arm wrestle or playfully wrestle w/ me. I also would like to be lifted and carried. Please e-mail me at

KenJun 13 2005 2:31pm
i would love to test a strong built womans muscles also. i'm 5'4" 135 lbs. live in cleveland ohio..

white maleJun 14 2005 6:55am
if my ole lady became stronger than me..i would punch her in the head! no woman is going to over power me!

hilljackJun 14 2005 9:58am
would be lovely to hear from naturally physically strong women who reside in the united kingdom and not just our american and european friends......

DanielJun 15 2005 4:45am
by the way - i have dated both stronger and weaker women. I am 5ft 11ins and weight approx 85 kilos (13st 5 lbs) and regularly play sport but dont workout as such with weights. I have no issues being the stronger or weaker partner aslong as there is respect between the two people.

DanielJun 15 2005 4:52am
a woman can be stronger in the bed..thats cool.

dudeJun 15 2005 6:54am
dude - you are so right! very erotic!

Daniel.Jun 17 2005 4:55am
i am new this board. i have read many interesting stories. i find it so hard to believe that some of you women can pin your husbands down and over power his arms and legs. maybe your husbands are not really fighting back? i would love to hear more on this subject.

robert jenkins..from sevilleJun 18 2005 8:41am
I've built my muscles up in the last few years at home using our Son's weights. When it became noticeable that I was becoming more muscular then he was, I began to wonder if I was also stronger. I also found this to be an incentive to workout harder and still intertained the thought of becoming stronger than him. I was shy about actually testing my strength on him until recently when we compared muscles and I asked him to armwrestle because his muscles are now smaller when compared. I beat him very easy and after that I armwrestled my husband and had him held down and overpowered. I also beat my brother in law at armwrestling and he does go to a gym, while I have been working out every week day for at least an hour, he goes maybe twice a week. I'm more muscular than my Son and husband as well as stronger and it's very entertaining. They would have a long ways to go to become stronger then me at this point and I'm still gaining strength. In the past, I would never have thought that I could build muscles like I am now and seeing this becomes a drive. I also like to compare my muscles and strength to my husband and I'm no longer shy about this. I've also compared flexed arms to his brother and I've out muscled him too. While I am a woman and maybe I shouldn't have bigger muscles, I have spent much more time weight training than the men and nature takes it's course.

AudreyJun 18 2005 9:40am
audrey, do you think you could beat up these men around you in a self defense situation? how tall are you? how tall are those men? what is your age?

robert jenkinsJun 18 2005 10:14am
Audrey congratulations on your hard work. What motivated you to build your muscles? How does it feel to be king of the catle now? What's the reaction in the house when Mom is the most muscular? Lots of questions I know, but I hope that you feel welcomed here. We're all here to encourage woman like you. Keep at it

MikeJun 18 2005 12:11pm
Robert & Mike, yes I could probably beat up the men I mentioned if I was forced too. I'm 5'6" and weigh about 180 lbs, I'm NOT FAT. My husband is 5'9" and our son about the same. I'm 38 years young. I'm large boned and have always been somewhat muscular. As a young girl I was competitive in sports but after that I only rode a bicycle and tried to stay in shape. I never lifted weights until three years ago when out of something new to try I picked up my son's dumbells and began lifting them. I liked the feeling it gave my muscles and I also noticed that they became bigger after my first set of curls and this got me excited. It's not like I didn't know how to workout, I did and had seen my son but I began in private when they were away during the day. I started doing this for longer time periods and could see the muscles getting bigger and I was getting stronger. As for reaction, after some time I noticed my husband and my son were looking at my arms at dinner and so I made a muscle and that had them gasp at the sight of my bicep. That's when I told them I was lifting those weights. Nothing has changed and my husband is the man of the house, the men treat me with respect though and never do they argue with me. I really can't explain why this is but I like to show my husband my muscles and also have him flex for me so the difference can be seen and this drives me nuts and to workout more. I sometimes hit the weights just before he gets home from the office and ask him to compare. I'm pumped so there's an even bigger difference between us and this has a visual impact on his mind. Thank you for the encouragement.

AudreyJun 19 2005 1:23pm
audrey, you sound like such a nice woman...keep up the good work.

robert jenkinsJun 19 2005 2:05pm
i am 5'4" 145 lbs. i am sure that i could handle 98% of the women on the planet.what woman here could stand toe to toe with me?

regular manJun 19 2005 4:07pm
Audrey, firstly keep up the good work, secondly do you know of any of your female friends in the same situation?

Daniel.Jun 20 2005 1:50am
do any of you women over power your husband while making love?

rodJun 20 2005 10:12am
Audrey, lots of people are aysking questions of you ,you've must have a fan club here. Have other people outside of the house noticed? Have you had your husband measure your muscles and his so he knows how big you are? What are the weights that you use? Great to hear from you

MikeJun 20 2005 1:52pm
when you women find out you are stronger...does it make you more dominant with the husband?

paulJun 20 2005 2:27pm
have any of you ladies ever had your husband use his strength to push you around..but now you are stronger and you know you could take him now?

rodJun 20 2005 5:10pm
Daniel, I have only one friend I can think of in a similar situation. She works at a nursing home and must lift people every day. She hurt her back and found that weight training at a gym made her strong enough to do her job without trouble. She also enjoys workouts and has become stronger then her husband. She made the comment to me that "now that summer is here, I sat on the pourch with shorts on with my husband and my legs are so much bigger that he became embarised at my muscles and I compared arm muscles and what a surprise that was" but She says lots of women at her gym are lifting to become well built and stronger too. Mike, I have measured my muscles and my husband's and I'm alot bigger and I am a bit more dominant now but I respect him as a man but at the same time I show him my strength in several ways and I also admit that I enjoy overpowering him at any strength test. My husband has never pushed me around but now it would seem silly to try as he knows I could do something about it.

AudreyJun 21 2005 9:09pm
Thanks for taking time to answer Audrey.

Daniel.Jun 22 2005 4:52am
Audrey, thank you.i bet your husband enjoys your muscles when the 2 of you are playing around. also you said he never bullied it looks like you 2 have a great relationship.

lanceJun 22 2005 8:20am
Audrey, do you ever pin him down and watch him squirm to get free? it sounds lie you could do that to him

paulJun 22 2005 9:06am
hello everyone..i have always thought that many women are stronger than some men. this board confirms this. have any women here had to restrain or even over power the husband when he got angry or out of control?

sammyJun 22 2005 12:38pm
Overpowering a male opponent is mainly possible due to a superior technique, not strength. A lady who is a martial artist or has had a good level of training in self defence should be able to defeat an average untrained male, even if he is much larger and stronger.

MikeJun 24 2005 3:43am
hey mike.. those ladies are usually very sexy while doing that also!

horndogJun 24 2005 8:54am
hey mike.. those ladies are usually very sexy while doing that also!

horndogJun 24 2005 9:28am
do any of you ladies ever turn the tables and use strength on him to end a disagreement?

robert jenkinsJun 24 2005 2:20pm
An associate I work with and been a friend of for several years is now going through a divorce. His wife has been weight lifting for some time at a gym and has become very strong. I have seen her lift him over her head with not much effort and is unbelievably muscular. On more than one occasion he has taken the brunt of her strength ending an argument and more recently has been on the receiving end of her muscles in a rather brutal fashion because she is now into wrestling him if he likes it or not. I admit that her physique is a turn on but I feel for him as well. I have arm wrestled her and I stood no chance at all. She is the most muscular person I have ever known and seems unusual because I was in the military and to see a woman is so much stronger is new to me. She has her own place now and has asked me to come see her, on one hand I'm curious and on the other I'm a bit apprehensive.

DaveJun 25 2005 10:14am
I understand being curious because my wife has been working out and not long ago I found out she could beat me at arm wrestling. This is embarising but interesting at the same time. Her muscles have developed fast and are slightly bigger than my own. Somehow this is erotic to me but I have no idea why. Anyone else have a wife who lifts weights? I'm surprised at her ability to become bigger and stronger than me.

AnonymousJun 25 2005 10:25am
dave, how tall is this woman? did her ex ever fight back? could you handle her in a fight? does she take steroids? did he ever abuse her?

robert jenkinsJun 25 2005 11:02am
i think the so called strong women here are mistaken. many men just wont try full go against a woman.

cindyJun 25 2005 1:11pm
any asian woman who are stronger than their husbands/boyfriends... i would sure love to hear from them

priapulidJun 26 2005 3:20am
Dave, do you think your friends ex, may be on steroids? What exactly does she look like? How does she act towards you? Do you think you'll meet her? What other stories can you tell us about her? Lots of questions, I know, but a great story. Thanks

AnonymousJun 26 2005 5:57am
Hey Audrey. What else can you tell us? How do you test your muscles against your son,and husband? Have other people made comments on your muscles? What do your other female friends think? Do you dress the part? Sorry, I don't want to flood you, but you're so sweet, and have a great situation to tell us about.Keep at it girl !

MikeJun 26 2005 6:08am
the best story is written by rohit

tomJun 26 2005 9:02am
It seems to me that most men seem to get aroused by strength in a woman. I was one of the first female telephone linespersons on the West Coast more than twenty years ago. My job required heavy lifting, pulling wires, lots of plier and wrench work, I got very strong. My hands and forearms got sinewy and very muscular. Even my biceps got comments and guys asked me flex all the time. On one of the first dates with my now ex-husband, we were play wrestling on my bed. He was on top and frantically trying to pin my arms to the bed. He couldn't do it, he kept struggling and I could see the visible frustration in his face. It became apparent in our relationship that he was very much into my muscles, he couldn't keep his hands off of my arms. However as much as he seemed to be attracted to my muscles, he seemed afraid at the possibilty that I might be stronger than him. I beat several of his friends in arm wrestling and he loved watching me do it but for some reason he always made up excuses when it came to him and I giving it a try. Turned on my me but maybe a little afraid because of his ego. He was not the only man who really got off on my strength or muscles. They all thought my grip was unreal and I have to admit, my handshake got your attention!

ShirleyJun 26 2005 10:35am
shirley, could you pin your husband in bed?

lanceJun 26 2005 12:56pm
Shirley, I'm not sure if most men get aroused by strength in a woman, but most men on this board do and I am one of them. The real question is how do you react to being stronger than men?

WowserJun 26 2005 2:03pm
every man would love to be forced to make strong woman

dudeJun 26 2005 3:31pm
check this poll out: "How munch damage could the average woman do to a man with a single punch to the face?" poll id 2334

AnonymousJun 26 2005 3:34pm
shirley, how tall are you? your husband?

lelJun 26 2005 7:05pm
Wow, so many questions, I'm flattered. I'll try to address them in order, in one post. Could I pin my husband in bed? Are you talking about my ex-husband and if so which one? In the one I described in my post, I would say probably. This is mainly because in our play wrestling I think it was obvious to both of us that I was his equal in strength and maybe a little stronger. Here's where his ego kicked in though and we never got far enough along when we wrestled around to actually pin him. Next question, how do I react to being stronger than men? I loved it back then and I still do. I just feel I get respect from men and maybe noticed in a different way. I was thrusted into a male-oriented job, my own choice and I had a boss who resented a female doing a man's job. Maybe I felt like it was payback time because of that dimwit boss but when my strength increased so much I honestly loved being strong and maybe sometimes a little cruel in deliberately arm wrestling a man who I knew would have no chance, often times in front of his wife or friends. That makes me seem a little mean when I think about it, maybe even a bit ashamed. Lel, I'm 5'8" and weigh about 170 lbs. My husband was 6'2" and weighed about 190-195. Thanks for all the questions guys. I prowl around these types of message boards and sites because I find it fascinating to see so many men turned on by strong and or muscular women. I honestly thought my ex had a weird hang-up at first when his fixation with my muscle development seemed to lean toward excess. Now I see that quite a few guys like buff or strong girls. I guess though, sometimes there is a line that cannot be crossed with most men. My ex's fragile ego always got in the way when it came to a true test between us. It's like he loved me being strong but hated it at the same time. Does that make sense?

ShirleyJun 27 2005 10:27am
shirley, thank sound like a babe. i would love to wrestle you and be pinned by you.

lelJun 27 2005 10:46am
Shirley, I understand your husband fully. I am in a relationship where I suspect that my girlfriend is stronger. She is powerfully built and when we playwrestle in bed I am giving my best and she just seem to laugh and use some of her strength. When I am about to give she stops and laughs even more. We have never armwrestled. I have seen her beat both my brother and a male cousin in armwrestling matches, she really likes to demonstrate her strength but she is holding back when it comes to me. This makes me frustrated, I love her strong body but I am afraid to be proven weaker than her. When my brother lost the armwrestling match to her he just congratulated her and said to me that I should be proud of her. I guess I am. Sooner or later I need to be sure who is stronger even if I already now know that I am probably quite a bit weaker. I guess my girlfriend seem to be a bit like you Shirley. Thanks for your posting.

Arnold (not the strong one)Jun 27 2005 2:49pm
I'm into muscle girls, not humiliation. I would be exactly like your husband, shirley. you sound sexy as hell with all that muscle but oh man it would be hard to take if you pinned me or my arm in a battle of strength. in front of my friends i would feel like total crap. nothing against strong girls, they are hot, just one of those man things, we are supposed to be

GeoffJun 27 2005 9:50pm
geoff, i agree with you 100%

johnJun 28 2005 9:34am
I have recently had several encounters and contests with my girlfreind. Susan is not as big as I am , but she is sporty and athletic and is much fitter than I am.Several weeks ago we were on holiday in Lanzarote and having spent sometime swimming in the sea we were fooling around in the surf, we started to play fight and it got quite competitve . I was suprised how strong she was and embaressed when she got the better of me when I started to feel tired . After ten minutes she had made me as weak as a kitten and was teasing me I was completely spent and helpless and she knew it ever since she has taken every opportunity to wear me down , draining my energy , she seems to enjoy being stronger and fitter than me.

DavidJun 29 2005 3:03pm
david,thanks for the story.. how do you like this?

wadeJun 30 2005 7:22am
are there any women here who used karate or womens self defense on the husband?

the dudeJun 30 2005 11:06am
I had it happen to me. I'd been drinking and made fun of the fact that my wife had just earned her black belt in Tae Kwan Do. She offered to demo. I laughed and tried to grab her. She flipped me around, threw me on to my chest, pulled my arms behind me and bound my wrists with a belt. She hog tied me in about a minute. I struggled but couldn't get free. I was lying on a berber caret (very rough surface.) She pulled down my shorts and rolled me face down, got dressed and left to shop for an hour. When she returned I was still bound. Everytime I moved it rubbed and was painful. She made me apologize before she released me.

ScottJun 30 2005 7:44pm
scott, can you handle her when you are sober? how tall are both of you?

the dudeJun 30 2005 11:41pm
Scott..i would have spanked her good.blackbelt or no blackbelt

jimmyJul 01 2005 12:06am
a blackbelt wife against a drunken husband?..that would be so fun to watch!

kennethJul 01 2005 6:21am
scott..i bet she is a lot of action in the bedroom!!

lelgtJul 01 2005 3:08pm
hello ladies, any more good stories on how you had to use the karate or self defense on the c*cky husband?

the dudeJul 05 2005 4:32am
check this poll out: "How munch damage could the average woman do to a man with a single punch to the face?" poll id 2334

AnonymousJul 05 2005 7:32am
Well, my pal at work (in construction) was having a bit of trouble with his girlfriend who works out with weights. They argued the other night in front of several of us and she gut punched him and dropped him to his knees and down to the floor followed by him gasping and trying to catch his breath but couldn't. She lifted him up and blasted him again at that point we stopped her. I have never seen such a thing from a woman before and it was all about him seeing another woman. I'm sure she could have beat him badly after that first hit that lifted him off the ground. She is a little smaller but a hardbody.

MikeJul 06 2005 7:58pm
mike, thats a good story. i wonder if he could handle her if she did not get in the first couple of moves? thats an area where its damn if you do damn if you dont. he swings first he is a woman beater..he swings last and gets the crap knocked out of she good looking?

elsinoreJul 07 2005 4:55am
BOYS You just do not understand do you? I am amazed you are all so suprised that we girls can be strong and frequently stronger. I have not met a man yet whom if I wish to I could not overpower. Every girl knows that no matter how big or how strong you think you are with our feminine whiles we can make you as weak as kittens, forget weight training and muscle building the secret is in your heads and your pants. Get inside of either and we can drain all the strength and resistence from you leaving you helpless to stop us from doing whatever we wish to you.....ask my boyfriend!

JennyJul 08 2005 3:23am are very woman can handle me with her eyes alone.

lanceJul 08 2005 4:49am
Jenny....a lot of the guys on here are very insecure with their own situations. I have had stronger, as strong and weaker partners and have liked them all equally. If one was stronger than me - it was never an issue. I am a sporty guy and can hold my own, but good luck to the woman who could beat me - shame as there are not too many british women confident enough to believe in their own physical strength.....

Daniel.Jul 09 2005 3:25am
i am not insecure..but the fact is..most men can handle a woman period.

robertJul 11 2005 8:28am
Real cute Jenny. Growing up I was very frail and was teased a lot. For some reason my first girlfriend, Wendy took a liking to me, must have been my sense of humour, I was the class clown. During a little playing around and wrestling, to my horror, I found Wendy to be much stronger than me. I swear to you that she could pin my arms down and just hold me like that. I didn't like it at all, I felt like a fool. Jokingly and she was adorable in the way she teased me, she would sometimes flex her arm and show me her muscle. She actually did have a nice bulge in her arm when she flexed and had amazing calf muscles. I wound up falling for strong girls ever since. Now though, I'm weight trained so it's the look of muscle on a girl that I appreciate, not so much being dominated. I never did care for that.

MitchJul 11 2005 9:54am
Almost two years ago I started a business and at the same time my wife started a gym membership. I've been very busy with work and about a year ago it became clear she was getting bigger. About six months ago muscles became more noticeable. It wasn't until just the other day that she actually flexed her arms for me and blew me away. She also asked to compare biceps with me. She's more muscular and proved who was stronger in several ways. I had suspected that she might have become stronger but it happened very fast. I really didn't think a woman could have bigger stronger muscles through weight training, not in just under two years. Anyways, don't underestimate, big mistake. My wife has much larger muscles than I do and has become very strong.

KileJul 11 2005 6:02pm
kile, could she woop you?

lanceJul 11 2005 7:31pm
Lance, yes she can. In wrestling around I've found out how strong she has become and I'm not really a weak man. She really has some muscle now. It is interesting to see her flex. I admit I underestimated her from the start. It would seem this happens more often than I thought.

KileJul 11 2005 8:58pm
kile, you are a very lucky man. that is like the ultimate turn on!

lanceJul 12 2005 2:54am
Kile. ditto what Lance said and add jealousy.

WowserJul 12 2005 11:13am
My wife is stronger than me can lift me easy she works in a job with a lot of heavy lifting, i used yo be the strongest now she beats me in armwrestling,

TezJul 13 2005 3:14pm
tez, how old are the 2 of you and your sizes? do you think she could beat you up?

lanceJul 13 2005 5:06pm
A couple of years ago I just joined a gym after many years of inactivity. A female co-worker of mine saw me at the gym and we decided to work out together. She was a menber of the gym for many years. I was 54 at the time and she was 32. We are both about the same size. Much to my embarrassment, it turned out that she was able to lift more than me, especially if you took into account repetitions. This gave me a lot of incentive to work out and I can now lift significantly more than I did back then. I can now lift more than her. But this is true. It is possible for a younger active woman to be stronger than an older inactive man.

GaryJul 14 2005 8:52am
gary..was she a babe? would you enjoy wrestling her?

lanceJul 14 2005 9:18am
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